RichAds – iGaming Voice by Yeva

RichAds – iGaming Voice by Yeva

RichAds – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In this week’s installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa had the opportunity to speak with Vasilii Gamov, the Chief Marketing Officer of RichAds. He talked about the most important aspects to look for when choosing gambling offers as an advertiser and shared his insights on a variety of popular marketing formats.

Yeva: Let’s briefly introduce RichAds to our audience. What does the company offer to its clients, and how does it stand out from the competition, Vasilii?

Being a self-serve advertising network, RichAds has a lot to offer to affiliate marketers. We provide more than 5 billion impressions on 200+ GEOs daily on such formats as push, pops, in-page push notifications as well as direct click and a newly added one — native ads. We work with all the verticals, starting from Gambling and Betting to Dating, mVas, Antivirus, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Soft and more. We even offer turn-key and fully managed ad campaigns for our clients, those are also perfect options for newbies.

We do differ from competitors on several factors. First of all, we have flagmanship AI features that make us stand out from others. There are tools that assist in auto-optimization such as Target CPA, Performance Mode and Automated Rules. They do all the routine work for an affiliate by creating black- or whitelists based on his campaign and desired results.

What’s more, to make the CR higher and profits bigger, we divided all the sources on our platform into four categories — Premium, Standard, Remnant and New. This way any marketer can start with the carefully selected sources with the best CR — Premium ones, and then scale with other groups.

Another key factor that makes us unique is that we offer expert support to any affiliate, catering to his interests — free custom creatives for any GEO and offer as well as whitelists and blacklists per each campaign.

Yeva: How would you advise gambling firms to choose offers, along with a variety of their key details, such as targeted jurisdictions and audiences? What do you think is the key to choosing a successful one?

There are several criteria on choosing a successful Gambling offer for an advertiser. First of all, it’s all about checking the casino provider you’re promoting on several main points — jurisdiction, license and available payment methods.

It’s obvious that gambling shall be a legal activity in the desired GEO for an affiliate to get quality leads and profits. The same is with license, a casino you’re working with shall be a legally operated business to provide you with stable and timely income, especially if you stick to a RevShare payment model.

To my mind, one of the key factors is making sure that the most popular payment methods in a specific GEO are available. Otherwise your target audience won’t be able to make a deposit in a convenient way for them. That’s especially important for fresh GEOs, like LATAM, so the main tip here is to stay abreast of all the trends and checking the legal status of a chosen provider.

Yeva: Closely tied to our last question, which jurisdictions do RichAds’ gambling clients target the most, Vasilii? Additionally, which ones are growing in market share the most among them?

Obviously, the list of the most popular GEOs in terms of Gambling vertical in 2023 shall start with LATAM.

This region has been hyped for a year already, though we see no signs of slowing down. This summer the first regulations of gambling in Brazil has been posed which makes this region even more attractive for a test. At RichAds, we do have huge volumes to offer for LATAM, for instance, Brazil starts with 30 million impressions daily, Chile has 4 millions while Peru 2 millions.

Another alternative in terms of most popular gambling countries is testing Tier 1 — Canada and Germany. Both of the GEOs can be tough to start with due to the fact that the cost of traffic is higher, while the payouts are bigger as well. Those are regions for more experienced affiliates who are not afraid of higher competition and know the peculiarities of the GEOs.

We also see that Asian countries do prevail in terms of Gambling niche. The prices and competition is not that high, as everyone’s into testing fresh LATAM region, while this pool is not crowded now. Such a target audience is easier to attract and retain, and the volumes are more than satisfying. So, the countries such as Indonesia, India and Thailand are perfect for both newbies and experienced marketers.

Yeva: RichAds offers a wide variety of advertisement formats on its website. Could you briefly walk us through them and discuss their differences, along with their benefits and drawbacks?


Let’s start with the main format we offer is push ads, that’s what our platform started with back in 2018. Among the pros I can highlight that it has no restrictions at all — any images or texts are allowed, especially in comparison with such popular formats as Facebook and Google. Plus, the quality of traffic is on the highest level — people who subscribe to push ads do it voluntarily, so those are real users already interested in your product.

Furthermore, it’s dead easy to use, nothing except for creatives and desired targeting parameters is needed from an affiliate. Another advantage is that the price is quite low, minimum cost per click starts from $0.003 for Tier 3 countries, so anyone can test the traffic source — budget per test campaign is quite affordable.

What concerns the so-called drawbacks, I can mention the fact that push traffic does not target iOS users and requires frequent creatives’ change for the campaign not to burn out. But the good news is that we solve both of the issues at RichAds — the platform provides in-page push ads that do have targeting on iPhone customers and creatives for any format can be ordered at our network for free.

The next format we provide is in-page push notifications that have the same benefits, plus the coverage of iOS users and independence from any browser updates. What’s more, this type of ads looks like some system notification, so it has more loyalty from potential clients!

We do have even easier formats to set up — pop and direct click ads. The main advantage of pop and direct click ads is that no creatives are required from a marketer — just an offer link. Furthermore, pop ads format is impossible to be left unseen, it fights with banner blindness and is very attention-catching. The price is even lower than that of push ads — cost per mile starts from $0.5 in Tier 3.

Direct click ads are not that cheap, which might seem a drawback, though its CR is 5 times higher than of any other format. The secret is in the working mechanism — it targets only warm users who are already in search of something similar. For instance, they google “Nike” and make a misprint “Nice”, so they get redirected to your website without even noticing.

