SOFTSWISS reports the results of survey on Game Aggregator

SOFTSWISS reports the results of survey on Game Aggregator

SOFTSWISS reports the results of survey on Game Aggregator

This year during winter SOFTSWISS had a survey about customer satisfaction for Kantar Ukraine, and many partners mentioned that they always help the clients.

The primary object of the study was to understand by what criteria customers choose the iGaming software provider. It was mainly about Game Aggregator.

The results

Study shows that customers choose partners based according to: Variety of games, Responding quickly and finding solutions, Being flexible in the process of discussing the terms and conditions.

Main features are: Certifications, Licenses, Reviews.

Emotional features are: Easily communicating with the manager, Suggesting services that match with the company, Lasting contracts.

Functional features are: Accessibility of the games, Quick response to sudden problems, Experienced team.

Clients also mentioned that the main reason for ending the contract are:

  1. Poor quality or long query solution
  2. Absence involvement
  3. Absence technicality and functionality
  4. Bad-quality support

The Overviews

As a result, the clients are mainly happy with Game Aggregator and SOFTSWISS. They noted that they choose them based on: Number of games, Flexibility, Simplicity and ease, Communication with clients all the time.

Those points match with SOFTSWISS’s aims and players’ anticipation. This proves how good of a partner they are. It’s also worth noting that their business partner also chose Affilka and 55% of them are happy with it.

The Opinions

Game Aggregator’s rating of satisfaction is 8.2. This means that they always offer the best of services for their partners. They earned high scores for the following features:

  1. Accessibility of games – 9.0
  2. Immediate notice on planned work – 9.0
  3. Fast and quick response to minor inconveniences – 8.8
  4. Providing additional support – 8.5

The study also showcased that the rating of client service is higher (7.9) than the competitors (7.4).

CMO of SOFTSWISS V. Bagniya stated:

“Constantly working with clients and releasing their requirements are important for marketing. Understanding clients gives us a chance to make innovative products. We are happy that this survey showed us insight but also how happy our customers are.” 

Game Aggregator’s head T. Kaminskaya added:

“These types of studies are important for companies to know what to do next. We are delighted to know that our partners are happy with our offers. We are motivated to improve our products. We are willing to become trustworthy business partners.”

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