Maximizing revenue with 1win Partners affiliate program

Maximizing revenue with 1win Partners affiliate program

Maximizing revenue with 1win Partners affiliate program

Discover 1win Partners, a leading affiliate program in online gaming. Monetize traffic, target GEOs, and maximize results with innovative tools and support.

Affiliate marketing is increasingly essential to expanding and prospering in the fast-paced market of online gaming and betting. This change is being driven by direct advertisers, such the 1win Partners affiliate program, which was founded in 2017 and provides profitable chances to monetize traffic related to gaming and wagering. This article provides all the information you need to know about 1win Partners, including how to join up, make your advertising more efficient, target the right GEOs, and use top traffic sources to get unmatched results.


Affiliates hoping to make money from the online gaming and wagering market might find 1win Partners to be a shining example. Dedicated to both innovation and market development, it offers customized solutions in Latin AmericaAsiaand Africa in addition to ongoing localization initiatives to reach further international markets.


With its variety of collaboration choices, 1win Partners stands out in the affiliate marketing space. Depending on the source and location of traffic, affiliates can negotiate separate CPA rates of as much as two hundred dollars or choose a hybrid model that includes the best aspects of both approaches. They can also earn as much as fifty percent in referral fees (RS). Revenue sharing, hybrid, and CPA are all included under this category. To further distinguish itself from competing programs, the affiliate program provides a number of noteworthy advantages, such as:

  • A webmaster referral scheme that increases earnings
  • Strong opposition to dishonest behavior combined with broad support for maximizing traffic revenue.
  • Fast withdrawals, competitive payments, and 24-hour assistance.
  • Automatic account activation to start generating traffic right away
  • Exclusive inhouse games like SpeedNCash and Lucky Jet
  • Tailored instruments providing statistics in real time
  • Excellent Lifespan (LTV)
  • Apps for iOS and Android to improve traffic engagement
  • Localized products for global accessibility

How to Sign Up with 1win Partners and Make Money

It’s quite easy to register with 1win Partners. Affiliates only have to wait a full day for a dedicated manager to get in touch. Affiliates may use the platform and start generating traffic when this is finished. This ease of access guarantees that affiliates, regardless of experience level, may begin making money right away. The affiliate account offers complete and practical monitoring of all information.
You simlply have to go to the official affiliate program site and provide the following information on a quick form:

  • Name or Nickname
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Preferred Contact Method and Messenger Account
  • Traffic Source and Cooperation Model (CPA or RevShare)

After registering, you are able to start traffic direction. Your affiliate account, which is optimized for efficiency and convenience of use, allows you to keep track of everything you do. Let’s examine a few of its essential components:

  • Dashboard: For a clear understanding, check live information on clicks, registrations, deposits, and profits. You may filter the data by source, GEO, and link.
  • FAQ: Provides answers to a wide range of inquiries. For difficult problems, particularly withdrawal settings, there is round-the-clock email, Telegram, and Skype assistance accessible.
  • Payouts: Weekly payments are available, with the possibility of bespoke timetables. Withdraw using cards, cryptocurrency, or your favorite way.

Advertising with Partners: How to Get the Most Out of It?

Using the resources offered—such as apps, creative materials, and unique player bonuses—to their full potential is essential to success with 1win Partners. Maximizing program support and emphasizing ethical promotion may greatly improve campaign success and revenue.

Ideal GEOs for high performance

A wide range of GEOs, including Latin America, Asia, Africa, and many more, are offered competitive terms by 1win Partners, with special focus paid to areas with significant engagement and revenue potential.

Their primary focus is on Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso in Africa. They target countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. They operate in Bangladesh and India in Asia. Additionally, they are actively expanding into Canada, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Mali, Senegal, Indonesia, Uganda, and Mexico.

The program accepts traffic from a variety of sources, but it especially values traffic from SEO-savvy providers that target high rollers. Proactively focusing on areas and venues where gaming and wagering are popular may be quite successful.

Furthermore, it is very recommended to utilize influencers, PPC, and ASO traffic. Utilizing these diverse sources can expand the reach and efficacy of your campaign, particularly when they correspond with the gaming and wagering interests of your target demographic.

In summary

Become a member of the 1win Partners community now to take advantage of our cuttingedge platformWith their dedication to solid alliances and allencompassing assistance, you’ll have all you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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