Sports Betting Affiliates: How and where to find them?

Sports Betting Affiliates: How and where to find them?

Sports Betting Affiliates: How and where to find them?

Sports betting affiliates are largely responsible for the expansion and success of online sportsbooks. Over the years, they have significantly altered the game and are now an essential component of the online gambling industry.

This article is all about diving into the world of sports betting affiliates and why they matter so much for the growth and moneymaking of online sportsbooks. We’ll give you a rundown of what the market looks like, the different types of affiliates out there, and some tips on how to find and connect with them. For the last part, stick around for a list of some AffPapa-approved sports betting affiliates!

Overview of the sports betting affiliate industry

Affiliate marketing for sports betting is expanding rapidly in tandem with the online sports betting market, which is expected to reach US$155.49 billion by the end of this year. Sports betting affiliates play an important part in this system because they actively engage with sports bettors through all sorts of channels like websites, social media, and tipster services. They’re essentially go-to sources for sports betting advice and information, helping players make smarter betting decisions.

Sportsbook affiliates are becoming increasingly important for operators looking to attract and keep clients as the industry for online sports betting continues to grow. Operators use affiliates to boost player engagement, reach a wider audience, and drive betting traffic to their platforms. Plus, affiliates keep players hooked with ongoing support, rewards, and incentives.

Who are sports betting affiliates?

A sports betting affiliate is a person or a company that refers players to online sportsbooks and betting sites in exchange for a commission. They are essentially marketing partners for sportsbooks, promoting their sites through different channels and helping them recruit customers. Sports betting affiliates can range from website bloggers to social media influencers and streamers.

Types of sports betting affiliates

Content Creators: Content creators are the real MVPs in the business. They write articles, reviews, and betting tips about sports betting, attracting those into sports and suggesting sportsbooks to them.

Tipsters: Tipsters offer their audience predictions and betting advice. They often have a loyal following of bettors who trust their tips and are likely to follow their lead.

Streamers: Streamers, especially on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, can promote sportsbooks to their viewers while streaming live sports and betting content.

How and where to find sports betting affiliates?

To track down affiliates for your online sportsbook, you’ll want to connect with individuals and groups that can help promote your site. These are a few practical methods and resources for locating sports betting affiliates:

1. Conduct a Google search

Google Search can be your best friend for finding the right affiliates to help grow your online sportsbook. Keep these in mind:

Use specific keywords: Search for terms like “best sportsbook affiliates” or “best iGaming affiliates” to find relevant sites and contact information.

google search

Check beyond page one: Sometimes, the juiciest information is on niche sites, blogs, or forums that aren’t at the top of general searches.

Get advanced: Use advanced search to narrow down results. You can use “site:” to search within a specific website or “intitle:” to find keywords in page titles.

Set up Google Alerts: Stay in the loop by setting up alerts for sports betting affiliate-related keywords. You’ll get notified whenever new content related to your search pops up.

Keep an eye on the competition: See what your competitors are up to. If their affiliate programs are doing well, try to find and connect with the affiliates they work with.

2. Partner with affiliate networks

Joining iGaming-specific affiliate networks is another way to find affiliates to work with. These networks, like 3SNET, G.Partners, and Yellana, can provide a platform for tracking results, managing affiliate relationships, and speeding up payments. Here’s how they can help: 

Variety of affiliates: Affiliate networks offer a range of affiliates ready to promote iGaming products. This opens up a universe of potential partners to help promote your sportsbook.

Streamlined management: These networks let you manage your affiliate connections from one place. You can handle payments, evaluate conversions, and monitor affiliate performance all in one spot, saving you time and effort.

Tracking results: Affiliate networks provide tools and stats to track the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts. You can measure key performance metrics like dollars, clicks, and conversions to assess your campaigns’ effectiveness and optimize them.

Payment processing: These networks handle payment processing, ensuring affiliates are paid correctly and on time. This simplifies the payment process for both you and your affiliates.

Regulation and compliance: iGaming affiliate networks are often aware of industry-specific regulations and compliance issues. They help ensure your affiliate marketing operations comply with all relevant rules and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.

3. Join online forums

Join online forums and communities where there are lots of iGaming affiliates involved. Here’s how to make the most of this approach:

Look for forums focused on affiliate marketing in iGaming. These attract affiliate marketers interested in promoting sports betting options. Once you’re in, introduce yourself and your sports betting affiliate program to the forum audience. This can attract affiliates eager to market your business.

Make sure to utilize the forums’ specific sections and posts to promote your sports betting affiliate programs and attract potential affiliates. Share valuable information and engage in discussions on forum topics to build your reputation and attract new affiliates to your sportsbook. Lastly, stay updated on trends and adjust your affiliate marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Utilize social media platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great for finding and making connections with sports betting affiliates. Get in on the chats, hop into the right groups, and shoot a message to influencers and content creators who could be willing to collaborate. Here’s how to master social media for your affiliate game:

Networking and Outreach: Connect with pros in your field on LinkedIn and use its search to find affiliates keen on sports betting. On Twitter, chat with influencers and insiders using hashtags to get your content out there.

Direct Chat: Sell the benefits of partnering with your sportsbook in personalized LinkedIn messages. Use Twitter DMs to connect with potential affiliates, but don’t overdo it, and stay away from spamming.

