BC.Game – iGaming Voice by Yeva (part 2)

BC.Game – iGaming Voice by Yeva (part 2)

BC.Game – iGaming Voice by Yeva (part 2)

In our follow-up interview with BC.Game COO – Chris Butler, the long-serving iGaming expert discussed scam exchanges, crypto market steadily entering the iGaming sector, and the AffPapa iGaming Awards.

Yeva: BC.Game is on the verge of hitting a big milestone: $10 million (cryptocurrencies) in commissions paid to its affiliate partners. First of all, congrats on that! Looks like the company has grown significantly since the last time we talked. To what do you owe the success? 

Chris: Thank you. There are so many factors that have contributed to BC.Game’s rapid growth. I’ll speak first on acquisitions. Our affiliate department has had major success in affiliate outreach this past year. I can’t take much credit for that as I have been focusing on other things. So I have to give a shout out to Rayne, the Head of our Affiliate Department. He has closed more deals with affiliates in just 12 months than I have in my life. We have the most flexible offer conditions that I know of. These range from the basic CPA and RevShare deals all the way up to the most complex, multi-tiered, custom hybrid structures you could ever imagine. Getting players to register is no small feat but it’s still only half the battle. Providing them with entertainment and a reason to come back is the other half. As most know by now, BC.Game has unique ways of  doing things. With so many casinos out there that are just boring copies of other boring copies, visitors find our willingness to cross boundaries to be refreshing. Plus BC.Game has incredibly generous and consistent bonuses and rewards being handed out to players.

Yeva: Following up on the question above, would you mind telling us about your next big goal or any future updates we can look forward to? (If it’s not a secret)

Chris: It is a secret but I’ll tell you anyways. Just make sure your readers don’t tell anybody else. We are entering the metaverse. Not only that, we are going to improve it. More on that to come. Soon. There is also this whole NFT market thing that has been booming. Many say it’s a bubble. The thing is, when dealing with something that has so many layers and runs on underlying code that is open source, calling it a bubble is not fair. This tech has no limitations from my perspective. There are some usages of it that can only be classified as a very thin bubble and it will be a show when that pops but that is not where our focus is. We are designing a line of NFTs that is truly unique, non-speculative, and will be bundled with true utility. We aren’t into jpeg and screenshot monetization. We are into improving the industries and tech that we love.

Yeva: Since we touched on your major accomplishment, I’m sure getting to where you are today wasn’t as easy as it seems. What were the early challenges? How do you handle such situations?

AffPapa x BC Game
BC.Game’s partnership with AffPapa

Chris: When looking at our growth and successes from an outside perspective, I can understand how it may seem like we are a very organized, disciplined organization with a clear roadmap of the future and  detailed plans that are perfectly executed by our team. Fact of the matter is, we are just having fun and handling each day as it comes. We take direction mostly from community feedback. There are challenges, of course. First that comes to mind is DDoS attackers. They are not difficult to deal with but they are annoying. I wish these guys would get a girlfriend or something because this hobby of theirs doesn’t amount to whatever they are trying to achieve. Ever. Another challenge would be compliance while operating across multiple geos but even that has been running seamlessly. The BC.Game team is the best that I have ever worked with. Every day is new and exciting and there is never any turmoil behind the scenes. When problems present themselves, they are handled easily. The biggest challenge doesn’t come in the form of a problem. It is figuring out how to consistently raise the bar and provide players with unique versions of their most requested features. BC.Game stands out as different. You will find a lot of the same features you’d find at any online casino but we always find a way to make them better. That is our secret weapon. 

Yeva: You talk a lot about industry scam exchanges on LinkedIn. They reflect negatively on the entire industry. Do you agree with this? How do you believe such incidents may be prevented?

Chris: I am very happy to talk about this and I am humbled that you noticed. Any kind of scam that is allowed to run rampant is bad for any industry. The problem I have with scam crypto exchanges is that they are allowed to become very big and they even gain support from many users. Whether those users are shills or not is debatable but the overall impression given by them at first glance is that they are big, popular, have been around for a long time, and because of that they are safe. If I have made a public post about any company or exchange being shady or an outright scam, I guarantee that it is not just my opinion. It is a fact. I always provide undeniable evidence to support my claims. The only way to prevent this kind of thing from continuing to be a growing stain on our industry is for people to stop becoming victims. My views are harsh on this topic. Yes, these scammers are dirtbags and I openly share that is how I feel but do I blame them? Not really. If people would stop being easy to scam then scammers wouldn’t exist. Performing due diligence should be standard for every person on the planet before they enter into any business deal or send money anywhere. Some scams have excellent disguises but none of them can stand up to even the lowest levels of scrutiny. Greed and laziness is why scammers are successful. Not because they are so good at scamming that there was no way to detect it.  

