Mr. Gamble announces partnership with ORYX Gaming

Mr. Gamble announces partnership with ORYX Gaming

Mr. Gamble announces partnership with ORYX Gaming

Mr. Gamble, the popular affiliate casino site, has announced its latest new partnership with leading solutions provider ORYX Gaming. This new partnership will allow Mr. Gamble to display games on the affiliate site, all while using the streaming platform Twitch.

Mr. Gamble has been gaining nonstop popularity for quite a while now and is notorious for being one of the most well-known affiliate sites in the whole industry. Affiliates from the iGaming scene all over the globe are interested in this firm’s activities and its success.

Right now, the site uses the Twitch streaming platform as its main platform to run a slots channel for its users, which has more than 1M views as of now and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Twitch was launched back in 2011 and is now the most popular and most used streaming platform worldwide for different types of content. It has attracted more than 15 million viewers across the world. People in the iGaming affiliate industry are making good use out of this service to widen their reach.

Anyone curious about ORYX Gaming should definitely check out and experience the live stream of the company’s games on the platform. The firm is a major gaming content provider that provides more than 10,000 games from 100+ different game providers. It has expanded to the point where it is currently acting as the host site for content from a bunch of RGS partners.

Matevz Mazij, Managing Director of ORYX Gaming, mentioned: 

We are excited to team up with Mr. Gamble for this opportunity to showcase our offering to its expanding following.

Twitch is a great platform for affiliates to utilize to their advantage. The iGaming industry has witnessed much success on this platform, as is Mr. Gamble right now as it signs massive and important partnerships and deals thanks to the platform.

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