Interview with Stanislavs Vaipans – Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners

Interview with Stanislavs Vaipans – Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners

Interview with Stanislavs Vaipans – Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners

AffPapa recently had the opportunity to interview Stanislavs Vaipans, the Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners. Stanislavs shared insights into 1win Partners’ role in the iGaming industry, highlighting their focus on innovative marketing solutions, strong affiliate management, and competitive payouts. 

Yeva: Can you provide a brief overview of 1win Partners and the company’s role in the industry?

1win Partners is the affiliate program of 1win, a leader in the iGaming industry, specializing in online casino and sportsbook services. We are known and respected for our innovative marketing solutions, strong affiliate management, and competitive payouts, all supported by cutting-edge technology.

The market is competitive, but we make an impact by building sustainable, long-term partnerships with our affiliates; boosting their market presence and profitability. Our commitment to technical innovation ensures that we always offer our partners the latest tools and strategies. Essentially, those who seek reliability and success often come to us first.

Yeva: Stanislavs, tell us three reasons why affiliates should choose to work with 1win Partners.

Affiliates should choose us because we offer dedicated and comprehensive support from our experienced affiliate managers 24/7. We ensure quick and reliable commission payouts and provide access to a diverse range of competitive market offerings that enhance affiliate earnings potential.

Yeva: How do you assist affiliates in optimizing their conversion rates and retaining players?

We are continuously enhancing our brand’s media visibility to boost both player conversion and retention. Additionally, we focus on incorporating convenient payment methods and offering enticing bonuses to players. Our expert team provides affiliates with timely, accurate statistics tailored to different traffic types and geographical regions, alongside strategic advice based on popular slots and player preferences in each market.

Yeva: 1win has been nominated for the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2024. What do you think Awards in the industry offer to companies? Additional fun and a healthy level of competition, maybe? 

Being nominated for awards like the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2024 keeps us on our toes by stimulating healthy competition in the industry. This type of competition drives us and other companies toward innovation, contributing to the development of this industry and raising overall standards for everyone. Also, recognition from awards serves to foster a sense of pride amongst our team, which strengthens our position in the industry.  This motivates us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Yeva: Stanislavs, will we be seeing you at the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2024, and will you also be taking the stage as a speaker this year?

Absolutely! I’m excited to confirm that I’ll be there and also speaking. I’ll be briefly touching on 1win’s incredible achievements and the immense pride we feel as a team. I’m really looking forward to mingling and having a great time with everyone there!

Yeva: Stanislavs, does 1win Partners take into account feedback from affiliates? How does feedback improve your services?

Certainly, affiliate feedback is crucial to our operations. We have established a systematic approach to collect, analyze, and act on feedback, which helps us continually refine our services. We maintain open communication channels with our partners and have dedicated teams ready to implement improvements based on their insights and suggestions, ensuring that our affiliates’ needs are met and their experiences are enhanced.

Yeva: What plans for the future of 1win Partners can affiliates look forward to? 

Looking forward, 1win Partners is excited to announce our expansion into new geographic markets, such as our recent entry into Mexico with a regional license. We continue to launch various promotions to benefit our partners and are tirelessly working to enhance our brand recognition. Affiliates can expect ongoing innovations and opportunities as we aim to not only meet but exceed market expectations.

Yeva: Lastly, I am sure our readers want to know more about you Stanislavs. Tell us about your passions and hobbies. What do you like to do outside of work?

Away from the office, my greatest passion is traveling. I’ve explored 57 countries and am always planning my next adventure. Depending on the season, you might find me skiing down slopes in winter or playing beach volleyball in summer. Traveling not only refreshes me but also provides new perspectives that enhance my professional creativity and approach.

Company: 1win Partners
Interviewee: Stanislavs Vaipans
Date: 22.04.2024

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