Finally, we recently launched a new format in — native ads! This is the least intrusive format of all, boosting the level of trust of your audience. The thing is that this format makes the ads look like the website content that they’re implemented into, this way a user is more likely to click on them.

Yeva: Let’s now focus more on the native format. Are there any GEOs and verticals that work best of all for the source at RichAds?


Now we see the highest results in terms of income on Gambling and Betting niches, our clients do report that their ROI is skyrocketing on the verticals. What concerns GEOs, the pool is wide — LATAM, Asia and Africa convert well for iGaming, according to our internal stats.

Basically, you can try any Tier 2 or 3 GEO and won’t be mistaken, the volumes are more than sufficient, testing is key here.

Yeva: What about the setup, are there any peculiarities of native ads when we speak about targeting, creatives and optimization?

The most vital thing is creatives, when it comes to the native format. It’s crucial to add at least 10 creatives per campaign with different images and texts, and update them once a week to gain decent results.You can set up one logo for the campaign and change just the main image, that’s fine. Also start with multiple resolutions per desktop campaigns and check out the volumes per placement in each.

The good news about the format at our net is that the content policy is really loyal, even the most “questionable” creatives won’t be declined, so any approach is ok.

In terms of optimization, go ahead and start with the Automated Rules. They allow you to cut off the unnecessary sources if they do not fit into your desired CPA or do not bring any conversions at all automatically. This way your time and efforts will be saved quickly.

Yeva: As RichAds works with a wide variety of niches, how does the online gambling one differ from other popular verticals, such as software or finance? What unique differences do the company’s strategies have for each niche?

Speaking about any niche, an affiliate needs to do prior research and deeply understand his target audience. Gambling vertical is actually one of the most demanding ones, so keeping track of all the industry trends is a must.

First and foremost, a marketer needs to be aware which format to work with and how to do it properly. In the Gambling context at RichAds those are mainly push, pop and direct click ads, not depending on a GEO. A lifehack from me is to ask for a whitelist from a manager for your specific bundle and start a campaign with it, this way you’ll target only relevant sources from the very beginning.

Another tip is to comprehend the specifics of your desired GEO and use it on your creatives and landing pages. For instance, if we take the hyped Brazil for Gambling offers, you can use national colors as well as separate approaches for men and women. In this case female audience even more prevalent, so you can’t focus only on typically male enticers. Same with the language — don’t use English everywhere, for Brazil you’d better stick to Portuguese, even better if it’s some local dialect. In case you face trouble making the creatives on your own, feel free to order the images and texts for free from your manager.

Moreover, my sincere recommendation for any vertical is to always remember about optimization, like check out the results literally once you get them. It’s not about stopping the campaign when you spend the daily budget, test at least 10 conversion prices and then analyze the outcome.

Undoubtedly, that’s a great deal of work, so use AI tools to make your life easier. At RichAds I’d recommend applying either Target CPA or Performance Mode algorithms. Both of them analyze your performance daily while creating and updating white- and blacklists based on your targeting or desired cost per conversion. The main difference is that for Performance Mode no tracker is needed, so postback is not a necessity.

Yeva: What tracking systems does RichAds offer to its clients, Vasilii? How can the company’s customers utilize them to enhance their marketing efforts?

Our ad platform is integrated with 11 trackers right now — Keitaro, Voluum, Binom, BeMob, Thrive Tracker, Redtrack, AdsBridge, FunnelFlux, AppsFlyer, CPV Lab Pro and PeerClick.

As I mentioned above, trackers are the key to automated optimization which allows to minimize efforts and save a lot of time and money to any marketer. All the tools like Performance Mode, Target CPA and Automated Rules can enhance the results if used with a tracker. Not to be unfounded, Performance Mode can boost CR by 253% and reduce CPA by 79% if used for optimization properly.

Furthermore, another tool that can assist in results analysis and tracking at RichAds is Optimizer. Due to this optimization interface a marketer can see the outcome his campaign has on many metrics (OS, browsers, publishers, sites, and subscriber lists) in just one place and stop non-working sources in one click!

Question: Has RichAds ever had to deal with fraudulent partners? How does the company minimize the potential negative effects of such threats?

Just to be clear — we offer several levels of traffic protection, all the traffic we provide is verified by AdScore which is based on big data to minimize potential risks for our partners and make our cooperation fruitful. We also double the safety measures by checking our traffic via in-house protection services.

Yeva: To close off our interview, let’s shift the topic of our conversation by a bit. What motivates you in your work, Vasilii? On the contrary, what motivates you outside of work hours?

For me motivation in daily life and work is pretty much the same, regardless of whether I do work tasks, some new projects or whatever.

It’s not only the ultimate goal that drives me, like launching a new business, making a profit, changing this world for the better, it’s also about the path to achieve it.

Sometimes I get new skills, while in some cases I share the knowledge acquired as well as help my colleagues grow and make work processes clearer, and life will become more exciting for me. What I love most is changing this world and creating new things in it.

To be honest, I do not separate my daily life from work in some strict way. My thoughts are always about new and existing projects, ways of their improvement or even creation. I don’t get tired of it as I like the process itself and of course reaping its results.

If we speak about non-working moments like going on a trip during my vacation then the approach will be the same. First, I study the place where I want to go, prepare my tour in advance, find guides and book hotels, etc.

The main thing to remember is that in traveling ,the same as in business, not everything will go according to plan and you should be open to new adventures and challenges. What I love about real life is that it’s always ready to provide a fresh reason for the change of plans and adapt the product to the new and unexpected conditions.

Company: RichAds
Interviewee: Vasilii Gamov
Date: 19.09.2023

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