iGaming Voice by Yeva – NetBet

iGaming Voice by Yeva – NetBet

iGaming Voice by Yeva – NetBet

In AffPapas latest interview with Christopher Mitoli from NetBet, the affiliate manager spoke of the importance of transparency with players, expressed that the industry will most likely never be saturated and explained the steps taken to ensure total player security. 

Yeva: What factors is a good partnership measured by? 

The key factor to measure is continued growth and revenue for both parties. To achieve this you need to have a successful relationship between the operator and affiliate. We pride ourselves on developing long-term partnerships with affiliates through our continued communications which help to build trust between all parties. With this, we can share knowledge and insights as we both have the shared goal of continued success. 

 Yeva: How do you make sure that players are being responsible while gaming? 

For 20 years, weve built and maintained one of the safest gaming brands thanks to our continued commitment to promoting responsible gaming. We have developed pioneering responsible gambling tools that are available to all our players and we regularly check in with them to make sure they are being responsible. 

 Yeva: How do you assure your clients that your games are licensed? 

Its important to be transparent with our customers and we ensure that all communications include information about our licences as well as information on our website. We hold multiple licences across the globe and adhere to the strictest compliance regulations. 

 Yeva: It is stated on the NetBet website that the games you host are available in multiple languages. Do you think this step increases your games’ popularity and pushes more people to play them? 

The key to our success at NetBet is that we provide access to multiple languages across all our products. This helps build trust and loyalty with our players as they can communicate with us throughout their experience. 

 Yeva: Do you ever lose motivation in the industry? If so, how do you overcome it? 

For 20 years, NetBet has continued to evolve and offer one of the most exciting sports betting and online casino gaming experiences to players from all parts of the globe. We have always been passionate about our products and continually look at ways to develop and give our players the best possible service. Its this passion that has helped us stay focused and succeed at being one of the favourite brands in the industry. 

 Yeva: Have you ever faced any issues with an affiliate or a player? How did you solve them? 

We always strive to employ the best service and communications with all those that are engaged with our brand. We may have previously had isolated issues, however, with our professional experience and excellent communications we have always found the necessary solution quickly. 

 Yeva: What are the pros and cons of the gaming industry?  

As a gaming professional, the positive aspect of this industry is that it is resistant to crises and oscillations, and very challenging so you never stop improving your skills.  On the other hand, the main downside is grey markets and illegal operators which makes it hard for the customer to find trustworthy platforms. 

 Yeva: Your website also mentions your focus on the security of your clients’ data. How do you assure your clients that their information is safe in a world where security breaches are quite common? 

To build and maintain the safest online experience, NetBets product and players’ data is kept secure by state-of-the-art encryption methods. Additionally, we have a dedicated security team that  

 Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal? 

iGaming is a very competitive industry and as such affiliates and operators ideally want to achieve long-term profitability together. Due to supply and demand, this means that both need to agree on a deal that is fair for both parties. Depending on the affiliate’s ability to achieve the expectations of an operator, both parties can profit greatly from any deal. 

 Yeva: What do you look for in an affiliate program? And how do you decide what affiliates to work with? 

All affiliates go through an approval process to be  part of our affiliate programme. Besides this, We dont usually have entry barriers and we do our best to expand our affiliate base and offer converting and solid brands to our partners. 

 Yeva: What do you think the industry will be like in five years? 

Impossible to predict the future, but I am pretty sure that there will be even more operators and an affiliate in tier 1 and expanding markets. I do not think well ever get to a point where markets will be saturated, as new legislation will regulate the digital gaming space and there will be always room to tap into new markets and geo localize their operation.   

Company: NetBet
Christopher Mitoli

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