Interview with Vents Štrombergs – Account Executive at Zimpler

Interview with Vents Štrombergs – Account Executive at Zimpler

Interview with Vents Štrombergs – Account Executive at Zimpler

In this week’s installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa spoke with Vents Štrombergs,  Account Executive at Zimpler, who talked about the promising gambling market of Brazil and shared his insights on how the company’s products and services can help industry firms accelerate their growth and establish a foothold in the country.

Yeva: Let’s discuss one of the gambling industry’s most promising markets, Brazil. As the country seeks to expand its scope of regulated gambling experiences, what key developments do you think the industry should expect to see, Vents?

In Brazil’s gambling industry, a key development could be a closer relationship between payment providers and operators. Payment providers play a crucial role in helping operators comply with regulations by offering identity verification, fraud prevention, responsible gambling measures, and anti-money laundering checks. If online gambling is legalized and a comprehensive regulatory framework is established, this collaboration becomes even more significant. It enhances compliance efforts, creates a safer gambling environment, and helps operators navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. By leveraging the expertise of payment providers, operators can contribute to the growth and success of the industry while meeting regulatory requirements.

Yeva: Continuing on the topic of Brazil, what products and services does Zimpler offer in the country? How can the company’s offerings help prospecting clients expand in the evolving market?

Zimpler offers a range of products and services in Brazil that can help prospecting operators expand in the evolving market. With an additional layer of KYC and transaction monitoring, we enable operators to reduce fraud and bonus abuse, enhancing the security of payments.

Zimpler provides two instant payment products via PIX, a popular payment method in Brazil. These options not only offer convenience for Brazilian players but also streamline the registration process for operators.

The traditional option allows Zimpler to be integrated into the cashier under the PIX button, providing a seamless payment experience. The second option, called ZimplerGo, places Zimpler under the “Register and Deposit” button on the landing page. New players only need to provide their email, password, and CPF to create an account. The remaining KYC information such as name, surname, full address, date of birth, account details, and PEP screening is sent to the operator via API after the first deposit is completed.

Zimpler’s instant payouts and assistance in moving money from Brazil to Europe are additional benefits for operators. The ZimplerGo flow, in particular, has received positive feedback from operators, with reports of up to a 20% increase in new player first deposit rates.

Yeva: An important component of a high-quality gambling payment service is a KYC solution. What KYC capabilities do Zimpler’s products offer in Brazil, and how can they help operators avoid the negative effects of fraud?

Zimpler’s payment products in Brazil provide operators with robust KYC capabilities, which will play a significant role when the Brazilian gambling market becomes regulated. These KYC capabilities enable operators to comply with state-set regulations and avoid the negative effects of fraud.

By collecting comprehensive KYC information, Zimpler helps operators verify the identity of their players, mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities such as identity theft, bonus abuse, and money laundering. This ensures a safe and secure gambling environment for both the operators and the players.

When the Brazilian gambling market is regulated, Zimpler’s KYC capabilities will be instrumental in helping operators adhere to the regulatory requirements set by the government. By implementing robust KYC processes, operators can demonstrate their commitment to responsible gambling practices and maintain compliance with the established regulations.

Yeva: In your view, what are some other vitally important components of a high-quality payment solution? What features does Zimpler offer to its clients that enable it to stand out from the competition?

A high-quality payment solution requires several vital components, including robust KYC capabilities, security measures, user convenience, flexible customization, analytics, and reporting tools. Zimpler stands out by offering exactly that, but what really sets Zimpler apart is our focus on building strong relationships, flexibility, and win-win collaborations. This approach has garnered praise from partners who appreciate the personalized attention not always found with other PSPs. In Brazil, Zimpler’s European base and extensive knowledge of gambling regulations provide an advantage. We offer strong cross-border functionality, facilitating money transfers in and out of Brazil. Regardless of the partner’s location, Zimpler provides seamless payment experiences. Our expertise in gambling regulations benefits local players. With features like KYC, PIX integration, instant payouts, and cross-border money transfers, Zimpler delivers a comprehensive payment solution. This enhances customer satisfaction, player security, and operator success, making Zimpler a trusted partner in Brazil’s competitive gambling industry.

Yeva: Let’s now talk a bit about the future, Vents. What does Zimpler’s expansion plan look like for Brazil? How does the company aim to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the soon-to-be-growing market in the future?

When it comes to Brazil, we are just getting started. we’re constantly improving and working on the product as it is, which includes plenty of real-life, UserTesting, taking direct feedback from endorsers, and incorporating this into our flow. This is one of the reasons we have the best conversion on the market.

With regulation incoming, we plan to adapt to whatever that may mean. Some of it may be required in order for our license, and some of it will give us an opportunity to build new products to help enable operators to be more compliant with their licenses. This will shift and change until the regulation is solidified, but I imagine things like a more advanced KYC product, perhaps affordability products. We’re excited to see where the regulation in the market takes us and how we can grow our clients.

Yeva: How does Zimpler plan to expand in the broader worldwide gambling market? What does the company’s vision involve for the upcoming five to ten years?

What I have learned is that in this industry it’s impossible to plan long-term. Market trends, and regulatory changes – of these are in a constant state of flux and you have to be able to adapt fast. All we know is that change will come and we will grow with it. Having said that, we prepare as much as we can and at least have an overall view of where we would like to be. Looking at the next five years, we plan to expand more within Europe and LATAM and probably have a third continent taking shape.

In Europe, we offer some sort of product across all of the SEPA countries with a full product in the Nordics and Baltics. We will likely look to expand our product offering in some of the existing countries where we have baseline offerings. Which markets this will depend on operator demand and licensing.

Then in LATAM, we will continue to grow with Brazil, innovating and expanding our product offering. We’ve done a lot of work looking into other countries in this region so it’s possible that we also lay down a new flag there as well.

Yeva: Now that we’re at the end of our interview, it is time for us to get a bit off-topic. What motivates you during working hours, Vents? On a related note, what do you like the most about your position at Zimpler?

I am deeply driven by the opportunity to make a positive impact on individuals and businesses, helping them thrive and succeed. Working at Zimpler, especially in the dynamic field of iGaming, provides me with immense joy and fulfillment. I am constantly inspired by the vibrant industry and the endless personal growth opportunities it offers. Being part of the Zimpler team allows me to contribute to the success of our clients, witnessing firsthand the transformative effect our solutions have on their operations. It is truly gratifying to know that our efforts play a significant role in shaping the prosperous landscape of iGaming.

Company: Zimpler
Interviewee: Vents Štrombergs
Date: 14.02.2024

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