Interview with Bohdan Temnyk — Head of Affiliates at Big Betty Partners

Interview with Bohdan Temnyk — Head of Affiliates at Big Betty Partners

Interview with Bohdan Temnyk — Head of Affiliates at Big Betty Partners

AffPapa recently had the opportunity to interview Bohdan Temnyk, the Head of Affiliates at Big Betty Partners. Bohdan discussed strategies for nurturing strong affiliate relationships through support and innovation, optimizing commission structures, monitoring key performance metrics, and expanding into new markets.

Yeva: As the Head of Affiliates at Big Betty Partners, Bohdan, what strategies have you implemented to ensure strong relationships with your affiliates?

We prioritize support, speed, and comfort, striving to make the experience of our partners as seamless and beneficial as possible. Our #1 priority is to create an environment where our affiliates feel valued and supported by offering dedicated assistance and fast responses.

A key strategy we have implemented is maximizing our partners’ profitability. We constantly seek innovative methods to enhance their earnings, providing them with tools, insights, and opportunities to achieve greater financial success.

Yeva: How do you approach the development and management of the affiliate program’s commission structures and incentives to maximize affiliate motivation and performance?

We focus on proven strategies rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel. The affiliate marketing industry has matured with time-tested methods and approaches, so we leverage these to enhance our program. We keep working in this area, and soon we will announce exciting news to our partners. This is designed to motivate them and increase their earnings significantly.

Yeva: Can you share any innovative approaches or initiatives that Big Betty Partners has introduced to enhance its affiliate program and stand out in the market?

At Bigbetty Partners, we’re all about keeping things fast and efficient, making sure our affiliates get the support they need right when they need it. Our commission plans are top-notch competitive, and easy to understand, so affiliates can really make the most of their earnings.

By the way, we’re not ones to sit still – plenty of exciting new features and initiatives are coming your way. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates. Plus, we’re super excited to invite you to the upcoming IGB Live, which will take place in the IGB RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre from July 16th to 19th. Look us near the No. 11-D12 stand. It’s going to be a great chance to connect, see what we’re up to, and talk about how we can keep growing together.

Yeva: How do you evaluate the performance of the affiliate program and its affiliates? What metrics do you consider most important in your evaluation?

First, profitability is key for us. We closely monitor NGR and the commissions earned by our partners. Additionally, we pay close attention to the volume of traffic they bring in, particularly FTDs. These metrics give us a clear picture of how well our affiliates are performing and help us identify areas where we can support them better.

Yeva: What advice would you give to affiliates who are just starting in the industry or looking to improve their performance?

My main advice is to be as open as possible with operators and don’t hesitate to ask them anything you’re curious about they’re experienced and can always offer valuable insights. Stay open to new opportunities and continuously work on improving both your hard and soft skills. Marketing is a dynamic field where gaining new knowledge daily is crucial for business success. Always keep learning and adapting, and you’ll find yourself thriving.

Yeva: Looking ahead, what are your goals and priorities for the Big Betty Partners affiliate program, and how do you plan to achieve them?

We’re actively working on launching new brands that will be coming out very soon and expanding our focus on sports. But that’s not all. Our top priorities include entering new markets, obtaining local licenses, and establishing new successful partnerships.

Yeva: How do you prefer to relax after work, Bohdan? Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the iGaming world. 

In my free time, I love to go fishing and cycling. Both activities help me unwind and enjoy the outdoors, making me more productive during work hours.

Company: Big Betty Partners
Interviewee: Bohdan Temnyk
Date: 04.07.2024

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