Eventus to host 5 European events next year

Eventus to host 5 European events next year

Eventus to host 5 European events next year

Eventus International plans on hosting 5 separate events in the European continent in the upcoming year.

The iGaming industry is projected to maintain its excellent growth momentum and expand by almost 10% per year and be responsible for over 40% of the gambling industry’s revenue in the region in the coming couple of years. Furthermore, it is forecasted to reach a revenue of over a hundred billion dollars by the end of the year, further solidifying its significance.

Eventus International, the organizer of a number of the industry’s most exciting events, has already announced about its plans of hosting 5 major events in the continent in 2023, as they are committed to spreading information about how to succeed in such a rapidly expanding industry.

A couple of months back the secretary general of the European Gaming and Wagering Association, Maarten Haijer, stated that a couple of large markets in the continent, namely Germany and France, have a lot of untapped potential for industry. In these countries the iGaming sector is relatively small compared to its retail counterpart, which is where a lot of companies can find growth opportunities.

The countries’ online gambling industries will be one of the largest points of discussion at Eventus’s upcoming iGaming Germany and Paris Payment Expo events, which will be taking place from the 6th to the 7th of June in Munich and from the 29th to the 30th of August in Paris respectively.

Some of the other events that will be held in the region are going to be the storied Scandinavian Gaming Show and the Cyprus Gaming Show, both of which will have their 5th runnings in 2023. Additionally, the Gaming and Affiliate Marketing Conference will have its 3rd running next year in Greece, providing for a varied and interesting events schedule in the year.

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