BitcoinCasino – iGaming Voice by Yeva

BitcoinCasino – iGaming Voice by Yeva

BitcoinCasino – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In a recent interview, AffPapa spoke with Leo Depen from about how the company builds its position, the process of reviewing bitcoin casinos, and what prompted them to start an affiliate website specialized towards bitcoin casinos in the first place.

Yeva: We always strive to inform our readers about the company first so that they can better grasp the rest of the article. Could you tell us about and what it has to offer its customers?

Hello and thanks for this wonderful opportunity to talk about our fresh project. is the unique aggregator of the most prominent crypto casinos alongside their bonus offers, free spins etc. 

Yeva: What drove you to launch an affiliate website aimed at directing consumers to the top bitcoin casinos on the market?

Most importantly we have noticed that there is a lack of trust between players and affiliate websites these days. Most of the affiliates just copy/paste each other and display exactly the same offers to their audiences – no unique review, no explanation why this or that casino is better, no real pros and cons analyses. You can check yourself that we are delivering unique content in such directories as Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus, Bitcoin Live Casino, Dogecoin Casinos, etc.

Yeva: is fairly new to the market. How do you establish your position in a market “teeming with big sharks”?

Well, we trust the expertise of our team and we are sure we will be able to cope up with the existing situation in abundance of those sharks. 

Yeva: Talk us through reviewing bitcoin casinos. Who is it reviewed by and how much research goes into it?

We have 2 experts in our project – professional gamblers. They do the review, highlight pros and cons of each casino brand, examine crypto payments portfolio. Afterwards, another colleague of mine tests out the affiliate system of the casino, measures all the hidden costs, does some test deposit and wagering. Only after all these processes are passed, we write the review based on the results.

Yeva: How do you decide which bitcoin casinos to include on your list? What are the most important factors you consider? What are the red flags?

Good casinos are the ones that don’t conceal any unpleasant condition from their players. Red flags are granted to casinos that don’t share real bonus conditions on their T&C pages, conceal required min. wager amounts, conceal the fact of a Free Spin being chained to a specific slot game or a game provider.

Yeva: Going over your website, everything appears to be well-organized and pleasing to the eye. How important do you think the look of the affiliate’s website is?

Design is crucially important, but most importantly affiliate websites should offer high quality content and quick access to everything.

Yeva: What are your targeted GEOs? Do you plan on expanding your reach in the near future?

Our targeted GEOs are all English-speaking countries. We are available in all countries, unless such websites are restricted and blocked by law. 

Yeva: We always bring up the subject of responsible gambling since it is so fundamental. How important is it to you, and how do you promote it? 

If you surf Bitcoin Casino a bit you will notice that on every page, at least once or twice we remind our players that they should play for fun. Gambling is not a way of making money, but rather relaxing.

Yeva: Leo, lastly, what led you to get into the iGaming world? What interested you in the industry?

The iGaming industry is a rapidly growing eco-system with all its diversified components. There are many layers in this business. You can be an operator, affiliate, B2B software provider, content creator, affiliate manager etc. What I like about the iGaming industry the most, is that I enjoy gambling myself (for fun), hence I enjoy working in the sphere that I love.

Company: BitcoinCasino
Interviewee: Leo Depen
Date: 07.03.2022

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