Yeva: BC.Game is one of the major sponsors of the AffPapa iGaming Awards. What prompted you to become a sponsor of the event?

bc.game as diamond sponsor of affpapa igaming awards
BC.Game as Diamond Sponsor of AIA

Chris: That was a no brainer. The decision took about 5 seconds and it only took that long because I type very slow. You have mentioned the rapid growth of BC.Game a few times but I would like to also point out how quickly AffPapa is growing too. The service you provide to our industry is incomparable to anything else. I have had only good experiences when dealing with you and everyone else from the AffPapa team. AffPapa has been a contributor to our own success and we are thankful for that.

Yeva: How important do you think events like the Awards are for our industry, where we encourage opposing parties to vote for one other? Do you believe it offers additional fun and a healthy level of competition? 

Chris: I am so on board with this. Without competition, there is no reason to become better and stronger. Finding ways to make competition fun and collaborative is the best way to go about it. Events, gatherings, shows, and conventions have always brought those within our industry together so this truly is an amazing evolution of that. 

Yeva: What advice would you provide to industry newcomers contemplating attending events like the Awards? Do you think it will benefit them even if they do not win?

Chris: Winning would be fun of course. It’s a fun bonus and the winners get to enjoy some bragging rights but that is not the biggest benefit of attending events such as this. Especially for newcomers. The advice I will give to newcomers and old schoolers alike is, showing up to events is the single most effective way to become known within our industry. Yes, we operate online casinos and many of us have remote teams that are all over the world but there is nothing more memorable than a handshake and a smile. After attending an event, you are no longer just a name on social media and an avatar. You are a person in the physical world and because of that, you will be at the top of the list of people to contact for whatever it is that you have to offer. iGaming events are fun too. I can’t leave that out as a reason to attend. I never miss an event that happens near me. 

Yeva: Following the question above, do you believe the industry is gradually becoming saturated? Or are you more inclined to the idea that there is always room for new members?

Chris: I don’t think that gradual saturation is possible. We, as an industry, have high standards that we expect not only from business partners but from ourselves as well. There is always room for any newcomers that can keep up and push the rest of us to be better versions of ourselves. So I don’t concern myself with saturation because the very nature of our industry will sort that out for us. Whenever I have conversations and I say things like “industry” it is important to remember that what I am talking about is the actual people and professionals that make this possible. I’m thankful for every one of them.  

Yeva: What’s the substantial partnership differences between crypto-focused affiliates and regular ones? 

Chris: That line is becoming more and more blurry every day. I don’t notice much of a difference anymore other than how non-crypto-focused affiliates are amazed by how fast things move in the crypto world. Especially regarding payments. Instant payments used to be a crazy concept but it is becoming normal now thanks to crypto.

Yeva: How is the volatility of the crypto market affecting your operations? Does it reflect on your revenues significantly?

 Chris:  Only in the short term. The volatility of the crypto markets can only be viewed as a bad thing for day traders or people that don’t know that they can zoom out on their charts and portfolios to gain a much larger perspective. I’ll put it this way. If you are operating in only fiat then you are subject to guaranteed inflation of currency with little to no possibility of appreciation in value. Crypto is the exact opposite. Zoom out and you will see high volatility turn into an upward trend. Regarding all legitimate cryptos, this holds true across the board.

Yeva: BC.Game has been working with AffPapa for a long time now. What factors do you employ when selecting long-term partnerships? Have you ever had a bad encounter with a partner? 

Chris: I wouldn’t necessarily consider any experience bad. Sometimes we are not compatible with others and that’s fine. Identifying it before it becomes a problem is super important. A few things we consider in choosing long term partners are performance ability and communication. Both are equally important.  

Yeva: Finally, a playful question to round up our talk and get our readers to learn more about you. Where would Chris be if he could do anything except iGaming?

Chris: There are other things than iGaming? I need to get out more. In all seriousness, it is hard to imagine an alternative life if I had chosen another path. I would surely be doing what I do now just with more time to put towards it, which is to be involved in blockchain technology and helping to secure every human’s birth right to freedom and to have ownership of their own lives, finances, and decisions. Something like that.   

Company: BC. Game
Interviewee: Chris Butler
Date: 17.05.2021

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