Irishluck – still Ireland’s #1 gambling affiliate?

Irishluck – still Ireland’s #1 gambling affiliate?

Irishluck – still Ireland’s #1 gambling affiliate?

The iGaming scene is thriving around the world and this is easy to see in Ireland. Online casino revenue in the country has been climbing steadily in recent years and is predicted to reach close to €1 billion by 2027. 

The popularity of iGaming in the country is also evident, not only by the number of Irish people who like to gamble on digital casino games but also the number of regulated casinos there are to register with.

For Irish gamblers, this level of choice in terms of where to play can be daunting at first glance. Affiliate sites have sprung up to help educate bettors on the best and most secure platforms to spend time at. These kinds of sites are also key for helping iGaming operators connect with consumers in Ireland. This has resulted in close working relationships between iGaming operators and the best Irish gambling affiliate sites.

Irishluck is one of the most well known of these sites among operators active in the Irish market, and is seen by many as the number one choice. But who are they and is this still true as we head through 2024? 

Irishluck – company background

For iGaming operators looking to forge working partnerships with affiliate sites in Ireland, it’s important to know more about any brand they might connect with. Irishluck was launched in 2016 by Cameron Murphy and has fostered sustained, organic growth in the online gambling affiliate space since. This sees it providing trusted, independent iGaming advice to Irish bettors who like to play casino games online. 

Its product was developed to offer independent, fair advice on the top sportsbooks around Ireland. For iGaming operators looking to forge links with Irish affiliate sites, this is a plus because many now also run their own sportsbook. As a result, partnering with Irishluck can help boost exposure for both products in one place. 

This platform has over 800 pages of detailed information for Irish gamblers to peruse, and links with more than 400 operators. It has also taken great care over time to continually respond to the needs of its users, and the feedback received from operators it partners with. 

Irishluck: is it still the number one affiliate gambling site in Ireland? 

Choosing an affiliate site to partner with in Ireland is a big step for all iGaming operators. Irishluck is a brand that has been at the top of its industry for a few years now – but is it still the best option? 

Team of experts to work with

Irishluck has a team of iGaming and sports betting experts on its staff. I was struck by this when reading through the information on the platform and seeing how authoritative it is. Head honcho Cameron Murphy, for example, has over 12 years’ experience in the industry and really knows his stuff. 

Dermot Heathcote is another iGaming expert who works for Irishluck and knows the online casino niche in Ireland very well – his focus is on the various payment methods that casinos offer to their clientele, and how those offerings better the operators for bettors. There are also dedicated members of their team who focus on Ireland’s top sportsbooks and best betting sites, in addition to a slots expert and, unusually for an affiliate site, even a Head of Content who oversees the content creation from the other staff members. It’s a nice touch which helps Irishluck feel coherent and seamless.

This enables Irishluck to write with genuine passion on iGaming and sports betting – but also with an air of true authority. As a result, users of the platform are able to access useful and insightful gambling knowledge. Having staff of this caliber helps make it the number one affiliate site for operators. This is because iGaming brands know they are partnering with a site that has expert staff to connect with, and one that will enhance their own standing as a result.

Staff responsive to communication

Any iGaming operator that partners with an affiliate site always values effective communication. This is something that Irishluck is well known for and continues to offer. I found this to be true on a personal level, when getting a prompt response from a member of the team I contacted. The speed with which the team handle queries means that brands they partner with do not experience frustrating delays when contacting them. 

This platform still tops the list of affiliate sites in Ireland because it maintains professional communication at all times. All messages are handled in a helpful, professional way and this is something operators value. I looked on the website and found it simple to track down email addresses for individual staff or separate emails for specific departments. 

Outstanding reputation within Irish gambling

Operators in the global gambling sector only want to work with affiliate sites that have a positive reputation. This is because linking with an affiliate that is well regarded helps not only to protect an operator’s own image but also to promote it. 

Irishluck remains the top choice for many iGaming brands because it has an outstanding reputation in the industry. It is part of the highly respected GIG Media group, which has won awards such as Affiliate Media of the Year 2024 from AffPapa. For Irishluck specifically, I also found that its reputation with users online was positive and that it is viewed by operators within the sector as a top site to work with. 

It has previously helped more than 1,000 Irish gamblers find a safe casino to play at online – in just one month – and this has given it maximum exposure in the country’s gambling sector. This level of attention is something that brands that partner with it can tap into as they look to grow their own presence in Ireland.


Top-class website for Irish iGaming

Irishluck has become so prominent in the country’s gambling industry because of the experience it delivers. I logged on to look for the best betting sites in Ireland and the quality of the site design jumped out right away. This included clever web design touches, such as easy to read fonts and easy on the eye color schemes.

Features such as notifications and jump links also combine to aid convenient navigation around the platform itself. All of this delivers an exceptional user experience and helps give the site a real feeling of quality. This is something for iGaming operators to take on board, as it means they will be featured on a platform that reflects well on their own product.

Helpful on-site content

To enable users to feel enough trust in an affiliate site to visit the operators it partners with, the helpfulness of on-site articles is crucial. For example, sites with many accurate and useful articles are more likely to drive traffic to the betting platforms it partners with. I found Irishluck to rate well in this area and came across masses of in-depth casino and sportsbook articles to read.

These articles are split into various categories – from best casinos to top bonuses, games offered at various platforms and more. As a result, it enables users to find the exact details they need, and iGaming operators to attract customers who will value what they offer. 

The Learning Hub is a source of helpful information for Irish gamblers on this platform and helps Irishluck to promote a more responsible attitude to gambling in the country. This helps mark it out as a top affiliate site for iGaming brands, as companies in the sector are keener than ever to be linked with organizations that promote responsible gambling.


Safety is not just something that Irish gamblers themselves want from an affiliate site. Operators that might link with these sites also need to know they are working with a platform that values high-end security. Irishluck is a reputable platform to partner with and uses the latest online security measures. 

It is also quick to adhere to all regulations around gambling in Ireland and stays within the law at all times. This means that operators in the sector can connect with them in a secure way and not have to be concerned about working with a platform that does not take cybersecurity or iGaming regulations seriously. I found details of its commitment to safe operating procedures easy to track down on its About Us page. 

Diversity and environment key to their ethos

Both of these subjects have become crucial to businesses across all sectors in recent years. They have also become something consumers have become increasingly aware of and consider when choosing where to spend money.

Irishluck is fully committed to working in a diverse way and gives everyone a fair chance, regardless of their background. In addition, it is keen to focus on its environmental responsibilities and operate as sustainably as possible. This helps to make it an attractive affiliate for iGaming brands that look for partners to work with that prioritize these crucial subjects.

Irishluck still top of the pile for affiliate sites in Ireland

It is clear that Irishluck has taken off around Ireland and become popular with gamblers there. It’s also a site that had become well regarded as the top affiliate site for operators to partner with in Ireland. This remains the case in 2024 and means that it is an affiliate platform that many betting brands seek out.

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