Matt King Leaves the Post of the FanDuel’s CEO

Matt King Leaves the Post of the FanDuel’s CEO

Matt King Leaves the Post of the FanDuel’s CEO

New York-based FanDuel’s Chief Executive Officer Matt King will retire from his position as a head of Flutter Entertainment‘s US-based iGaming brand.

The Irish iGaming giant Flutter Entertainment has been considering selling some of its shares in FanDuel. The corporation also stressed that Mr. King’s leave will have an impact on that taught decision even though soon to be ex-CEO noted that he will stay in his position during the big changes.

The departure of FanDuel’s CEO will also affect its performance and therefore Flutter Entertainment’s total revenue. In the first quarterly report of Flutter Entertainment, we can see that FabDuel had an exceptional profit increase (135%). This is especially prominent in comparison to the performance of corporation’s brands in other continents.

Flutter Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Jackson expressed his gratitude to Mr. King and noted his contribution to FanDuel’s growth noting that they regret King’s leave but are happy about the shape FunDuel is in.

Flutter is in the process of finding a new Chief Marketing Officer for Fan Duel. Mr. Jackson is hopeful that the new CEO will e able to maintain the brand’s leading position in the market.

In 4 years Mr. King managed to turn FunDuel into a flourishing iGaming business that is loved and trusted all over the US.

In an interview taken 2 months ago, the retiring CEO shared his vision about the future of FanDuel stating that he saw the company’s mission as bringing sports and betting closer to sports enthusiasts as well as incorporating the newest technologies in their products and services.

The changes Matt King brought to the FanDuel started from the foundations of the business – meeting the licensing requirements of each US state.

He also expressed his confidence in the future of FanDuel and thanked his colleagues and Flutter Entertainment’s representatives for their cooperation. Mr. King also hinted about his career development and new opportunities.

This is not the first big change in Flatter’s high-level management. Last month 2 new members joined the corporation’s boardroom.

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