17 Best iGaming B2B Providers

17 Best iGaming B2B Providers

17 Best iGaming B2B Providers

In iGaming industry, B2B iGaming companies are often software developers and providers which supply their products to iGaming operators. In the past 2 decades Casino B2B providers have developed remarkably and today there are many famous brands that supply the leading operators of the iGaming industry with world-class software tailored for a variety of markets.

Many iGaming B2B providers offer specialized solutions dedicated to a particular segment of the industry. This includes everything from sportsbook and casino content developers to providers of auxiliary solutions, such as casino affiliate management services. Many other iGaming providers, on the other hand, offer fully-featured solutions, often in the forms of white label or turnkey iGaming platforms, which can allow newcomers of the industry to get a headstart on their journeys in the sector as an operator.

Moreover, some of those B2B providers even run their own B2C operations, further enhancing their offerings by testing their performance in the real world with an audience of gambling enthusiasts. Many iGaming B2B providers also offer customizable and branded solutions, allowing their partners to offer unique titles that have the ability to greatly enhance player engagement and loyalty. These services are particularly useful for casinos implementing live-dealer games that want to provide their users with a premium and seamless gambling experience.

All of this variety in the space of iGaming B2B providers makes it quite challenging for operators to find the best iGaming developers to work with. Gambling companies will need to carefully examine a wide selection of prospecting companies to be able to find the perfect partner for them. This makes the ability to easily find iGaming providers quite useful for operators, which we will briefly cover before exploring a few examples of the best iGaming B2B providers.

How to find iGaming B2B providers to work with

Finding high-quality iGaming B2B providers can sometimes be a challenge not only because of the plethora of variables an operator will need to assess but also because of the vast number of gambling developers they can choose from in the rapidly expanding gambling industry. There are many ways for operators to find high-quality iGaming B2B providers to work with. You can use the good old Google to stumble upon pages like ours to find the best gambling B2B software providers or utilize an iGaming B2B Directory like the one at TheGamblest.comto narrow down your options and locate the best match.

Additionally, various gambling events are another excellent option for operators to find high-quality gambling B2B providers. Many events, especially larger international summits, feature an exhibition floor where lots of international iGaming B2B providers showcase their solutions and give prospecting clients demos of their products. These types of events offer operators an excellent set of opportunities to test out offerings before purchasing them, however, events that feature sizable exhibition space will usually be quite costly to attend, potentially making them unsuitable for startup operators and new industry professionals.

Today we will help you with your search for the best iGaming B2B providers by reviewing some of the aforementioned iGaming providers and sharing details of their activities and offerings.

7777 gaming
Established in: 2020
Products: Slots, Instant Win Games, Table Games, iLottery, Bingo, Keno, Scratch cards, Jackpot solutions, iGaming platform, Other
Established in: 2019
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Lottery, Platform, Fantasy, Other
Established in: 2012
Products: Casino, Sports, Slots, Live Dealer, Bingo
Established in: 2020
Products: Affiliate program and CPA network creation
Established in: 1999
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Bingo, Retail, Other
Established in: 2015
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Bingo, Retail, Other
Established in: 2010
Products: Lottery, Sportsbook, Poker, Bingo, Other
Established in: 2010
Products: Casino, Crypto, eSports, Sports, Other
Oryx Gaming
Established in: 2010
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Lottery, Other
Established in: 2008
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Crypto, Bingo, Other
Established in: 2010
Products: Sportsbook
Established in: 2010
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Table Games, Other
Established in: 2003
Products: Casino, Sportsbook, Bingo, Retail, Other
Established in: 2008
Products: Casino, Sports
Established in: 2007
Products: Casino, LiveCasino, Sports, Slots
Established in: 2018
Products: Casino, Slots, Table games, Card Games, Roulettes
Established in: 2017
Products: Casino, Sports, Quantum, Retail

Let’s check out several of the significant B2B providers in the industry of iGaming:

1. 7777 gaming

Having been founded back in 2020, 7777 gaming is a relatively younger iGaming developer. However, the firm’s age doesn’t tell the whole story, as its team of highly skilled professionals have been working together for over two decades on various projects, making 7777 gaming their latest venture. Thanks to their vast experience and skill, the team has managed to make the company a market leader with a catalog of products that stands out from its competition.

