Mate Affiliates Team at iGB London 2022

Mate Affiliates Team at iGB London 2022

Mate Affiliates Team at iGB London 2022

It is always a pleasure to attend the great conferences and events organized in the world of iGaming. That’s why the Mate Affiliates team doesn’t miss any important gathering in this industry. The last one they attended? iGB Affiliate London event, between April 13-14.

They mentioned for Affpapa that this kind of events and conferences represent a great experience because it’s the best way to meet face to face with the partners you are already collaborating with, but you also have the opportunity to find lots of other people in the field. Besides human interaction, it’s impossible not to leave with a lot of new information. In other words, networking is on another level.

iGB Affiliate London connected affiliates to a 360-degree experience of iGaming through the leading networking, content and learning. 

A large part of the Mate Affiliates team was part of this event, and, as always, the members returned home full of energy and eager to put into practice all the new skills they had learned at the iGB Affiliate London conference.

See just a small part of the feedback we received from our friends involved in the Mate Affiliates Program:


There’s usually something special about the London conference and this year was even more so. There was a wealth of new ideas, technologies and opportunities on display, proving again this is one of the most dynamic industries to be in.


IGB London was awesome! 

I had the opportunity to speak to various people in the iGaming industry about different projects, potential business deals and last but not least, the opportunity to chat about sports events and sports betting.


Attending IGB London was a valuable learning experience and probably, one of the best things I could do for my career, as an affiliate manager.

It was an opportunity to expand my network, build the relationships I already have, and also learn about the iGaming industry trends.

The next big event? They have it already prepared. The team will return with more details soon. If you want to be up to date with all the events attended by our friends from Mate Affiliates, but also to be the first to find out the surprises they are preparing, you can find them on LinkedIn> 

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