BetInvest reveals new table tennis content geared towards sports betting operators

BetInvest reveals new table tennis content geared towards sports betting operators

Posted by: AffPapa

2020 really proved to everyone that whatever we plan or dream for is not always certain to happen or be achieved. After such a wildly unpredictable year, it’s safe to say many of us are uncertain as to what comes next. As of this moment, there seems to be no end in the cards for the pandemic anytime soon, or the restrictions that it carries along.

Naturally, it would be quite risky to try and elevate an online industry and boost it farther right now. But, in a truly bold manner, BetInvest has chosen to provide all-inclusive content for all operators in sports betting. This content will come as table tennis games and the brand will be called Winners Leagues.

The company is providing this content in order to help out those who could use an extra boost of content. And since these matches will be held in a COVID-compliant space that is entirely safe, there is no fear that any of the matches might be delayed or cancelled. Rest assured that quality will be maintained throughout the whole event, as BetInvest is devoted to provide excellent production. The provider is not planning on turning this offering into a one-match contest, since it will be providing an entire package of match streaming, data feed provision and scouting services as well.

These matches are definitely going to be quite powerful and highly competitive, as it involves professional table tennis players that top the lists at the rankings of the Ukrainian Federation of Table Tennis. There will be about 250 matches per day, which means around 8,000 per month. This is a wonderful opportunity to really boost a business’ content during these times.

The company is a software provider for gambling and betting, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the sports betting market. BetInvest is international, and has proven itself over time (as it has been doing this for 20+ years) as being able to create and offer state-of-the-art solutions for sports betting. The company has 350 traders, 140 risk managers, 260 IT specialists and 100 customer service managers that help the company make sure their clients are all satisfied and that they are reliable and offer trustworthy operations.

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