7777 gaming

The firm specializes in creating various types of unique casino games. 7777 gaming’s portfolio of over a hundred slot, keno, table, and other games will easily please the pickiest of players. The company offers its products on its own dedicated turnkey platform which features excellent scalability and flexibility characteristics to make the integration process as seamless as possible.

Furthermore, 7777 gaming’s platform features a number of auxiliary modules, such as a promotional system with built-in gamification, a tournaments and jackpots solution, and a VIP Club for the players.

2. WA.Technology

Offering a wide variety of iGaming solutions and content, WA.Technology is a leading B2B provider. The company’s extensive catalog of over 6000 aggregated casino games, combined with its sports wagering, lottery, and fantasy sports products will greatly enhance the gambling businesses of the firm’s clients. WA.Technology also has many management services on offer, such as casino management, CRM, affiliate management, payment solutions, and many more, allowing clients to offload some of the most tedious tasks of their businesses to the developer’s team of experienced professionals.

wa.technology banner

For customers looking to launch in a specific gambling niche, WA.Technology has dedicated solutions for lottery, poker, sports wagering, fantasy, and casino businesses, all of which feature its excellent set of auxiliary systems, along with quick launch times and global availability. The developer also offers customer acquisition and business intelligence services, helping clients grow their operations.

Furthermore, WA.Technology also offers an omnichannel gambling solution with its enterprise platform, which can enable operators to expand the retail side of their businesses across over 10 jurisdictions that the solution supports.

3. Slotegrator 

Slotegrator is a B2B iGaming platform and software provider with a focus on online casinos, sports betting solutions, and live dealers. With more than 150 successfully launched projects, it’s been serving its clients successfully since 2012.

slotegrator website

The company strives to expand further by creating platforms for omnichannel gaming interactions. One of its innovations is the Telegram casino which is customized for mobile gambling and is tailored for players in a specific niche. From now on, Telegram users will enjoy easy authorization due to web casino and Telegram bot synchronization. Slotegrator has quite a functional platform with white label and turnkey solutions. It offers a builder to craft the front end independently with no programming knowledge. Users only need to select one of the templates and move forward with implementing the design effortlessly. In order to represent the cool features to clients, Slotegrator is happy to host a live demo upon request.

4. Alanbase

Alanbase is a dynamic SaaS-Constructor in the world of affiliate program creation and performance marketing optimization for Web and Mobile. The company offers a breeze of innovation, making it quite easy to set up affiliate programs with tailored presets for various niches like iGaming, media buying teams, and e-commerce. 

alanbase b2b provider

Created by professionals deeply rooted in the online gambling industry, Alanbase goes beyond the basics, helping businesses cut costs and boost revenues by effortlessly identifying and removing inefficient channels. It’s all about turning off the ones that don’t work and tapping into fresh, effective avenues like referral marketing, bloggers, webmasters, and advertising networks. 

The B2B Provider offers live product demos, expert Q&A sessions, and a complimentary setup with data transfer, with a free trial period kicking off ready to roll.

5. Playtech

Playtech is currently the largest virtual gaming software deliverer. It has been on top of the market for many years, growing significantly since its 1999 launch. The firm has been working on innovation, aiming for the improvement of the sector as a whole. Playtech has successfully also come up with multiple exceptional products which spread their name in the iGaming scene.

Playtech website_B2B provider

One of these products is the Virtue Fusion bingo platform, which the firm took over in 2010. Another notable mention is iPoker, a poker platform that runs in the United Kingdom. Additionally, Playtech also has BGT Sports under its wing, with the subsidiary offering sports betting solutions to various bookmakers. It currently fuels over 27,000 betting terminals for many renowned operators like Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. Playtech has been and remains part of the most prosperous and prominent provider in B2B industry.

6. BtoBet

BtoBet is an award-winning iGaming B2B solutions provider with branches in Italy, Gibraltar, and Macedonia and has quickly turned into one of the most trusted gaming and sportsbook software suppliers across the globe. It specializes in making software compliant with all requirements and regulations in different regions internationally and offers customizable platforms and services.

