Casumo discusses sponsorships, markets and slots growth

Casumo discusses sponsorships, markets and slots growth

Casumo discusses sponsorships, markets and slots growth

The industry continues to evolve and develop, which is not a surprise to anyone. However, with that comes a lot of challenges that many have to face and welcome. Several events in the industry can cause changes, as seen in many European countries now.

 Phil Manzi, Casumo‘s director of markets, goes on to explain and talk about topics like

  • casino operator’s view on sponsorships in sports
  • the continuous stream of new iGaming games and how it affects quality
  • growth in locally controlled marketplaces

Manzi mentioned how there is a tendency of restricting sponsorships in regulated areas, like Spain, which Casumo entered earlier this year. In the United Kingdom, there have been discussions on the matter. As a result of these developments, Casumo has already moved from being the primary kit sponsor to officially partnering with Reading FC.

Manzi claimed that Casumo holds the view of the necessity of linking the brand with sports in general. However, the company is cautious of the more susceptible and youthful segments of the sports community.

“As a result, we are steadily striving to align our advertising strategy, along with sponsorship possibilities, with our beliefs and attempts in responsible gaming, which necessitates us being extremely analytical and discriminating in choosing the right partners and channels of communication for our brands.”

Casumo renewed its agreement with Reading FC in August of this year. The team subsequently claimed that the group majorly assisted the club in fostering inclusion and equality within football, which they did not anticipate from a sponsor.

Manzi further stated that Casumo Care and ethical gambling would be emphasized in the firm’s advertising materials, including the firm’s cooperation with Reading FC in the United Kingdom.

“We have used all possible touchpoints to communicate this information with both players and the general public, from LEDs and signage across Madejski Stadium to comments on our social media profiles.”

Manzi then commented on the increasing number of slots that are being issued on a daily basis. Manzi recognizes that the quick increase in the number of available slots might have an influence on their quality.

“There is a fine balance between providing quantity and quality to players.

We strike this balance by selectively choosing which games to highlight, both in terms of positioning and advertisements.”

Manzi continues to add that the company’s goal is to provide the greatest experience possible to players whenever they log in to one of our products. That includes making it easy for them to explore the newest and greatest launches, along with quickly locating their favorite game, whether it’s ranked first or last on our list.

Manzi commented whether quality could be achieved in the face of such large numbers of launches:

“Quality is a relative concept. Some of the most simple and uninteresting games have garnered significant momentum and success in the gaming industry. As a result, how we analyze and appraise games has grown rather complicated.”

Manzi also comments about the regulatory policy changes in different regions, such as the Netherlands, a country where Casumo and several other providers have terminated accessibility for consumers.

“It’s an established iGaming sector, and we want to introduce our products to gamers after this year.” At this time, we are doing enough to be fully licensed so that we may start operations in 2022.”

Manzi also discussed Casumo’s objective of progressively expanding and strengthening its businesses in regionally controlled marketplaces. He stated how the company had launched two casino brands – Dunder and Kazoom, in Sweden.

“Adding to entering newly regulated areas, we are expanding our brand portfolio inside regions where we currently have licenses. This enables us to engage an even broader customer base with the specific value offerings of our diverse product line. In terms of other regulated markets, we are constantly on the hunt for and researching new prospects. Currently, we are watching with bated breath the developments in Canada and Germany, for instance.”


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