Boss Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Boss Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Boss Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa spoke to the Senior Affiliate Manager of Boss Partners, Catherine Watts, who shared her insights on the trends and emerging technologies of the affiliate marketing side of the industry and talked about how the sector is evolving day by day.

Yeva: In your view, what are some of the iGaming industry’s most prevalent current trends, Catherine? How significant of an impact will these trends have on the industry in the near future in your view?

Some prevalent trends in the industry I can think of are as follows:

  1. Mobile Gaming: The rise of mobile devices has significantly impacted the iGaming industry, with a growing number of players accessing games on their smartphones and tablets. This trend is likely to continue as mobile technology becomes more advanced and widespread, allowing players to access their favorite games on the go.
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the gaming experience by providing immersive and interactive gameplay. While the adoption of VR and AR in iGaming was still in its early stages in 2021, it was expected to gain traction as the technology became more accessible and affordable.
  3. Live Dealer Games: Live dealer games, where players can interact with real dealers through video streaming, have become increasingly popular. This trend enhances the authenticity of the gaming experience, bridging the gap between land-based and online casinos.
  4. eSports Betting: The growth of eSports has led to an increasing demand for betting on competitive gaming events. Many iGaming operators have started offering eSports betting options, attracting a new and younger demographic of players.
  5. Cryptocurrency Integration: Some iGaming platforms have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, providing players with a more secure and anonymous option for transactions. This trend could gain momentum as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to expand.
  6. Gamification and Personalization: Gaming operators increasingly incorporate gamification elements into their platforms, such as loyalty programs, achievements, and rewards, to enhance player engagement and retention. Personalized experiences, tailored to individual preferences, are also becoming more prevalent.

The significance of these trends can vary depending on how the industry evolves and how well players and gaming operators adopt them. However, overall, these trends are likely to have a substantial impact on the iGaming industry in the near future.

They have the potential to reshape the gaming experience, attract new players, and create more opportunities for innovation and revenue growth. As technology advances, these trends may become even more pronounced and influential in the industry.

Yeva: Continuing on the topic of industry trends, how do you think the most prominent trends of today will change over the course of the coming few years? Do you think most of them will be completely replaced by newer ones?

AffPapa and Boss Partners sign new collaboration
AffPapa and Boss Partners sign new collaboration

While some trends might experience significant growth and become more prevalent, it is less likely that they will completely replace existing trends in the near future. Instead, the industry is likely to witness a convergence of various trends, where gaming platforms and operators integrate multiple technologies and features to cater to a diverse player base.
It’s essential to keep in mind that technological advancements and consumer preferences can be unpredictable. New trends may emerge, and some existing trends might fade away if they fail to gain substantial traction or prove to be impractical. Overall, the iGaming industry is expected to be dynamic and continuously evolving, driven by innovation and the changing demands of players.

Yeva: Let’s now talk about the topic of diversity in the iGaming industry. How does Boss Partners make sure that the company and its offerings are accessible and beneficial to diverse groups of people?

One of the first steps to fostering diversity is to have a diverse workforce. Boss Partners actively promotes diversity in the hiring practices and ensures that the workplace culture is inclusive and supportive of employees from different backgrounds and experiences. It’s important to note that promoting diversity is an ongoing effort, and we are proud to say our team is always on top of that.

Yeva: How does embracing a diverse and inclusive business model help the company succeed and stand out from the competition, Catherine? Could you share a few examples of how embracing diversity has affected Boss Partners positively?

From my perspective, at our company, embracing a diverse and inclusive business model has proven to be a game-changer. It fosters innovation, improves decision-making, and strengthens our connection with partners. Moreover, it enhances employee satisfaction and builds a positive brand reputation. Embracing diversity is not just strategic; it aligns with our values and ensures ethical compliance. It’s a key ingredient in our success.

Yeva: Speaking of effects on the company, have any current or past industry trends had a sizable impact on Boss Partners? If so, could you share a few examples and tell us a bit about what those experiences taught you and the company?

We do focus more on Cryptocurrency Integration & Gamification and Personalization aspects. When it comes to cryptocurrency, we plan to launch a few brands focused only on that, and on the other hand, we offer a wide variety of crypto payment methods to our affiliates. This has helped us to be more open to our partners’ needs and accept a more diverse range of traffic.
As for the Gamification part, we definitely have improved it in the past year, and we continue to do so, as it is an ongoing and very complex process.

Yeva: Having been in the iGaming industry for almost half a decade, what do you like the most about the sector, Catherine? If you had to choose a different industry to work in, which one would it be?

There are several aspects that I genuinely appreciate about it.
Firstly, the constant focus on innovation and technology is truly invigorating. Being part of an industry that embraces cutting-edge technologies keeps me intellectually stimulated and excited about the work I do. Secondly, the global reach of the iGaming industry is an incredible aspect. Working in this field has allowed me to interact with diverse cultures worldwide. It’s fascinating to gain insights into various markets and engage with a wide range of customers and partners.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the iGaming industry is all about entertainment and gaming. As someone who has always been passionate about gaming and providing enjoyable experiences to others, being a part of an industry that focuses on delivering entertainment to millions of players worldwide is incredibly rewarding.

Overall, my journey in the iGaming industry has been fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it has provided me to grow personally and professionally. Wouldn’t change a thing! But if we were to play this imagination game, I would have probably chosen something in the arts dealing sector.

Yeva: If you were to start your career over in the gambling industry, what would you do differently? What piece of advice would you give to new professionals entering the industry?

I would have probably invested more time in the organizational/ time-management skill development process. I am quite the free spirit, and when it came to dealing with structured tasks, one million/ day, I must admit it felt overwhelming at times. So as a piece of advice for newcomers: take time to save time! And remember that every individual’s journey is unique, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Focus on continuous improvement, be passionate about what you do, and maintain a strong work ethic. Embrace growth opportunities and never stop learning in your pursuit of excellence in the gambling industry.

Yeva: Lastly, I think it is time for us to slightly change the focus of our conversation. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Catherine? Could you share a few of your hobbies with our readers?

When I’m not working, you can usually find me indulging in some awesome hobbies that bring me so much joy and excitement! Dancing at parties, boating, jet skiing, traveling, reading, and paragliding are activities I’d constantly do, but above all, spending time with my loved ones is what I cherish the most. Whether it’s with family or close friends, those moments are truly priceless. So, that’s a little glimpse into the things that keep me smiling and make life all the more enjoyable!

Company: Boss Partners
Interviewee: Catherine Watts
Date: 08.08.2023

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