Interview with Eugene Adamovich — Head of Affiliates of N1 Partners

Interview with Eugene Adamovich — Head of Affiliates of N1 Partners

Interview with Eugene Adamovich — Head of Affiliates of N1 Partners

AffPapa recently interviewed Eugene Adamovich, the Head of Affiliates at N1 Partners. Eugene shared insights into his role, focusing on building strong, lasting relationships with partners and effectively managing his team. He also discussed N1 Partners’ commitment to scaling partners’ earnings and the collaborative efforts with various departments to achieve this goal.

Yeva: Can you tell us about your role as Head of Affiliates at N1 Partners and your journey to this position?

My primary role is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. This involves finding and offering the best conditions for collaboration, and of course, managing the team effectively.

N1 Partners’ main goal is to scale our partners’ earnings, driving the growth of the company’s revenue. This involves evaluating traffic quality, deciding whether to increase or stop traffic, and providing prompt feedback, so partners can optimize their campaigns efficiently.

To achieve this, we work closely with various departments such as analytics, retention, marketing, support, the product team, and product managers. These colleagues help us create attractive products, respond to industry changes, integrate necessary payment systems, and provide up-to-date marketing materials. As a result, our partners enjoy high conversion rates, and we secure the best traffic costs in the market.

Yeva: What inspired you to pursue a career in the iGaming industry?

I started my career as an SEO specialist and have always been interested in new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as the iGaming industry as a whole. It’s a very dynamic and exciting field where you need to stay on your toes. I joined N1 Partners initially to work with SEO traffic and helped set up the SEO team’s operations. Eventually, I wanted to take on more challenges, so I moved into the Affiliate department. There, I expanded my focus beyond SEO to include other types of traffic such as mobile apps, social media, and contextual advertising.

This journey led me to my current role as the Head of Affiliates, a position I’ve held for several years now. Reflecting on our progress over the past few years, I see that N1 Partners has grown significantly in terms of process development, our approach to work, and the number of partners we collaborate with. We have also excelled in our performance metrics.

Yeva: In your opinion, what sets N1 Partners apart in the industry? Why should affiliates choose you?

N1 Partners has been in the market for over six years, and we have a wealth of experience. Our main goal in working with partners is not short-term profit but long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

When affiliates start working with N1 Partners, they receive all the key metrics of our projects: conversion rates for registrations and deposits broken down by traffic sources, among other things. We also strive to make working with us as comfortable as possible, explaining how the company interacts with new players and how our retention and support teams operate.

n1 partners

Our affiliate program includes several strong brands that deliver good conversion rates, and my team helps partners improve their results by providing quick feedback on traffic. We can even create custom flows for partners based on different types of traffic. 

Partners receive all necessary marketing materials, which are constantly updated. Every month, we launch dozens of new landing pages, banners, and PWA applications. We test various registration forms and landing pages, adapting all materials to specific regions.

Partners can be confident in stable and timely payments for their work. Beyond financial rewards, our top partners also receive other gifts and prizes, such as exclusive high-quality merchandise, the newest gadgets, luxurious trips, or tickets to major industry events.

Yeva: How does N1 Partners approach casino compliance and regulatory requirements for safer gambling?

We also prioritize the safety and comfort of our players, which is important to our partners as well. N1 Partners’ brands operate under strict licenses from the MGA and Curaçao, ensuring a fair, transparent, and secure gaming environment. Players can only register if they meet the legal age requirements for online gaming, which vary by region, and we ensure compliance with these standards in all countries where we operate.

Players can limit their account access independently or through customer support, setting deposit limits, loss limits, and maximum bet amounts to manage their budgets. They can also use cooling-off periods to take a break. We always emphasize that online casino gaming should not be seen as a way to make money. Each of our projects includes links to resources for addressing gambling addiction so players can seek help if needed.

Yeva: What strategies do N1 Partners employ to attract high-quality affiliates to its program?

For partners, the key factors are earnings and building a reputable, stable brand. That’s why we focus on offering attractive terms that match market trends. The final earnings are influenced by the cost of traffic, the product’s conversion rate, and player retention, which helps generate additional revenue over time, such as through Revenue Share. We consistently monitor these metrics and strive to improve them daily.

A notable aspect is also the high caliber of our affiliate managers. My team has a deep understanding of traffic management and its impact on performance metrics. Our managers’ opinions are crucial in deciding whether to continue working with a particular partner, and they can advocate for their partners, providing solid reasons for maintaining the traffic flow.

N1 Partners participates in all major industry exhibitions, offering opportunities to meet and discuss potential collaborations. Our marketing team always aims to surprise partners with unique gifts, booth themes, and engaging activities. It’s hard to miss our booth at these events. We’re currently preparing for IGB Live in Amsterdam, where we’ve already opened slots for booking meetings. We look forward to welcoming everyone to booth 10-C40.

Yeva: How does N1 Partners support its affiliates in promoting the brand and maximizing their earnings?

The key here is expanding the brand presence in various markets. The greater the brand recognition, the higher the user trust, which translates to better conversion rates for our partners.

We attract traffic not only through traditional sources but also by experimenting with new channels. We aim to utilize all meaningful and available branding channels in different regions.

Yeva: How does N1 Partners utilize data and analytics to optimize its affiliate program performance? 

Our team of analysts helps us quickly and efficiently evaluate the performance of various campaigns. To assess and analyze partner traffic, we use services like Tableau, DeepCI, Bluepeer, Humble, Ahrefs, Similarweb, and others.

Our automated reports incorporate data migration not only from Affilka but also from the casino backend. We transform data from various systems and use this information to build high-quality analytics, enabling us to make informed and profitable decisions regarding traffic.

Yeva: You mentioned expansion into the Middle East in a recent QA session. Can you provide examples of specific campaigns or strategies that have been successful in the new markets? What are the specific GEOs where your campaigns are currently active?

Information about specific GEO strategies is available to our partners directly. Regarding the Middle East markets, we have concluded from recent cases that it is possible to work with them productively and go straight to large traffic volumes. This approach increases the chances to interest the target audience and get positive results.

Yeva: N1 Partners got Favorite for ‘Affiliate Management of the Year’ in the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2024. How does this recognition reflect N1 Partners’ ability to adapt to the evolving trends of the industry?

This recognition is deserved due to our ability to adapt to the constant changes in the industry. We always collect feedback on our work and put this information into practice: we adjust actions, tactics, approaches, and marketing strategies.  In such a competitive and dynamic environment, it is necessary to improve and effectively apply new strategies and technologies to achieve high results.

Company: N1 Partners
Interviewee: Eugene Adamovich
Date: 05.06.2024

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