Pennsylvania gambling revenue surpasses $500m

Pennsylvania gambling revenue surpasses $500m

Pennsylvania gambling revenue surpasses $500m

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has recently published its market review for the month of March, which saw the state’s gambling sector break its revenue record.

The state’s gambling revenue figure of 515 million dollars represents an increase of over 11% year-over-year from 2022’s 462 million dollars. This translated to a total tax revenue of just over 212 million dollars in the month for the state of Pennsylvania.

Breaking down the revenue figure by type, gaming remains the most profitable for the state’s operators at a combined revenue of 465 million dollars, which represents an increase of just over 30 million dollars compared to the same period last year. Sports wagering, on the other hand, made local operators over 50.6 million dollars, an over 66% increase in comparison to 2022’s 30.4 million dollar figure.

Taking a deeper look at the gambling revenue statistics, the majority of it came from the land-based vertical at a combined retail revenue of just under 315 million dollars. Slot machines were the most profitable for land-based establishments with a revenue figure of 225 million dollars, with table games following in second place at 85.8 million dollars.

The online vertical generated a bit less revenue for the state’s gambling industry at under 150 million dollars, however, revenue from online slot games in particular experienced quite a significant amount of growth, going from the previous year’s under 80 million dollars to over 104.8 million dollars, which is an increase of 32%. Online table games were second in terms of revenue in the vertical, growing by 13% and generating 40.4 million dollars.

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