Interview with Harry Goldman – Affiliate Manager at Boss Partners

Interview with Harry Goldman – Affiliate Manager at Boss Partners

Interview with Harry Goldman – Affiliate Manager at Boss Partners

In the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa spoke with the Affiliate Manager of Boss Partners, Harry Goldman, who talked about the differences and similarities between the online gambling and sports betting sectors and shared his insights on how innovative versions of the latter, such as eSports wagering, can help operators grow.

Yeva: Let’s discuss the gambling industry’s closely related sibling, the sports wagering sector. What are some of its most prominent trends right now, and how do you think they will impact the industry, Harry?

Sports betting has grown significantly over the years, becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry. As technology continues to advance and regulations around the world become more favorable, the sports betting landscape is constantly evolving.
I think the most important trends that are on the rise now are:

  1. Mobile Betting
  2. Live betting and in-play betting
  3. E-sports betting

Yeva: Continuing on a similar topic, how do you think the sports wagering sector will change over the next few years? In your view, will it continue evolving at the same pace as the iGaming industry?

AffPapa and Boss Partners sign new collaboration
AffPapa and Boss Partners sign new collaboration

I think so, because operators will always try to adapt to current trends and stay at the top of the competition. As next-gen payment processing methods become more advanced, they change the customer experience of betting. Wagers have become more adjustable, while speedy pay-outs add a gratifying immediacy to proceedings.

Driven by technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory shifts, I anticipate a more immersive and diversified betting experience. While the iGaming industry has seen rapid innovations, the sports wagering sector will likely catch up, given the increasing demand and crossover potential between the two. In essence, both industries will continue to influence and propel each other forward, creating exciting opportunities for players and businesses alike.

Yeva: Betting on eSports is one of the betting industry’s most promising recent developments. How do you think it can help the sector grow and attract younger generations of bettors, Harry?

Esports has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. With professional gaming tournaments attracting millions of viewers, sportsbooks are recognizing the potential for wagering on esports events. In 2024, we can expect a significant expansion of esports betting markets, offering opportunities to bet on popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Yeva: As an Affiliate Manager at an established gambling firm, have you encountered any major differences between the profiles of bettors and gamblers? How do their behaviors differ from one another?

In general, people who bet on sports don’t like to deposit and gamble such large sums of money as casino players. They like to analyze the different events that will take place and wager modest sums on a certain outcome that may happen.

Yeva: Do you think sports wagering holds more potential for industry firms than traditional gambling offerings? In your view, is it easier for operators to expand at pace with sportsbook services or with gambling ones?

Sports wagering offers a unique draw, given the global passion for sports and live events. This can be a compelling proposition for industry firms when compared to traditional gambling. However, it’s essential to note that the success of either largely depends on regional preferences and regulatory environments. While sportsbook services might provide a faster-paced expansion due to their broad appeal, traditional gambling offerings have the advantage of established clientele and familiarity. In the end, the most agile operators will likely be those who can skillfully balance both to cater to diverse markets and changing consumer habits.

Yeva: How does Boss Partners support its sports-focused affiliate partners? How does the company optimize its relationships with sports affiliates to optimally expand the prominence of its wagering services?

We’ve recently integrated the Sportsbook for Cashwin, and I’m pleased to share that by year-end, we’ll be expanding with dedicated sports-focused brands. At present, our core attention is directed towards our partners who promote casino traffic. However, as we transition forward, we’re actively seeking to establish deals with sports-centric affiliates. Our vision is to cultivate collaborations that are fruitful and advantageous for all stakeholders involved.

Yeva: How did you start your career in the gambling industry, Harry? If you had to choose a different one, which sector would you like to work in?

I started in July 2021 as an affiliate manager when I saw an opportunity and decided to apply.
Regarding another career path, I have a passion for data and statistics. So, I would like to combine my passion for data with my passion for sports betting and odds.

Company: Boss Partners
Interviewee: Harry Goldman
Date: 27.11.2023

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