Overview of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook 2021

Overview of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook 2021

Overview of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook 2021

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook has gained much interest from players and iGaming insiders, though it has been released in 2020. 

Let us discuss the results of the Sportsbook in terms of its performance and usage during 2021.

Regarding the players, the top customers were men who amounted to 97 percent of the sum of all bets. While females amount to only 3 percent. The situation is almost the same with Bet Count: 94 percent of all bets were made by males and females comprise only the remaining 6 percent. 

What refers to players age, much participation is provided by people of 31-40 age group. People of this age group comprise 37 percent of Total Count of bets. Yet, much contribution is provided by the players of 41-50 years old, as up to 55 percent of Total Bet Sum is produced by them. 

SOFTSWISS Sportsbook Product Owner Alexander Kamenetskyi mentioned:

“The analyses of our platform come to prove that the sport fans are generally men. It’s explained by the fact that they like to watch sport events, which is not typical for women. As males are much involved in the sport events, they are more likely to be customers of wagering services’ providers.

People use smartphones to set up stakes, accounting for more than 65 percent of all bets. Meanwhile, what refers to the Bet Sum, customers prefer to bet from the PC or laptops. 

Alexander Kamenetskyi noted that professional players prefer to use desktop devices to watch the game and analyze the data at the same time. 

The analysis of Bet Sum shows that the most contribution is generated from the following sports: football (38.14 percent), basketball (22.62 percent) and tennis (16.11 percent). Other types of sport like Ice hockey, American football and Volleyball account for 9.01, 8.95, 5.17 percent respectively. 

The Product Owner of the platform mentioned: 

“The overview demonstrates that football is the leader of wagering. The top tournaments’ list depends on the prevalence of each type of sport”. 

The leading tournaments include NBA (28.32 percent), NFL (18.13 percent), Premier League (16.78 percent). The list also involves Serie A with 13.25 percent, La Liga with 12.28 percent and NHL with 11.13 percent. 

So, what achievements do the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook accomplish in 2021?

  1. Due to the license acquired in February, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook managed to kick-start N1Bet.ng, its first project on the Nigerian market, within the framework of collaboration with N1 Partners Group. 
  2. The team of Sportsbook started collaboration with Oddin.gg, an advanced live odds supplier, due to which it expanded its product offerings with online broadcasting and a great variety of eSports tournaments like League of Legends, Dota 2. 
  3. The Sportsbook enlarged the system of offered bonuses. Hunting and Freebets, these 2 new kinds of bonuses got into act in 2021. 

Alexander Kamenetskyi summed up saying: 

“We strived for searching new markets, enlarging our services and appealing to customers. With the help of our partner Oddin.gg, we appeal to the youth who are engaged in eSports. The new bonuses will boost the amplification of the engagement of current customers”.

“Motivated by our accomplished achievements, we set up new heights to achieve. “

And finally, let’s see what cryptocurrencies are used in sport wagering. 

Based on the overview, the most bets were placed with Bitcoin 54.73 percent. Litecoin and Etherum come to follow the leading crypto with 44.22 percent and 1.05 percent respectively. 

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