New women’s poker tournament to launch via PokerStars

New women’s poker tournament to launch via PokerStars

New women’s poker tournament to launch via PokerStars

Poker Powher announced on Friday that it has worked with World College Poker on a free-to-play international women’s poker tournament which comes just in time for celebration of Women’s History Month.

The tournament will be available through PokerStars and will be open to any woman who is over 18 years old. It is set to occur on March the 27th, which is a mere few days from now, and the top 9 players will be moving forward to the final table in order to go against each other and snatch up many different prizes.

Such prizes can include a holiday deal to Cancun, Mexico which is offered by Aside from that, there will also be one-on-one lessons with some world famous poker professionals, as well as a ladies-only poker night.

PokerStars associate director of consumer engagement, Rebecca McAdam Willetts, said:

“We are very passionate about empowering women in poker and bringing more women to the game, so we are excited to host this one-of-a-kind tournament on and help pave the way for more women to get involved in the game. We have held numerous activities to shine a spotlight and celebrate our female community over the years including the launch of ‘Our Voices’ earlier this month, a female insights community for all women in poker to engage in discussion and give us feedback to help ensure the game is as inclusive and engaging as possible for every player.”

Hosts of the tournament will. Include the likes of Xuan Liu and Melanie Weisner, who are both poker professionals. It will also be available for streaming on YouTube. 

Poker Powher’s Erin Lydon, general manager and managing director, also stated:

“Poker Powher is committed to helping women stack their skills through teaching and practicing the game of poker. This tournament will bring leading female poker pros and teachers to the table to inspire women everywhere to play this game-changing card game.”

WCP co-founder Craig Tapscott mentioned:

“World College Poker is thrilled to work with Poker Powher to expand their reach globally with the upcoming tourney in honour of Women’s History Month. Together, we can flip the table on this male-dominated game and inspire dedicated female players to leave their mark.”

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