Interview with Mukul Kaushik – Chief Revenue Officer at Trackier

Interview with Mukul Kaushik – Chief Revenue Officer at Trackier

Interview with Mukul Kaushik – Chief Revenue Officer at Trackier

AffPapa recently spoke with Trackier’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mukul Kaushik, on the company’s place in the world of iGaming, providing information on how iGaming companies can maximize their marketing efforts and spur growth with Trackier‘s affiliate tracking platform. 

Yeva: Let’s start with a brief introduction to Trackier. What does the company offer to iGaming firms and how can its services help prospecting customers accelerate their growth, Mukul?

Trackier is a company that offers iGaming affiliate tracking software, specifically designed for the gaming industry. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for tracking affiliate and player performance through its robust omni-channel tracking feature. Here’s a summary of how Trackier’s services can help iGaming firms accelerate their growth:

  1. Advanced Referral Feature: Trackier enables the iGaming firms to give their existing affiliates greater accessibility through an advanced referral feature. This feature provides a real-time view of affiliate performance with multi-channel tracking, allowing businesses to understand the types of conversions brought by each affiliate.
  2. Competitive Payouts: The platform helps convert leads into depositors by offering competitive payouts. This aspect is crucial in attracting and retaining affiliates who play a significant role in driving customer acquisition.
  3. Streamlined Marketing Strategies: Trackier assists in streamlining all marketing strategies. The platform allows businesses to configure campaign metrics and payouts, ensuring that they align with their goals and contribute to overall success.
  4. Fraud Protection: To ensure security, Trackier incorporates new-age fraud shields. This helps protect businesses from fraudulent activities and ensures the integrity of their affiliate marketing efforts.
  5. Add-On Features: Trackier provides various add-on features to enhance the overall business experience, including diverse API integrations, an ultimate attribution tool for fetching customer data, an affiliate CRM platform for convenient partner communication, offline tracking variables for capturing leads recorded in other servers and systems, advanced reporting for customized performance metrics, and a custom bonus system for creating promotional offers.
  6. User-Friendly Platform: Trackier distinguishes itself by offering automated, real-time updates via email, customizable attribution links and dashboards, cookieless tracking, and 24/7 support through call, WhatsApp, email, and video conferencing. The platform aims to provide a user-friendly experience for its clients.

In summary, Trackier’s iGaming affiliate tracking software aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for gaming firms to optimize their affiliate marketing efforts, enhance customer acquisition, and drive overall business growth in the competitive iGaming industry.

Yeva: Trackier’s iGaming platform offers multi-channel tracking solutions to help clients identify their most effective marketing avenues. How can clients make use of this data to enhance their marketing efforts through the firm’s offerings?

Clients utilizing Trackier’s iGaming platform with multi-channel tracking solutions can leverage the data obtained to enhance their marketing efforts in several ways:

  1. Identifying Effective Marketing Avenues: The multi-channel tracking feature allows clients to identify the most effective marketing channels. By analyzing performance across various channels, such as social media, affiliate websites, or email campaigns, clients can determine which avenues are driving the highest quality traffic and conversions.
  2. Optimizing Targeting Strategies: With the data collected, clients can refine their targeting strategies. They can identify specific demographics, regions, or audience segments that respond well to their marketing efforts. This enables more precise and targeted campaigns, improving the overall efficiency of their marketing spend.
  3. Adapting Payout Plans: Clients can use the insights gained from multi-channel tracking to adjust payout plans. By understanding the performance of different channels in terms of user acquisition and retention, clients can optimize their payout structures to incentivize affiliates and partners who contribute most effectively to the overall success of the campaigns.
  4. Customizing Campaigns: The ability to organize multiple campaigns with different sets of affiliates allows clients to tailor their marketing approach for specific purposes. Whether it’s launching a campaign targeting a particular market, introducing a new currency, or promoting specific brands, clients can customize campaigns based on the insights derived from multi-channel tracking.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: The platform’s data-driven optimization features empower clients to make informed decisions. By regularly analyzing the performance metrics provided by Trackier, clients can adapt their strategies in real-time, responding to changing market dynamics and ensuring that their marketing efforts remain aligned with their goals.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Trackier’s multi-channel tracking not only provides insights for current campaigns but also sets the foundation for continuous improvement. Clients can learn from past performance, iterate on successful strategies, and experiment with new approaches to consistently enhance the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.

Trackier’s iGaming platform equips clients with valuable data from multi-channel tracking, enabling them to optimize their targeting, adapt payout plans, customize campaigns, make informed decisions, and achieve continuous improvement in their marketing efforts within the dynamic and competitive iGaming industry.