Btobet Website_B2B Providers

Currently, the firm has two different divisions that conduct its services: BtoBet Sports and BtoBet Games. The former sets the emphasis on bookmakers and their own requests depending on the preferences of their respective players. The company has a team specifically for this department that makes sure to deliver bettors top-notch service and quality. Arguably the most popular platforms that BtoBet supplies are the Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms, which both provide a one-of-a-kind cloud-based system. Both are award-winning platforms for their state-of-the-art technologies. BtoBet Games offers various AI-based platforms that can be fully customized to suit each operator’s needs. A majority of the products offered by BtoBet center around eSports, lottery, casinos, and a sportsbook.

7. Bit8

Established in Malta back in 2010 and acquired by Intralot in 2017, Bit8 is a gaming software development firm that secures a promising future for the modern iGaming industry. Its platform is flexible as it is able to scale up to however much the number of simultaneous players is. It also provides a cutting-edge bonus structure that can be used for a large variety of products and across many game suppliers. Moreover, Bit8’s platform uses AI to provide the best possible lifetime value and increase revenue simultaneously while reducing costs.

Intralot website_B2B Providers

In general, its platform is built to magnify player retention rates and increase the general lifetime value of players. Bit8’s operator clientele has some of the best online casinos in over 50 countries internationally, as it supplies its solutions to both land-based and iGaming operators with its platform and software.

8. UltraPlay

Ultraplay, which was formed in 2010, provides a turnkey platform for iGaming operators around the world. Having won multiple awards, Ultraplay puts emphasis on eSports and live betting as well as white-label, online casino, and blockchain technology.

UltraPlay Website_B2B Provider

Having over 34 games accessible & 200 markets – all developed with a gamer’s perspective – Ultraplay is unquestionably a strong recommendation of ours! By selecting the platform, you will obtain several advantages, such as a large range of features and solutions for smooth and comprehensive control of your online activities.

At Ultraplay, you will find iGaming experts with extensive expertise and understanding in everything that they do. The betting provider, trusted by many, is known for providing top-notch sports software and odds products to its clients.

9. Oryx Gaming

After its debut in 2010, Oryx launched its first-ever gaming platform in 2012. The company’s primary goal is to create platforms for gaming operators which include every possible feature that they might be seeking. Its first platform comprised different features integrated with other applications such as firewall and payment processing.

Oryx Gaming webiste_B2B providers

Oryx managed the entertainment aspect, IT, and content creation and even moved into finance and law. This allowed it to complete its goal of launching the most extensive platform on the market. Additionally, it owns branches in the USA, Malta, Slovenia, and Estonia. For the time being, Oryx provides different casino services such as live betting, slots, table games, bingo, scratch cards, and so much more. Not being limited in the range, it also suggests a sportsbook integration feature that allows the customer to obtain all the components needed to run a sportsbook. The firm further supplies operators with a simple platform and can be updated hassle-free, including essential tools for online casinos such as fraud prevention and even an innovative management system.

10. Softswiss

Softswiss is a software solutions supplier for iGaming operators, which was launched in Belarus back in 2009. It is infamous since it’s the first-ever iGaming software provider to accept cryptocurrencies. Its award-winning solutions are some of the most popular across the industry for betting as well as casino. It is home to a certified platform that can be offered by itself, and it encompasses many integrations with payment methods, affiliate systems, and game suppliers. It is also a flexible platform, which can be modified to fit any regulations in different regions worldwide. And aside from software solutions, the firm also offers player retention solutions, fraud management systems, and affiliate management.

SOFTSWISS Website_B2B Providers

The white label is an extensive solution that incorporates many gaming licenses to multilingual games, to affiliate systems. This can be a handy package to have when launching a new online casino. Providing casino licensing eliminates the headache of having to go through the legal processes of getting one yourself. Anyone who works with SoftSwiss is eligible to acquire a gambling license from either the MGA, Curaçao, or Estonia.

Furthermore, its white label is home to a range of casino games offered by the biggest names in the iGaming scene, including Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger Gaming, and others… The company’s white label is also highly secure thanks to a preset for an anti-fraud solution that identifies any anomalous activity which may lead to abuse or even fraud.

