William Hill’s CBO talks about football

William Hill’s CBO talks about football

William Hill’s CBO talks about football

During the recent ad campaign, William Hill‘s CBO Charlotte Emery discussed everything football has to offer.

Celebrating a goal is the greatest part of the whole match, but the rivalries are the real entertainment.

Emery says the football community and the rivalries are the main focus of the company’s new promo strategy.

“We are entering into a new season of football, and we will also have the 1st ever winter World Cup during which rivals get together and support the nation’s team. After the tournament you start being rivalries again, and it is entertaining.”

commented the CBO.

During the previous campaign the same symbols were utilized for English football, which were Wembley Stadium, Sweet Caroline and more, but the accent was placed on the intimate and personal in order to link it with national feelings, since the lockdown in Great Britain was removed.

Emery stated that during last year the nation was celebrating the feeling of being united again. The pandemic was over and people were remembering the good feeling of being with one another.

This time will be epic again. William Hill is working hard and trying its best to create more intense emotions and feelings.

Charlotte stated that they came into this year prepared, the lockdown was over they wanted to create more positivity as they have a great football season ahead. For this campaign they are willing to capture the feeling football has and showcase to everyone that they know the feeling of being a fan. They want this season to be remarkable as they just finished a very epic Euros for England Women’s National Football team.

Football itself is an epic sport, but the new season will be sensational.

Another great thing about football is that the sport is very diverse.

“Some old friendship groups from our last campaign are back, and we will also have new faces featured because we are willing to ensure that we show the diverse nature of football. For example, we have a grandfather and granddaughter, and you can feel that they have been doing this for a long time now.”

explained Emery.

Throughout its existence William Hill worked hard, and now we can say that the brand is the face of gaming in the United Kingdom.

Charlotte highlights that as they are a reliable company, and they don’t want to live in the past, but we cannot forget the fact that they have been in the business for a while now. They are sure that they will keep growing and move forward. The company has a history of racing which is really valuable for them, but football is important as well.

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