– no conversion after paid fix fee – no conversion after paid fix fee

Company appealed:
Company accused:
Amount (EUR):
200 EUR
Status :

1 month ago

After several contacts with them, we decided to close the deal. We payed the listing fee and they uploaded us on their website. After almost a month, their statistics are to zero.
– They provided fake statistics
– Most likely a fake invoice from their side
– They ghosted us once we asked about the campaigns and the numbers that they didn’t provide
-We missed Christmas marketing campaigns
-Many working hours spent



January 14 | 2024 12:10
Here are the details of our argument regarding the Fluky One casino.
First, I want to start with their pre-pay of 200 euros.
All casinos on our website have a Flat fee or fixed fee. That money is for us to write reviews on our website. Fluky One casino paid us for the 10th position, usually, there are from 5 – 10 ftd’s per month, but that doesn’t mean that all casinos need to have the same stats if they are posted there.
We have recorded a video where you will see that their links are not working properly, as we said in the previous email we informed them to change our link but the answer was that they cannot give us any other links, they also told us that for every affiliate there is only one link. A bit strange but ok.
Also they they accused us of having fake statistics, in the videos we sent you through WE TRANSFER you will see our statistics Live.
Here is all the evidence (3 videos)
If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.
Happy Sunday!!
Best Regards,
FlukyOne Casino
January 16 | 2024 12:19

I would like to address the following concerns from our side:

1.Link Issues and Communication: It is disconcerting that post-deal closure, issues with the links have surfaced. Regular checks and communication are crucial to identifying and resolving such problems promptly. Unfortunately, there was a lack of communication on your end, preventing us from addressing and rectifying any issue.

2.Multiple Links: Our panel does not currently support multiple links to each account, leading us to suggest the creation of a new account with a new tracking link. However, even though we gave you a solution , there was no response or acknowledgment from your end regarding this matter.

3.Misrepresentation of Deal Details: The deal included 12 mailers, which, to our disappointment, never materialized. This discrepancy is a significant concern, as it directly affects the terms and expectations outlined in our agreement.
Despite numerous requests for updates on the mailing campaigns, no information has been provided. This lack of transparency hinders our ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and address any concerns.
Moreover, We requested samples of the mails twice, and regrettably, none were received. This absence of evidence further exacerbates our concerns and raises questions about the execution of the agreed-upon deal.

4.Lack of Responsiveness: Despite our attempts to communicate these issues, there has been no response from your end. This lack of responsiveness is troubling, as it hinders our ability to collaboratively address and resolve the issues at hand.

In conclusion, the current state of affairs is untenable, and urgent action is required to rectify the issues highlighted above. We have never had such issues before with any of our affiliates. We believe in fostering a transparent and communicative partnership, and we urge you to provide evidence of your commitment to resolving these matters promptly.

Kind Regards,
FlukyOne Casino
January 21 | 2024 20:05
I think we have shared all the information regarding this complaint and I don’t think we are required to provide any material regarding our campaigns.
We have nicely told you that your links are not working. We spent time on the campaign that your casino participated in, but unfortunately, we don’t have any report on it.
As you said we have never had this problem with any casino. And of course, We believe in fostering a transparent and communicative partnership, but you chose this way of communication.
You accused us of having fake invoices, fake statistics, etc… do you think that’s how you build trust and a good partnership? just for your information, our website has existed since 2019 not only this one but many others.
Have a nice weekend!
Topbookie Team
FlukyOne Casino
January 23 | 2024 11:13

Unfortunately, you are not able to proceed with any material as they do not exist. If there were any, you would have shown it when we repeatedly asked for it.
We have been forced to reach this point of communication as you have stopped responding to us.
For our part, we paid you on time, had every good intention of communicating and abiding by the terms of the agreement. Unfortunately, we regret to say the same cannot be stated for your part.

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