Betfair unveils launch of ‘MatchMe’ service

Betfair unveils launch of ‘MatchMe’ service

Betfair unveils launch of ‘MatchMe’ service

Betfair has just revealed the launch of its new exchange service called ‘MatchMe’. The goal of this service is to allow customers and users to match the best market odds without the fluctuation in price on its flagship Exchange.

All customers boot the ‘MatchMe’ service will instantly be provided with a fully matched bet on the Exchange. This is done by Betfair in order to completely omit what they call the “nightmare of having to edit a bet” while the market prices are shifting.

Up until now, all customers who fail to instantaneously match their bets on the platform are given an option of cancelling their wager or re-editing their bets to lower odds. This is definitely quite nerve-wracking for most bettors out there.

Betfair’s newly-launched service will be assisting in the protection of bets from the fluctuations of the market by keeping a customer’s unmatched bet with the Exchange until a time rolls around when it is able to be matched in a corresponding manner. The company stated that this service is available to ‘all back bets on traditional odds style markets’, although it did mention the exception of Asian handicaps.

Exchange customers will have to turn on MatchMe individually, and it will only be accessible in all jurisdictions. There will be no service available for the company’s domains in Italy, Spain and New Zealand.

Betfair stated in the product notice:

Think of it as a smart betting assistant that finds the best price available to you within a pre-determined range. Rarely again will you only get part of your stake matched, or waste time editing your bets, due to a lack of liquidity at the price you requested.

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