Paid Ads: Target affiliates on LinkedIn based on their profiles. Consider sponsored content or DM ads. Use Twitter’s tools to engage with potential affiliates and promote your affiliate program.

Influencer Collabs: Find influencers who share identical values with your brand and work together to promote your affiliate program. Think about offering special incentives to get them on board.

Monitoring and Engaging: Use social listening to track sports betting and affiliate marketing conversations. Build trust by responding to messages and comments.

5. Attend industry events

Attend iGaming events and conferences focusing on online gambling and affiliate marketing: that’s where the real magic happens. You get to meet potential sportsbook affiliates, establish contacts, and explore partnership opportunities in real life. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to promote your sportsbook. For a more comprehensive read, check out our guide on how to prepare for iGaming events.

Announce your attendance: Let people know you’ll be joining the event by sharing banners on your social media pages. Everyone is looking for contacts right before the event, so make sure to interact with others’ posts as well, and set up direct meetings before the event.

Bring more visibility: If you want extra exposure, go ahead and secure a booth or a sponsorship to get your brand out there to a large audience.

Attend after-parties: Major events like ICE, iGB, and SiGMA have side events running around during their conferences. These are great opportunities to meet potential partners and exchange business cards.

*Note: If you’re especially looking for new affiliates as an operator, it’d be more effective to attend events and conferences tailored to that purpose, like the iGaming Club event series designed to connect affiliates and operators directly through various networking opportunities. 

6. Join

AffPapa stands as the ultimate place for operators to connect with affiliates, which explains why so many operators opt for AffPapa’s services.

As an operator, once you register in the directory, you gain access to over 1500+ affiliates, including major companies and newer names in the industry. Operators not only get access to a list of contacts, but they’re also able to filter out their preferred GEOs, product types like sports betting, commission models, etc…and instantly get a list of targeted affiliates. Similarly, AffPapa-registered affiliates can find operators with just one click.

Beyond making connections, AffPapa goes the extra mile by assisting both parties with further promotion across AffPapa channels, as well as offering affiliate management services to help operators in onboarding and managing affiliates.

AffPapa-approved sports betting affiliates

Now that you’re equipped with the know-how to find sports betting affiliates, we have a list of sports betting affiliates approved by AffPapa down below. 

Content: Live scores, results and tables
GEOs: Africa, Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania
Deals: Fixed Fee
Content: Comparisons Website, Reviews Website, Odds Comparison, News
GEOs: Africa, Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania
Deals: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Odds Scanner
Content: Comparisons Website, Reviews Website, Odds Comparison
GEOs: Chile, Colombia, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Content: Bonus Coupons, Odds Comparison, SureBets Website, News
GEOs: Australia, Belarus, Colombia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Content: Sportsbook, Casino
GEOs: United Kingdom
Deals: Rev Share
Content: Reviews Website, News
GEOs: Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, United States
Deals: CPA
Bookmaker Ratings
Content: Bonus Coupons, News
GEOs: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Deals: RevShare, Fixed Fee
Better Collective
Content: Comparisons Website, Reviews Website, Odds Comparison, News
GEOs: Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America
Deals: CPA, PPC, RevShare, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
GEOs: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Deals: CPA, Rev Share, Hybrid
Content: Odds Comparison, News
GEOs: Europe, Latin America
Deals: Fixed Fee

To sum this article up for you, working with sports betting affiliates can be quite beneficial if you’re in the online gambling market and want to make a name for yourself. Sports betting affiliates publicize your company with lower costs and increase its visibility; all while helping you develop the connections you need by giving players advice and information.

Now that you know everything about the methods to consider if you want to partner up with sports betting affiliates, you are all set up and good to go! Don’t forget that forming these partnerships is not just about higher visibility; it is also about stronger brand recognition, new customers, and, of course, bigger profit.


How do sports betting affiliates make money?

Affiliates in sports betting might profit from CPA, revenue sharing, or hybrid contracts. Affiliates receive some net revenue from the players they recommend under revenue-sharing models. iGaming affiliates receive a one-time payment under CPA models for each player who joins and satisfies particular requirements, such as depositing money. Revenue share and Cost Per Acquisition components are combined in hybrid agreements.

What advantages come with collaborating with affiliates in sports betting?

Working with online sports betting affiliates offers operators a number of benefits, including increased brand recognition, cost-effective sportsbook promotion, targeting a particular customer base, and potential revenue development. With the help of affiliates, operators may enhance traffic to their sportsbooks and attract a wider audience, which will ultimately boost profits.

What factors should sports bookmakers take into account while choosing affiliates?

While selecting affiliates, sports betting operators should take into account a number of factors, such as the affiliate’s reach and audience demographics, the quality of their content and promotional techniques, their track record and industry reputation, and the particulars of their affiliate agreement. Operators are in charge of making sure affiliates abide by all relevant legal requirements as well as moral standards.

Where to get sportsbook traffic from?

Sportsbook traffic can be acquired through websites providing advice, value bets, sure bets, reviews and comparisons, and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, social media, email marketing, and other affiliate programs are other ways. Any approach may increase traffic and engagement to a sportsbook website, and each offers its advantages.

  • Sports Betting Affiliates: How and where to find them? Sports Betting Affiliates: How and where to find them?
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