iGaming Voice by Yeva – Betsson Group

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Betsson Group

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Betsson Group

In AffPapas latest extensive interview, Paul Calleja from Betsson Group explained what goes into the creation of fair deals with affiliates, stated that communication is key when it comes to maintaining a good partnership and described his long-term goals with the company.

Yeva: How do you assure your clients that your games are licensed? 

I believe that prior communication and transparency with affiliates is key here, as in advising them what is available for their specific market and also showcasing the games that are only available in their respective markets. We also offer a lot of information in our terms and conditions but primarily its all about the strong relationship and trust we build with our affiliate partners – were constantly available and our partners can reach us via email, Skype and more. 

Yeva: What are the pros and cons of the gaming industry? 

The gaming industry is an ever-changing industry and rather than simply classifying these changes into pro and cons, I believe its best if we look at them as opportunities and challenges.  What could be seen as a challenge, for example with all the changes in regulation, the saturation of certain markets, as well as competition – can also be seen as opportunities for us to innovate and differentiate, creating new possibilities which at the end of the day enhances the customer experience and thus is beneficial for our affiliate partners too.  

Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal? 

A good affiliate manager should always try to find the perfect balance when setting up a deal with an affiliate. Highly profitable deals to either party are not sustainable and will not stand the test of time. At Betsson Group, we develop a good working relationship with our affiliate partners and always offer a fair deal corresponding to the quality and quantity of traffic they are able to bring onto our brands.  

Yeva: What do you look for in an affiliate program? And how do you decide what affiliates to work with? 

One would need to do quite some research and have tools at his/her disposalPaul Calleja to understand whether an affiliate is legit or not. Sadly, we still come across some individuals/affiliates who are fraudulent and cover it up well. Through experience, you learn to fish them out or question them thoroughly to pick out the right affiliates to work with. Once affiliates are approved, we still do our checks and balances to ensure they abide by our Terms and Conditions. 

Yeva: What factors is a good partnership measured by? 

A good partnership is measured by numerous factors.Communication is key, adding to that is flexibility with your work and being able to go the extra mile when needed. This will bear fruit and transforms the partnership into a loyal one. The understanding of partnership and long-term goals must come from both parties in order to truly bring out the best of the cooperation.

Yeva: Your website has a “Responsible Gaming” section at the bottom of the page. What is your stance on responsible gaming and how crucial is it to a gambling business? 

Responsible gaming is at the core of everything that we do at Betsson Group. We want to offer players a safe and secure environment. Betsson was one of the very first operators to establish a responsible gaming team many years ago and the team has been growing ever since. Through the use of several tools, including an in-house built monitoring tool, our Responsible Gaming tea are constantly looking out for any signs, even very mild ones, of any problem gambling and step-in wherever required. They work hand-in-hand with our award-winning customer services team who are well trained in this area and are able to escalate any cases they come across.  

Yeva: You have over 5000 slot games in your casino. How do you keep up with the needs and wants of the players so well? 

Our colleagues in the casino team are responsible for this – they are constantly scouting for great games by different providers. We have around 20 brands across multiple markets so we also need to ensure that the games we choose are appropriate for the brand users and the respective markets. We also create a number of bespoke games every year specifically for our players. We hold a lot of insight data and this allows us to determine exactly what our target audience likes. These custom-built games allows us to differentiate and offer exclusive content to our affiliates.  

Yeva: What do you think the industry will be like in 5 years? 

I think we will see a more regulated ecosystem. The future is regulation with more and more countries opting to adjust their online gambling activity. Smart regulation provides benefits both for operators and our customers, as well as strives to reach high channelisation. 

Yeva: Do you see yourself being in the gaming world in the long run? 

Yes, I aspire to stay in the gaming world for the long-term. I love working Paul Callejaat Betsson Group and dont see myself wanting to be in any other place. The work conditions we have and the employee experience were offered is great. The size of the organisation is just one advantage of staying at Betsson – there is always room to continue focusing on further developing and growing my position within the organisation

Yeva: Do you ever lose motivation in the industry? If so, how do you overcome it? 

 Motivation is what sparks the appetite to achieve more and more. One will always have days where they wont be up for the challenges ahead. My suggestion is to surround yourself by positive people and do not bring yourself down over every little thing. Mostly, never give up!

Company: Betsson Group
Paul Calleja
Date: 16.02.2021





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