11. Kambi

A renowned partner to 30+ iGaming operators all around the world, Kambi is a top sports betting services and technology provider. Thanks to its data-driven sportsbook backbone and adaptable software, the B2B makes users have a top-notch sports betting experience, assisting operators in terms of innovation and distinctiveness. 

kambi b2b website

A rapidly developing, internally designed software platform underpins and delivers all of Kambi’s services, which span a very broad spectrum. When it comes to the company’s workforce, it’s quite dynamic, with over 1000 people on board to ensure the company runs smoothly. With offices all around the world, from Australia to the US, Kambi’s headquarter is located in Malta. What makes Kambi stand out is its variety of distinguishing features, which enable operators to have control over key player-facing aspects, such as the frontend and odds.This has genuinely assisted Kambi in generating a strong record of launching forward-thinking sportsbooks to success all around the world.

12. iSoftBet

iSoftBet is yet another iGaming B2B Provider focused on providing exceptional gaming experiences to its partners and their clientele. Quality, innovation, and entertainment all play important parts in the company’s basic principles and objectives.

isoftbet iaming b2b provider

With a strong team of professionals, it is continually striving to develop, outperform, and outsmart itself – driven by their desire to stand out. The provider offers top-tier distinctive and inventive products, always striving for the best. iSoftBet has offices all around the world, from Malta and the UK, to Romania, the Philippines, and Cyprus.

With over 150 exclusive titles, the company has something for everyone, from cutting-edge elements to traditional casino experiences and even customized games for anybody searching for a unique, tailored approach. The company also provides a large selection of original video bonus slot machines as well as table games, making it user-friendly for both mobile and desktop customers.

13. SBTech

SBTech is a top-rank iGaming platform provider in the industry with the most potent platforms since its 2007 launch. Currently, the firm provides for more than 50 licensees in 15+ global markets. These customers include some top operators in the sports gambling and iGaming scene, for instance, operators Danske Spil, Sky Bet, and Bet.pt. famous for lottery and horse racing activities.

SBTech Website_B2B Providers

The firm currently presents adjustable gaming and sports betting resolutions, with an ambitious clientele who are always seeking to improve their services in the market space. SBTech is working on helping these clients to acquire innovative technology in an increasingly competitive market. As of late, the group has shifted its attention to live betting. Thus, it released some new attributes, such as Action Betting and Pulse, which attract due to their adaptive solutions. The firm aims to diversify and broaden its portfolio and draw in new players by simultaneously offering a large variety of options.

SBTech understands the importance of regulated gambling sustainability. It works hard to ensure its solutions are compliant with different regulations and is versatile enough to adapt to any market quickly. Its package consists of Chameleon360: iGaming platform, Seamless Sportsbook: a sportsbook platform, and some more management services and omnichannel solutions that supply all players with continued entry to different online casinos and betting products.

14. NSoft 

Having been in the market for over 14 years, NSoft is an iGaming provider with a focus on innovation. They offer quite a feature-rich portfolio of products, as they have a sportsbook, an online gaming platform, and nearly 20 high-quality entertaining games. Their services come in mainly turnkey variants and have a number of advanced features built-in, such as artificial intelligence-powered fraud detection, analytics, and risk management services.

nsoft website

Additionally, they make the integration of third-party software quite easy with their specialized tools. The firm has partnered with 20 high-quality iGaming developers to make the integration process even simpler, giving operators access to over 3000 high-quality games and other applications in a few effortless steps. Lastly, they also work with a number of betting data providers to make over 700 thousand events per year accessible to operators, all of which can be used for both live and pre-match wagering.

15. SoftGamings

Having been in the industry for nearly one and a half decades, SoftGamings offers a plethora of high-quality and feature-rich products. The firm has a couple of tried and tested online gaming platform services under its belt, namely a turnkey solution and a white-label one. Both of them come with a large catalog of over 10 thousand games supplied by top developers all around the world.

softgamings website


Additionally, they also offer an innovative self-service casino platform that allows more experienced operators to perform maintenance and upgrades on their websites on their own. The main advantage of this new idea is that it saves operators time, as they do not need to contact the provider about any issues or updates, they can solve them immediately in a timely manner. One of the other pioneering solutions offered by them is their crypto casino, which supports a number of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In contrast to many other providers, SoftGamings’s web3 gaming interface does not fall short of its regular counterparts in any way, supporting over 10 thousand games from 200 of the industry’s top developers.

