iGaming Affiliate Program Runners

iGaming Affiliate Program Runners

iGaming Affiliate Program Runners

AffPapa would like to share with our audience the most significant and impactful interviewees running iGaming affiliate programs, who we had the pleasure to have a chat with throughout the past year and elaborate further on their views and conduct towards the partnerships between operators and affiliates.

We have spoken to many affiliate and operator representatives, inquiring them over the different aspects of partnerships and the importance of honesty and transparency within them. We have gathered all of the insight we received into this article, as we explore and find out the most important factors in the iGaming industry’s most successful partnerships.

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FortuneJack PartnersCasino, LiveCasino, SportsbookRev Share, CPA
Betsson AffiliatesSportsbook, Casino, LiveCasinoRev Share, CPA
NeoBet AffiliatesSportsbook, EsportsRev Share, CPA, Hybrid
Mobius AffiliatesCasino, LiveCasino, SportsbookRev Share, CPA
Arcanebet AffiliatesSportsbook, Casino, LiveCasino, LotteryRev Share, CPA, Fix
NetBet AffiliatesCasino, LiveCasino, Sportsbook, EsportsFix, Rev Share, CPA
Partners.CasinoCasinoRev Share, Hybrid, Fixed Fee
Enlabs PartnersSportsbook, Casino, LiveCasinoRev Share, CPA, Hybrid
STS AffiliatesCasino, LiveCasino, Lottery, SportsbookRev Share, CPA

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When speaking of why affiliates are given such good terms by operators, Paul Calleja from Betsson Group voiced his opinions saying that a good affiliate manager will always find the best middle-ground when striking deals with affiliates. He believes that a deal which is of high profit to either side will not be able to last very long. Betsson Group notes that it is vital to always provide a fair and transparent offer that is molded to fit the quality and quantity of traffic provided.

Some more food for thought whSandro Talianaen thinking of operator-affiliate partnerships are the factors that make a collaboration exceptional. NEO.bet’s Sandro Taliana says that communication is the most important factor in such a partnership. He believes that all misunderstandings and issues should be talked about immediately and resolved, in order to avoid further problems and conflict, while providing an all-over pleasant experience for the other party.


Furthermore, we expanded on this topic with Silver Portugov from Mr.Gamble, who answered our question surrounding how to approach affiliates in the beginning stages of a partnership, to which he responded saying that the key is to think for the long-term. Portugov underlined the importance of coming up with something attractive and unique for the partner, which will suit both parties in the long run. He further stresses that offers should also vary depending on the market.

Betvili’s Imeda Imedashvili also touched on this subject when asked about the most vital components of partnerships. He has noted that the most important part is to make sure that the agreement is a win-win situation for the two sides, as it will be over as quick as a flash if one side is left unsatisfied and disappointed. Imedashvili highlighted that Betvili is entirely straightforward and clear about their agreements so that they are able to offer the most beneficial and gratifying results.


The team over at Mobius Interactive fully believes that directness is crucial in these situations. Lynn, Nicholas and Robin have disclosed that presenting the general vision of the company and allowing the partner to highlight their preferred brands is vital in securing a trustworthy and long-lasting deal. They remarked that all feedback is always welcomed and appreciated, as this leaves space for improvements and adjustments to be made, further enhancing the partnership and paving the way for more success.

“It takes two to tango”, said Viorica Parvu from arcanebet. The Head of Affiliates feels that a foundation needs to be laid before establishing or going over any results. Trust and mutual support are two other factors she believes to be the core in having a good agreement, and most importantly cohesion, which Parvu states is what drives the partnership to success since both parties are working towards a common objective which they share and agree on.


When we spoke with Stephen Peterson, Affiliate Account Manager at Partners.Casino, he noted how transparency in partner relationships are what shape a successful affiliate-operator relationship. This, along with a couple of other components like suitable software, timely payouts, and quick communication, are what he has found to be the most important elements.

A successful relationship between operators and affiliates, as mentioned by Christopher Mitoli from NetBet, is made up of constant growth and revenue, along with strong communication to build trust and share insights and opinions when it comes to the road to success. This, according to NetBet, is what makes a partnership flourish and reach all of its goals. He further went on to say that deals need to be fair for both sides since the industry is so challenging and demand is exceptionally high, while still allocating good profit to both of them.

As we can tell, a common theme here that everyone has touched on is that a transparent and honest agreement is the way to go. It is natural that both sides will be looking to profit from the deal, while maintaining a trustworthy and long-term partnership, as they know that their partner will thrive alongside them as well. 

The program runners have all proven themselves to be passionate and dedicated to these partnerships, as they all agree that success can be achieved through mutual effort, understanding, support and frankness. When effort is being poured in from one side with nothing from the other, the partnership is bound to be doomed. Both parties should get what they want out of the deal, while still respecting and providing for the other side. This is what drives them towards success.

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