Interview with Adele N. — Head of Communications of 1win Partners

Interview with Adele N. — Head of Communications of 1win Partners

Interview with Adele N. — Head of Communications of 1win Partners

AffPapa recently spoke with Adele N., 1win Partners’ Head of Communications. Adele gave some insight into her position, which mostly involves strengthening business relationships and improving media presence. She also gave a reflection on her career path, stressing important takeaways from forming successful partnerships with affiliates and the methods 1win Partners uses to meet a range of regional needs.

A month ago, in Malaga, AffPapa had the pleasure of presenting 1win with two prestigious awards – the “Sportsbook Operator of the Year” and “Bonus Offer Of The Year.”  The team will now participate in iGB LIVE Amsterdam, which is among the highlights in the iGaming industry for 2024.

The 1win team will feature prominent affiliate managers and executives, who will be available to present the platform and discuss the company’s innovative vision for the future of iGaming.

Yeva: Can you tell us about your role as Head of Communications at 1win Partners and what it entails on a day-to-day basis?

As Head of Communications at 1win Partners, my main role is to build strong relationships with our business partners and enhance our media presence. My team and I focus on developing strategies to elevate our brand in the European market. Day-to-day, this involves working closely with different departments, managing communication campaigns, and ensuring our messaging aligns with our goals. It’s a dynamic role that demands continuous innovation and attention to detail.

Yeva: From your perspective, how has the approach to client communication evolved within the industry, and how does 1win Partners stay ahead in this aspect?

In my experience, how we communicate with partners has changed a lot –  it’s all about personal connections now. At 1win Partners, we’re focused on building relationships that go beyond just business. We ensure our communication is tailored to each partner’s needs, using insights from data to provide exactly what they require. This isn’t just about building trust; it’s about respecting each other. We maintain transparency through regular check-ins, listening to feedback, and developing customized strategies that align perfectly with each partner’s goals.

Our objective is to be more than just a business partner; we want to be someone our partners can rely on for the long haul. This approach helps us stay ahead in how we work with our partners as things change.

Yeva: Adele, reflecting on your journey in the iGaming industry, what key lessons have you learned about building successful partnerships with affiliates?

Reflecting on my journey in the iGaming industry, I’ve learned that building successful partnerships with affiliates hinges on cultivating friendships through clear communication and attentive listening to their needs. These relationships thrive on transparency, where both parties understand expectations and communicate openly. By prioritizing genuine connections and actively listening to partners, we can foster trust and mutual respect, laying a solid foundation for long-term collaboration and success in this dynamic industry.

Yeva: How does 1win Partners tailor its communication strategies to meet the diverse needs of affiliates from different regions and markets?

At 1win Partners, we’re all about understanding the specific needs and vibes of each region and market we serve. We dive deep into the cultural nuances and market dynamics to tailor our communication strategies accordingly.

Yeva: On behalf of affiliates wanting to partner up, are there any specific requirements or qualifications that potential affiliates need to meet to join the 1win Partners program?

If you’re an affiliate with good volumes, active traffic and you’re eager to profit alongside us, we’re excited to partner up. We’re looking for affiliates who are committed to success and ready to collaborate with 1win Partners. Let’s work together to achieve our goals and drive results! 

Yeva: Adele, what helps you stay motivated and inspired in such a dynamic and competitive industry?

The industry itself keeps me motivated. Achieving our goals and celebrating milestones with my team at 1win gives us all energy. Plus, connecting with others in the industry and attending events with interesting experts keeps things exciting and inspires me to keep pushing forward. On top of that, attending such events as iGB Live are a great source of inspiration, where we can get ideas of how to improve our product.

Yeva: How to reach out 1win during iGB Live?

Attendees at iGB LIVE Amsterdam will have the opportunity to meet with Adele and the award-winning 1win team at booth 11-D42 on July 17th and 18th. The team will be on hand to discuss their cutting-edge affiliate program, share insights into their industry-leading iGaming product, and explore potential partnerships.

Company: 1win Partners
Interviewee: Adele N.
Date: 26.06.2024

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