Interview with Ana-Maria Jugureanu – Senior Affiliate Guru and Pioneer at SlotVibe

Interview with Ana-Maria Jugureanu – Senior Affiliate Guru and Pioneer at SlotVibe

Interview with Ana-Maria Jugureanu – Senior Affiliate Guru and Pioneer at SlotVibe

In the latest edition of iGaming Voice, AffPapa had the opportunity to interview Ana-Maria Jugureanu, the Senior Affiliate Guru and Pioneer of SlotVibe, who talked about how the company was able to achieve its success in a short period of time and shared her insights on the methods the operator uses to protect itself from fraudulent affiliates.

Yeva: Having been established a bit over a couple of years ago, SlotVibe is a relatively new player in the online gambling industry. How has the company managed to achieve its immense level of success in such a short period of time, Ana?

This is a simple question when you focus on offering new and innovative gambling products, such as unique casino games features that attract players who are looking for something fresh and exciting. has a very user-friendly and intuitive website which makes it easier for players to engage with the platform.

On top of that we provide generous welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, VIP sets and loyalty programs to trigger the new players and keep existing ones engaged.

Operating in a regulated and licensed manner is crucial to gain trust from players and regulatory authorities. A solid reputation for integrity and fairness led us to success.

affpapa and slotvibe strike a brand new partnership
Affpapa and Slotvibe strike a brand new partnership

We focus on keeping present on all social channels, creating trends and have a personal approach for each player. Offering responsive and efficient customer support helped us build trust and loyalty among players. Solving issues and concerns promptly is essential. Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, regulations, and player preferences is crucial. Being able to pivot quickly and efficiently monitor the market helped us stay competitive. Moreover, managing risks associated with gambling, such as fraud and addiction, was essential for long-term success and compliance.

Expanding into international markets provided us access to a larger player base. However, this also comes with the need to navigate various regulations and cultural differences so a constant improvement and always updating the platform, bring new games and services to meet the evolving needs of players helped us maintain a long-term success.

Collaborating with other companies, whether it was in the gaming industry or related sectors, provided us knowledge and opportunities for growth and diversification.

It’s worth noting that success in the online gambling industry is highly competitive, and achieving rapid success often involves a combination of the factors mentioned above. Additionally, complying with relevant laws and regulations, maintaining a strong focus on responsible gambling, and building a trustworthy brand are key considerations for

Yeva: As the online gambling industry is so expansive, it is important for operators to offer standout experiences to attract players and achieve success. How does SlotVibe ensure its offerings can stand out from the competition?

Offering a diverse selection of innovative games and features is what makes apart. Ensuring to have unique and engaging games that players can’t find elsewhere is crucial. Providing competitive welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and loyalty programs is what drew the players to the platform. The transparency in our operations and the use of certified licenses built us trust. The fast and secure payment options and making sure that players can deposit and withdraw funds easily and securely but also offering a variety of payment options to cater to different preferences is what skyrocketed

Our unique brand and theme that resonates with our players and having fresh, creative and distinctive characters gives us authenticity and a unique experience for the players.

We keep track of our players needs and thus, we personalize offers and recommendations, enhancing the player experience. Our platform is accessible on various devices and operating systems to reach a wider audience. We comply with local and international gambling regulations. This helped us build trust and legitimacy.

We fostered a sense of community among our players through forums, social media, and live chat. Engaged players are more likely to return. Our regular update with our offerings, technology, and services based on player feedback and industry trends brought us fast growth.

Standing out in the online gambling industry requires a combination of innovation, player-centric focus, and compliance with industry regulations. It’s essential to constantly adapt to the evolving preferences and expectations of players while maintaining a commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Yeva: Being a relatively young company compared to a lot of other successful online casinos, how does SlotVibe manage integrating emerging industry trends? Does the company like to implement new trends as soon as they emerge or after they’ve had time to mature?

The approach to integrating emerging industry trends can vary from company to company, and it often depends on various factors, including the company’s size, resources, risk tolerance, and overall strategy.

