Long-Term SuperFeed Agreement Secured Between Spotlight Sports Group and Better Collective

Long-Term SuperFeed Agreement Secured Between Spotlight Sports Group and Better Collective

Posted by: AffPapa

Today a lengthy consensus with Better Collective was publicized by Spotlight Sports Group, that will ensure the providing of the Danish sports gambling company with sport-and-racing-related content through the recently released content mechanism.

The accordance stipulates that Better Collective will utilize the company’s personalized manuscript column on rates across its selection of international multi-language territories.

​​is The core of this program is Spotlight Sports Group‘s capability to provide dedicated betting newspapers in more than 80 languages as each one of the websites provides location-based content both in North American and European jurisdictions.

A complete unification of the Superfeed Spotlight Sports Group racing with certain sports media domains in the confines of the BCG is also included in the agreement. Advantaging from the establishment of the superbrand Racing Post, the Superfeed racing content machine offers high-rank racing data to Better Collective by annually analyzing 60,000+ races.

This deal is a logical prolongation of an existing agreement which has significantly extended. In the course of the last 5 years, SSG has multiplied the offer of its content, and Better Collective has gained the benefit of providing superb content to the worldwide audiences while supporting its internal crew of content creators.

One thing that Spotlight Sports Group makes sure of is that players are informed about superb distant shots that surround all sporting and racing events globally. Ahead of the ‘sporting summer’, the company publishes a number of articles on all sports daily to provide updated information as soon the moment it becomes available to customers.

Discussing the proclamation with Spotlight Sports’ Account Manager, Daniel Smith commented:

“Our relationship with Better Collective has definitely improved over time. We are already delighted when it is time to increase our international racing campaign in order to further unify with Superfeed. Partnering up with the Better Collective means our efforts are bound to reach more and more clients every day, enriching their gambling experience by enabling those audiences to make better betting decisions.”

Better Collective’s senior manager Simon Hovmand-Stilling further commented:

“We’ve been partnering up with this company for a long time as it is clear to us that they are constantly aiming to create high-quality content. Our latest installation has been of an offer of a multi-language and unified data from Superfeed. We are always aiming to provide advanced content, and have established a smart M&A strategic plan that will help us reaffirm our place in major markets. Thanks to this partnership, we are now more able to expand our capabilities to offer top-tier content for all our customers and inspiring players to make their betting choices based on thorough knowledge.”

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