SOFTSWISS B2B support is available 24/7

SOFTSWISS B2B support is available 24/7

SOFTSWISS B2B support is available 24/7

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, certified software solution provider, announces about 24/7 availability of B2B support for all the customers.

Formerly, the support team of SOFTSWISS dealt with postmidnightreceived issues only in the morning. Currently, all customers have the opportunity to apply for solutions at any time during the day.

Customer support is provided with English and Russian. The request tickets are formed on the platform of Jira where the support team is always available. The requests are classified: awards that need verification and bugs in the games that need to be fixed compose the highpriority requests.

The resolution of the problems depends on the level of complication and priority. Per request generally takes 40 minutes to resolve. And 95 percent of them are resolved without the help of technical experts.

The Support staff of SOFTSWISS is composed of thirty members. It includes 4 teams: Partner Portal, Game Release, Game Aggregator Setup and Customer Support.

Partner Portal is a brandnew branch for the company and now is advancing. It aims to connect with game developers. Game release deals with creating new game titles in the system. Game Aggregator Setup manages the connection between game providers and client casinos, including documentation. As for Customer Support, it engages in customersproblems that generate in the process of their activity.

It’s worth mentioning that the company delivers around 11,800 game titles by over 170 studios.

The team lead of Customer support at SOFTSWISS, Yauheniya Matsiuk, commented on the news: “Its a huge accomplishment for us to have a 24/7 support system. Above all, our main goal is the constant connection with our customers and the resolution of their problems. Now, a talented staff is engaged in delivering support to the customers all over the world no matter what time of the day it is”.

  • SOFTSWISS B2B support is available 24/7 SOFTSWISS B2B support is available 24/7
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