Yeva: Continuing on the topic of data, in-depth analytics play a vital role in the success of an affiliate marketing campaign in the iGaming industry. How can Trackier’s solutions help their clients in this regard?

Trackier’s solutions contribute significantly to the success of affiliate marketing campaigns in the iGaming industry by offering in-depth analytics capabilities. Clients benefit from customizable performance metrics, real-time updates, and reporting features that provide immediate insights into clicks, conversions, and other key metrics. The ultimate attribution tool ensures accurate tracking of the customer journey, while advanced reporting allows for a granular analysis of affiliate, campaign, and channel performance. The integration of an affiliate CRM platform facilitates communication and collaboration, and the inclusion of offline tracking variables ensures a holistic view of campaign impact.

With 24/7 support, Trackier ensures clients have the assistance needed to interpret and act upon analytics, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize campaigns for success in the dynamic iGaming industry. 

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Yeva: Another important requirement in achieving success in the gaming industry is decent engagement and retention rates. How can Trackier’s solutions help operators achieve this to ensure their long-term growth, Mukul?

Trackier’s solutions play a pivotal role in aiding operators in the gaming industry to achieve significant engagement and retention rates, ensuring long-term growth. The platform facilitates this by generating in-depth reports that meticulously monitor campaign acquisition costs for each product, offering operators valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. By defining player segments and tailoring ads and information accordingly, Trackier ensures that operators can deliver personalized content to enhance user engagement.

The platform’s feature to view customer activity in graphs guarantees that no high roller goes unnoticed, allowing operators to provide targeted incentives and personalized experiences. Additionally, Trackier enhances affiliate engagement through an advanced referral feature, providing affiliates with greater accessibility. The real-time view of affiliate performance with multi-channel tracking allows operators to pinpoint the types of conversions brought by each affiliate, fostering collaboration and ensuring that marketing efforts align with affiliate success, ultimately contributing to improved engagement and retention rates for long-term success in the dynamic gaming industry.

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Yeva: One of the affiliate marketing industry’s most prominent challenges nowadays is affiliate fraud. How can Trackier’s solutions help the firm’s clients protect themselves from fraudulent and illegitimate partners?

 In the contemporary affiliate marketing landscape, combating affiliate fraud is a paramount challenge, and Trackier’s solutions provide a robust defense mechanism for clients against fraudulent and illegitimate partners. By employing advanced privacy protection tools, Trackier ensures the safeguarding of sensitive information, establishing trust with players and mitigating the risks associated with fraudsters. The platform’s capabilities extend to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly upgrade defense mechanisms, staying ahead of evolving fraudulent tactics. Through these proactive measures, Trackier enables clients to steer clear of bots and fraudsters, preventing artificial inflation of impression and conversion rates and fostering a secure and trustworthy affiliate marketing environment.

Yeva: As the iGaming industry continues to grow, lots of players are starting to enjoy the gaming pastime on their mobile devices. How can Trackier’s services help operators take advantage of the opportunities of the mobile vertical?

Trackier’s iGaming platform equips operators to leverage the burgeoning mobile vertical by offering dedicated mobile tracking features, allowing them to analyze and optimize performance metrics specific to mobile users. With a cross-platform integration approach similar to Trackier’s, the platform ensures a unified gaming experience across online, mobile, and other channels, fostering player convenience and satisfaction.

The platform’s real-time analytics enable operators to monitor mobile campaign performance instantly, facilitating timely adjustments and capitalizing on emerging trends. Operators can run targeted mobile campaigns through customizable parameters, and the affiliate CRM integration ensures effective collaboration with affiliates, including those focusing on mobile channels. In essence, Trackier’s services position iGaming operators to harness the opportunities presented by the increasing prevalence of mobile gaming in the industry.

Yeva: To close off our interview, let’s change our topic of conversation a little, as I’m sure our audience would like to learn a bit about you. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Mukul? Could you share a few of your hobbies or interests?

Sure thing, it was nice talking to you and interacting over the interesting gaming world. In addition to my ventures into the exciting realm of gaming, I find immense joy and excitement in a diverse range of hobbies that enrich my life. Cricket holds a special place in my heart, providing not only a source of physical activity but also fostering a sense of camaraderie. Beyond the cricket field, I indulge in my love for travel, seeking out undiscovered places to immerse myself in new cultures and create unforgettable memories. Capturing these moments allows me to cherish and relive the beauty of my adventures, making each experience a lasting treasure in the tapestry of my life.

Company: Trackier
Interviewee: Mukul Kaushik
Date: 28.02.2024

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