Royal Partners – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

Royal Partners – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

Royal Partners – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

AffPapa has prepared a brief and informative overview of the Royal Partners website after thoroughly analyzing it. What does the affiliate program provide? Why should you choose Royal Partners? and many more of your burning questions are addressed below!

What is

Royal Partners has been a top advertiser of licensed gambling deals for over three years. With several benefits (which we’ll go over shortly), the affiliate program allows you to make a considerable profit by creating a broad and large customer base. Around 500 active webmasters generate over a thousand leads per day, offering some of the highest rates in the market. 

Royal Partners operates in nine GEOs: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Finland, Canada, Brazil, India, Australia. The affiliate program offers a unique experience to attract new punters, with 300,000 active users currently on board.

The brands Royal Partners covers are Sol, Jet, Fresh, Rox, Izzi, and Volna Casinos, all of which have over 4300 games and 50+ providers.

What does Royal Partners offer?

The affiliate program offers substantial commission rates with up to 50% RevShare for the player’s lifetime. There are also CPA and hybrid models available. Royal Partners prioritizes client retention as it values long-term connections. Their retention covers the greatest number of players conceivable, especially with the development of a multi-tiered customer retention strategy based on many years of professional experience.

In addition to offering high commissions, the affiliate program provides projects with high conversion rates, on-time payments, and no negative carryover. As their affiliate partners, you’ll have access to marketing tools specific to your needs as well as a personal manager who will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why choose Royal Partners?

Apart from the previously stated aspects that can assist you in attracting clients and keep everyone involved satisfied, Royal Partners is known for its open and honest communication with its partners. As the company puts it, “we are together in the same team and the result of our work depends on each other”—making sure their affiliate partners feel at ease during every stage of the process and always valuing hard work.

The affiliate program also guarantees that your earnings are secure with them, owing to their many years of expertise, positive feedback, hundreds of successful partners, and thousands of devoted clients.

The advantages are numerous, from the services they offer in ensuring a solid foundation to providing a positive environment where hard work and honest communication are considered a top priority.

Check out our Youtube review of Royal Partners, linked below!

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