ASA dismissed complaints against 888 ads

ASA dismissed complaints against 888 ads

ASA dismissed complaints against 888 ads

The Advertising Standards Authority, UK-based advertising regulator, sent away the complaints against 888’s two video adverts displayed on a YouTube channel in August 2021.

The two Youtubers who gave complaints claimed that the adverts of 888poker application were shown to people under 18. They accused 888 of attracting young people as, according to them, the channel had many young followers.

888 assured it had paid the channel of Airey to display the ads and had received editorial access. They also added that the first one was not correctly labeled as an advert, but later it got fixed and described properly.

According to 888, the channel’s owner Airey was above 25, and the two video adverts included 18+ logo and responsible wagering logos. So, they did not accept the accusations of attracting children.

The channel’s owner claimed that he did not have many followers aged below 18 and provided YouTube analytics screenshots of followers’ age groups. According to the screenshots, the first advert was shown to the audience from which 7.5 per cent were under 18, and the second one had 6 per cent of under-18 audience. Another screenshot proved that 8.6 per cent of his total viewers are below 18.

ASA explained that they forced the advertisers to show that the percent of the viewers of under-18 did not exceed 25.

“We concluded that the advertisements did not break the law as the statistics of YouTube showed that the audience under 18 did not comprise 25 percent”

noted Advertising Standards Authority

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