16. BGaming

BGaming is yet another iGaming provider we have on our list. Having worked on online games for over 20 years now, the team established the BGaming brand back in 2018. With such experience, the team working behind the scenes is enthusiastic about producing games that are both user-friendly and visually appealing, but also use complex plots and intriguing features.

bgaming b2b provider

Through constant studies of their players’ wants and needs, the provider makes sure to offer innovative and appealing products for everyone, with actual players testing each and every product firsthand.Having worked with more than 700 partners, the provider is all about fairness and trust, allowing players to easily verify that all game results are indeed unbiased and random. BGaming’s portfolio comprises 70+ products from video slots & lottery cards to casual games with high visuals and a user-friendly interface for any type of device.

17. Sportingtech

Sportingtech is a well-known and sophisticated iGaming B2B software provider established in 2009. In its initial stage, the company was known as Software House. It started with delivering software solutions for iGaming platform providers. In 2017, the company was rebranded to Sportingtech and began marketing its own platform. Today Sportingtech delivers a range of white-label and turnkey solutions for regulated markets.

sportingtech website

The tech giant provides the Quantum iGaming platform, as well as sportsbook and casino software both for online and retail casinos. Quantum is a dedicated iGaming platform with a user-friendly interface. Being adjustable to all types of gadgets, it is acknowledged as a service that ensures a positive user experience. The iGaming B2B provider gives credit to responsible gambling procedures, so it has integrated self-exclusion and timeout options. The mentioned options are available in all iGaming software types. Today Sportingtech has expanded its reach to the European market, as well as to the markets in America and Africa through its Quantum platform released in 2021.

What to look for in an iGaming B2B provider?

Because of the vast number of iGaming B2B providers offering expansive catalogs of solutions in the gambling industry, it is important for operators to know what to look for in a prospecting partner before entering a partnership. One of the first things to look for is a B2B provider’s catalog of offerings.

1. Catalog of offerings

An iGaming B2B provider’s catalog of products and services is one of the most important things an operator should look for before entering a collaboration. Many gambling developers focus on a specific set of offerings, such as slot games, while others provide a fully-featured set of products often including casino platforms and various auxiliary solutions such as casino loyalty programs.

2. Licenses

Featuring an appropriate set of licenses is quite an important point for an iGaming B2B software provider. This is especially vital for operators providing their services in markets with strict regulations, such as the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. Moreover, a gambling development firm’s licensing situation is also important for operators providing their services in a lot of markets across the globe.

3. Localization solutions

Many iGaming operators across the globe utilize various localization techniques to provide their players with enhanced experiences. This is particularly important for companies that offer their services in a few regions, however, many international operators utilize localization techniques to enhance their appeal in jurisdictions that could potentially provide a higher return on investment, such as rapidly growing ones. Some of the most important parts of a casino localization strategy include payment methods that support local currencies, along with an appropriate selection of language options.

4. Reputation

Working with reputable companies is always critical in the online gambling industry, and collaborations involving iGaming B2B providers are no exception. Reputable gambling developers will generally not only offer a high-quality set of products and services to their clients but will also provide support in the integration process. Reputable iGaming B2B providers offering platform solutions will often offer support after the integration process as well, which is particularly important for upstart gambling firms with tighter resources.

In conclusion, the iGaming industry is home to some of the most successful B2B providers, whether it be casino software suppliers or game developers. These companies are developing new products every day, aiming to help prospecting operator clients stand out from the competition in the crowded iGaming space by offering their players a unique set of gambling experiences. Because of this highly competitive nature of the sector, it is important for operators to work with the best iGaming B2B software providers to ensure that they receive the best quality casino software that will help them maximize their revenues while also offering top-notch player protection and a responsible gambling environment.

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