Royal Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Royal Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Royal Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Denis Nikishin, Royal Partners‘ Head of Affiliates, recently spoke with us about the compelling incentives provided by the affiliate program, entering new markets, the challenges that come with it, and how sponsoring events benefits companies.

Yeva: To start off the interview, could you give us a brief overview of Royal Partners and its background?

Today Royal Partners is made up of 6 brands and an enormous number of active partners. And it all started back in 2017 with the ROX Casino project. That’s also when we started purchasing traffic for the project. After ROX, we launched 2 more casinos FRESH and SOL. For the sake of our partners, we combined all our casino brands into a single affiliate program. This meant that webmasters no longer had to create a separate account for each project, all links, banners and flows could be managed from one admin panel, which saves a lot of time.

Yeva: You place a high value on retention. How would you say this benefits your company and your relationship with your partners?

Yes, one of the most important tasks for our company is to retain players, increase their lifetime on the project. It’s no secret that a client who has made only one deposit is not worth the effort from a financial point of view neither for the project, nor the partners. That’s why we created a multi-level retention system and personalized it for each player. By which we mean that we offer exactly the bonuses that customers need, which increases their lifetime and enables our partners to secure bigger profits for a longer time.

Yeva: Have you ever had a bad encounter with an affiliate? How do you generally handle such cases?

Most of the partners we work with are satisfied with our partnership. Of course, disputes arise. We always carefully study every issue to make sure we understand the situation. And we are always looking for a compromise. Unless of course we’re talking about cases where the affiliate grossly violates our public offer.

Yeva: What steps do you take to ensure the affiliate feels at ease while working with Royal Partners? How do you assist them in bringing more traffic to your site?

denis nikishin affpapa interview
Denis Nikishin

We have very good customer support. Our employees are available 24/7, and are always ready to answer any question and solve any problem our partners might have – everything related to our affiliate program. Managers help set up the tracker, make suggestions on how to improve the quality of traffic. Our partners are often the first to receive information about interesting traffic sources, key bundles and creatives. When working with streamers, we use our unique algorithm that encompasses all levels: from the prep stage to and going on the air to user retention. We also provide the audience of our streamers with individual bonuses, provide reviews for all SEO requirements and conduct active discussions on SEO sites.

Yeva: Do you currently have any appealing offers for your players? 

All our projects always feature a large number of interesting offers for players. As I’ve mentioned, we’re constantly working on extending the lifetime of leads, and that’s where all sorts of incentives come into play. Registration bonuses, personalized birthday gifts, cashback, exclusive tournaments with big prizes, online tournaments, lotteries… Our projects have a library of bonuses, each player can enter and choose any bonus. This lets us always have attractive and individual offers for our customers. 

Yeva: Royal Partners is one of the major sponsors of the AffPapa iGaming Awards. What prompted you to become a sponsor of the event?

royal partners as platinum sponsor of affpapa igaming awards
Royal Partners as Platinum Sponsor of AffPapa iGaming Awards

As of today, we are one of the companies engaged in forming the iGaming market in the CIS region. We are currently expanding into new markets and are trying to find our international footing. We have everything we need to ensure the success of our projects: high-quality software, excellent localization, an advanced user retention system, professional tech support. Our goal is to become a significant part of the iGaming and affiliate marketing industry worldwide. We want to use the event to get to know both media representatives and our partners better.

Yeva: How can sponsoring such events benefit your company? What are the factors you take into account?

First of all – raising the visibility level. We offer partners very interesting and lucrative conditions: high payouts, transparent stats, our own quality offers, localization for different GEOs. We have plenty to offer and hope that this event will bring us into the spotlight of the affiliate marketing world, with new webmasters joining our affiliate program.

Yeva: You just entered two new regions: Brazil and India. Are there any GEOs that you intend to explore in the near future? 

These countries weren’t exactly picked at random. Each of them is the frontrunner of their region. Our immediate plans are to scale our operation in Latin America. When our affiliate program enters a new GEO, we pay the utmost attention to details. It all starts with project localization – from connecting local relevant payment systems to hiring native speakers to ensure quality translation of content. In other words, each new GEO is a separate project, one we work through from start to finish before offering it to our partners.

Yeva: Following the question above, what are some challenges you face when entering a new market? What steps do you take to maintain your prominent position?

Every new market is always full of surprises. Before the GEO becomes available to our partners, we spend a long time testing the offer with the help of our internal media buying section. We carefully analyze the traffic we get and then launch even more tests. Any little detail can affect the CR both positively and negatively. This can be anything from the location of items in the main menu to the color of the deposit button. This is that attention to details I mentioned earlier. We always try to provide our partners with the most verified and worked-through offer, not a raw one.

Yeva: Could you give us a behind-the-scenes peek at what it’s like to work at Royal Partners? Tell us a little about your team.

If I were asked to describe my work in the company in just one word, that word would be “development”. We never stand in one spot. Ever. Another word would be “team”. Royal Partners is first of all the people. Marketing, SEO, copywriters, designers – an enormous team of professionals, each of whom makes their own unique contribution to the development of the affiliate program.

Yeva: To conclude, I’m sure our readers would like to learn more about you, Denis. What do you do in your spare time? 

denis nikishin
Denis Nikishin

I have pretty standard guy interests. I have been doing martial arts for more than 13 years now, with the last 7 years being devoted to jujitsu. I try to make time to attend tournaments and competitions. I love cars – always up to date with the latest innovations and developments, I enjoy tuning my car.

One of my mandatory rituals is going to the sauna once a week. I know, not the most original option but there’s nothing better than de-stressing in a hot steam room. When taking care of the body (I mean via the saunas and martial arts), one should never forget to do the same for their head. I try to read a lot – there’s always a book next to my bed. Currently, I immerse myself in early 20 century Japan before falling asleep, I’m reading “Just Masa” by Boris Akunin. 

Company: Royal Partners
Interviewee: Denis Nikishin
Date: 07.06.2022

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