Epic $430,646 win at Super MILLION$ for Justin Bonomo

Epic $430,646 win at Super MILLION$ for Justin Bonomo

Epic $430,646 win at Super MILLION$ for Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo really proved himself on the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table after he went against eight other players on the final table, defeating them all and winning the colossal top prize worth $430,646. By doing so, he also proved his incredible talent against some modern poker legends.

Yesterday, Russian player RRomashka had the chip lead and went into the final table, with Niklas Astedt, the Swedish online superstar, coming in last.

Astedt showed no mercy however, as he was the first man on the table to bust, earning $53,381 when his ace-jack was shot down by Nick Petrangelo’s king-queen, even though there were many kings and queens being folded. A queen on the flop and a king on the river left commentators dumbfounded as Astedt was sent home, an event which proved that yet another final table couldn’t provide the win.

The next person to leave straight after was Face-O as he seized 12 big blinds when his pocket tens were outrun by OscarBrown, who in turn had an ace-jack that was able to hit a four-flush when runner-runner spades sent the Mexico-based player home.

In 7th place, we saw DaanOss leaving. He was actually the one thanking OscarBrown for winning the previous hand, and was out of the game with $90,532 after he saw Justin Bonomo survive an all-in when tremendously short-stacked, getting a fold from Artur Martirosian. DaanOss would get not get that when he moved all-in with ace-king and got the call from the Russian with pocket queens, and Oss must have simply assumed he still had a chance.

By then, Bonomo had doubled back into acrimony, which would be vital to both his surge and DaanOss’ downfall. DaanOss, all-in with a suited queen-ten, had two callers in Oscar Brown who was all-in with ace-nine of spades and Bonomo himself, who could take them both out with jack-ten of spades.

The flop was five high with no spades, but an ace on the turn and a six on the river gave the pot to OscarBrown and saw him nearly treble up. Bonomo was quite unlucky here, since he lost a bit pot to RRomashka with pocket aces against the Russian’s eight-six after an eight on the flop and river saw the latter double to lead with almost 10 million against Bonomo with only 1.7 million in comparison.

David Yan ended up in 6th place after he shoved with ace-seven off-suit and Nick Petrangelo called with ace-queen and held, which ended up reducing the number to five. And not too long afterwards, Artur Martirosian busted his short-stack of just 1.5 million with ace-four running into Bonomo’s ace-eight.

Let’s take a look at how the chip-stacks lined up for the top four after that crucial pot for Bonomo:

‘RRomashka’ – 7.65 million

Justin Bonomo – 5.11 million

‘OscarBrown’ 4.49 millon

Nick Petrangelo – 3.75 million

OscarBrown would be the one to leave in 4th place in an extremely unlucky way, after he moved all-in on a flop of 6-Q-7 of diamonds with king-queen (including the king of diamonds) as RRomashka called with queen-eight and the eight of diamonds. In some way, the eight of clubs on the turn reversed the situation and not only sent OscarBrown home but provided the Russian with a stack of a whopping 11.6 million chips, with neither Petrangelo nor Bonomo equaling that number between the both of them.

Neither one of the two wanted to end up in 3rd place, naturally, but alas Petrangelo fell in 3rd place when he shoved for 3.3 million with a suited king-jack and was cut off by Justin Bonomo’s own all-in move with ace-king offsuit. The Russian then  got out of the way and a ten-high board gave the pot and inertia to Bonomo at the expense of his fellow American. 

By now, Bonomo had over 11.3 million, RRomashka over 9.4 million and this is just how things remained for a while, with Bonomo up to 17 million on some occasion, right before dropping a bit back to a 60:40 chip lead heading into the last deal a mere 10 minutes later.

And in the last hand, the Russian had the better hand pre-flop with an off-suit king-eight up against Bonomo’s six-five. However, everything changed when the 3-Q-6 flop and a bet of 250,000 from Bonomo saw RRomashka check-raise to 1 million with fresh air. After he started the hand with more than 8 million, RRomashka was now left slowly losing all his chips.

The turn of another six only poured fuel on the fire, making it much less likely for Bonomo to have a six in his hand. RRomashka decided to change methods and went on the attack, leading out for 2.65 million, getting a quick call from Bonomo. On the river of a four, RRomashka shoved and got a quick call to bust him from the tournament. It was then that Justin Bonomo won the Super MILLION$ title, and also got the top prize of almost half a million US dollars!

Many congratulations to all players in the game who made a nice profit on their entry fee worth $10,300 at another action-packed final table in the GGPoker Super MILLION$.

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