Some companies prefer to be early adopters of emerging trends. They believe that by embracing new technologies and trends as soon as they emerge, they can gain a competitive advantage and attract a tech-savvy customer base. However, this approach can be riskier, as not all emerging trends mature into successful long-term solutions.

We prefer to Wait and See and to take a more cautious approach. We prefer to wait and observe how new trends evolve and whether they gain acceptance within the industry. This allows us to assess the potential benefits and risks more thoroughly before committing resources. Afterall, you did mention that we are a young, promising company. Then we go to the piloting and testing: Sort of a middle-ground approach. We do pilot new trends on a smaller scale or in specific segments of our business to evaluate the impact and feasibility. This approach allows for controlled experimentation before full-scale implementation.

Regardless of the initial approach, we often engage in continuous monitoring of emerging trends. We keep a close eye on industry developments and adapt their strategies as needed to stay competitive.

Our customer feedback and preferences are crucial in determining when and how to implement emerging trends. We prioritize trends that align with customer demands and enhance the overall user experience.

In the online casino industry, adherence to regulatory requirements is critical. always ensures that any new trends we adopt comply with relevant laws and regulations.

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to integrating emerging trends. Companies often need to strike a balance between innovation and stability, taking into account their specific circumstances and goals.

Yeva: SlotVibe offers its players a set of gambling experiences utilizing both fiat and crypto payment options. Which one of these two options is more popular with the company’s user base? Additionally, which one do you think offers more growth potential in the future?

The choice between fiat and cryptocurrency as payment options can be influenced by a range of factors. Here are some considerations for each:


  • Popularity: Fiat currency is generally more widely accepted and used by the majority of people worldwide.
  • Regulation: Fiat gambling may be subject to specific regulations and licensing requirements in various jurisdictions.
  • Trust: Some users may feel more comfortable using traditional fiat currencies due to their stability and government backing.
  • Payment Options: Users can easily use traditional payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets for fiat gambling.


  • Anonymity and Privacy: Cryptocurrencies offer a degree of anonymity, which some users prefer for online gambling.
  • Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies can be used by individuals who do not have access to traditional banking systems.
  • Global Reach: Cryptocurrencies can be used by users from different parts of the world without currency exchange concerns.
  • Potential Growth: As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it may offer growth potential, especially in regions with regulatory support.

The growth potential for each option in the future depends on several factors, including regulatory developments, market trends, and user preferences. Cryptocurrency has the potential for significant growth in the online gambling industry, especially as more countries establish clear regulatory frameworks and as cryptocurrencies become more widely adopted.

Ultimately, the choice between fiat and cryptocurrency payment options should be based on a company’s specific business goals, target audience, and the legal and regulatory environment in which they operate. It’s important to monitor industry trends and user preferences to adapt to changing market conditions. Here at we love them both as we think that diversity is a win for our players.

Yeva: Has SlotVibe ever had a bad experience working with an affiliate partner? What steps does the company take to protect itself from illegitimate or fraudulent affiliates?

After being for 20 years in this industry I think I saw all the possible scams, though I must admit they are also holding the trends, so my personal approach is in steps:

Screening and Approval Process: We have a rigorous application and approval process for potential affiliates. This includes reviewing the affiliate’s website or promotional methods, ensuring they align with the company’s brand and values. Any red flags in the application or affiliate’s methods may lead to rejection.

Then a monitoring of affiliates’ activities is crucial. We use tracking tools to ensure affiliates are promoting their products or services accurately and in compliance with the terms and conditions.

We have clear Affiliate Agreements. We have a comprehensive affiliate agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. These agreements often cover commission rates, payment schedules, promotional methods, and compliance requirements.

To protect against fraud, we implement verification procedures for affiliate commissions. We pay out commissions after a certain period to ensure that sales are legitimate and not subject to returns or chargebacks. I myself, maintain an open communication with affiliates and for me this is essential. This allows me to address concerns, clarify guidelines, and resolve issues promptly. Regular updates on products, promotions, and changes in the affiliate program is helping me ensure affiliates are well-informed.

