Daniel Kustelski analyzes African gambling market

Daniel Kustelski analyzes African gambling market

Daniel Kustelski analyzes African gambling market

The CEO of Chalkline, Daniel Kustelski, discusses the success of African sports gambling in 2021 and goes deep into the three mainstreams that provided the growth within the African market.

Daniel Kustelski analyzes African gambling market
Daniel Kustelski

The African igaming market has seen incredible growth. The Gross Gaming Revenue of the South African market reached $600 million.

The market has seen some M&A transactions including the acquisition of iDiski TV by WSB. Also, MultiChoice has increased its stake in BetKing by an extra $280 million.

This article is to cover the three trends that appeared in the betting market of the African continent during the past twelve months and the anticipations by Kustelski for the coming year.


Continuous change to digital

With the continuous development of telecommunication, online gambling goes on growing and spreading. Every day, more and more people start to gamble virtually, as they have access to online sportsbooks. This results in an increase in online gaming revenue. Current year had a rise of gaming revenue by 25 percent, while in 2021 the GGR rise was by 22 percent.

The continuous shift to online gambling is promoted by the increasing number of operators who deliver free games for players to enjoy. It supports educating and engaging customers to gamble online via tablets or cellphones and establishes trust between customers and F2P providing operators.

Rapid expansion of operators

Formerly, only European giants like Editecs and Betway ensured their existence in multiple states. But today we see smaller companies starting operations within other regions. For instance, Odibets, a Kenya-based operator, started its operation within Ghana, while Powerbets had expanded its presence in a number of markets before launching across South Africa. Additionally, while Cola launched in multiple markets at once, Tanzania-based operator Bingwabet acquired a license within Mozambique.

These operators tend to firm up their presence in each outside market as they have advanced in their local market.

New products for the customers

The key factor of advancement of online gambling is that operators who are mainly focused on mobile gambling, provided brand-new games for the customers. It helped them to level up in their businesses. For instance, Kiron Interactive launched its online sports products within South Africa, meanwhile the famous Marshalls started to deliver Ezugi’s online casino products to the customers.

The same did Hollywoodbets, as it delivered the casino games by Evolution Gaming with low bets as R1. There are other operators who provided customers with access to new wagering products and bet formats through their mobiles.

What to expect for African sports betting in 2022

Daniel Kustelski ensures that the African igaming market will see huge success and advancement in the upcoming year.

Operators are expected to focus on minimizing the cost of clients’ acquisition as they keep expanding their portfolio to appeal to new customers. To sum up, the African market has the base to become the leading market for sports gambling.  

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