SOFTSWISS Managed services 2021 review

SOFTSWISS Managed services 2021 review

SOFTSWISS Managed services 2021 review

After the expansion of delivered services throughout 2021, SOFTSWISS Managed Services completed its structure and pinpointed major results.

Let us look at what results has the department scored in terms of performance and effectiveness.

The focal point in the advancement of Managed Services is the structural change which includes:

  • Setting up a new system of Player Reactivation.
  • Split up between Player Retention and VIP Player Support as independent systems

The chief executive of Managed Services Vitali Matsukevich noted:

“I can assure that we completed our goal which was to deliver high-quality B2C services. The feedback of customers and analyses come to prove that we fulfill our mission”.

So, what are the key components of Managed Services?

The Managed Services owns the following 5 components: Player Retention, Anti-Fraud Support, Player Reactivation, First Line Support, and VIP Player Support.

Now let’s refer to each system separately and discuss what achievements they have accomplished.

Let’s first discuss the outcomes of Player Retention team which aims to appeal to the users and grow their interest in gaming.

  • It succeeded in attracting 230,000 customers due to the commercials that acknowledge players about novel providers and game updates
  • The deposit for each user comprised 200 EUR on average.

As for the VIP Player Support team, it is engaged in personalized user aid. Its accomplishments include

  • Growing its figures by six times reaching 2500, while back in 2020 it was 400.
  • The figures of VIP Players deposits increased reaching 189mln EUR.
  • Monthly increase of GGR among VIP users.
  • Consequently, the annual GG revenue costed over 107mln EUR.

What refers to the Player Reactivation division, it stays connected with clients who have decreased their interest in casinos. Though it started to operate recently, it appealed to 6,000 players continue their activity. 54 percent of the players made deposits, hence the staff secured €1,75mln in deposit.

The division of First Line Support accepts the requests from the customers and helps them to fix the issues. It has succeeded to deal with up to 1.5mln conversations. Each agent handled nearly 200 conversation each day. It resulted in 83% of the Customer Satisfaction indicator.

Last but not least, Anti-Fraud Support detects breaches and concentrates on suspicious activity. As for the results, it acquired 3 ICA licenses which serviced a major advancement for the business. The figures of requisition costed 14mln EUR; a 40 percent of increase compared with 2020.

Deputy Head Artyom Rudakov mentioned:

“Our team has expanded several times for securing services of high quality. The figures of SOFTSWISS live casino clients resulted in the increasing number of operators that we deal with. So, we can note that 2021 was a turning point for our whole team”.

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