We are using specialized affiliate management software that offers features like fraud detection, reporting, and automated commission tracking. These tools are helping us identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Personally I also provide training and resources to help affiliates understand our brand and products better. This led to more authentic and compliant promotional efforts. If an affiliate is found to be engaging in fraudulent activities or not adhering to the terms of the agreement, we take various actions, including warnings, suspension, or termination of the partnership.

We also have a legal mechanism in place to protect our brand and business from fraudulent affiliates. These mechanisms may include clauses in the affiliate agreement, legal recourse for breaches, or compliance with industry regulations.

It’s important to note that affiliate marketing can be a mutually beneficial partnership when managed correctly. By implementing these safeguards and maintaining a healthy relationship with affiliates, is reducing the risk of negative experiences with affiliate partners while ensuring that our brand remains protected.

Yeva: Which regions and countries does SlotVibe target with its gambling offerings? Additionally, which jurisdictions around the world do you think offer gambling companies the best growth opportunities?

The regions and countries in which gambling companies operate can vary widely, and the availability and legality of gambling activities can change over time. Some of the key regions and countries known for our gambling markets include Australia, Canada, The Nordics, Latam, Germany.

In my opinion, I believe the best growth would be Latam, Asia and South Africa and the reason is because the other markets are over-saturated.

Yeva: Having been in the affiliate marketing space for close to two decades, what have been some of the most impactful learning experiences you have encountered? If you could go back in time to an earlier point in your extensive career, would you do anything differently?

Wow! There are so many levels to answer this question. I will try to be as explicit as possible to make it clear in regards to what made me a professional in this industry:

Continuous Learning: Staying up to date with the latest trends, tools, and technologies in affiliate marketing is crucial. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and what worked a decade ago might not be as effective today. Those who invest in ongoing education tend to stay ahead.

Choosing the Right Niche: Picking the right niche or vertical to promote had a  great impact on my success. It’s important to research and select niches that have demand and are a good fit for your expertise and interests.

Building a Strong Brand: Establishing a strong personal brand helped me build trust with my audience. At this point, Miss Transylvania became a brand and not only another name in the industry. A well-defined brand identity made me stand out in a crowded market.

Relationship Building: Building strong relationships with affiliate networks, advertisers, and other affiliates was highly beneficial. Networking led me to better offers and insights into successful strategies.

Diversification: Relying on a single affiliate program or revenue stream can be risky. Diversifying my affiliate marketing efforts across different programs and platforms helped me mitigate this risk.

Quality over Quantity: Focusing on quality content, traffic, and leads is often more effective than trying to generate a high quantity of traffic or leads. Highly targeted and engaged audiences were my focus.

Compliance and Regulations: Staying compliant with relevant laws and regulations is important. Ignoring compliance can lead to legal issues and damage your reputation.

Data and Analytics: Leveraging data and analytics to make informed decisions is crucial. Regularly analyzing my performance data helped me identify what’s working and what needs improvement.

Adaptation: The affiliate marketing landscape evolves, and it’s important to adapt to changes. Whether it’s algorithm updates from search engines or shifts in consumer behavior, being flexible is key. I am doing that constantly.

I think that after 2 decades, that sounds insane, I have a wealth of experience and insights. Additionally, I am open to mentoring or sharing my knowledge with newcomers to the field, as it can be a valuable way to give back and solidify my own understanding of the industry.

Yeva: Now that we have reached the end of our interview, let’s change our main topic of conversation a bit. What do you enjoy doing outside of work hours, Ana? Could you share a bit about your hobbies?

I am a human loving person, I just LOVE humans, with good and bad and I have a huge emotional intelligence and understanding. I like painting, traveling. I love spending time with my two, 25 kg each, silly dogs in my yard, I love a good concert or reading about new breakthroughs in science or medicine, robotics, I appreciate a good joke and can laugh 5 days in a row just for that. My purpose is to go to KeyWest, Florida, fish all day and have fun all night, while making money for my family.

Company: SlotVibe
Interviewee: Ana-Maria Jugureanu
Date: 16.10.2023

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