SBC Summit Barcelona to cover iGaming and Casinos

SBC Summit Barcelona to cover iGaming and Casinos

SBC Summit Barcelona to cover iGaming and Casinos

The Casino and iGaming Zone of the forthcoming SBC Summit Barcelona will be covering the industry’s most popular offerings.

The upcoming event will be providing its expansive audience of more than 15 thousand participants with the opportunity to learn about the gambling industry’s most popular offerings and discuss iGaming and casino topics with other like-minded professionals.

The zone will feature two tracks on its dedicated stage. The Future of iGaming and Casino track will predominantly cover the sector’s future, discussing how certain technologies can impact the pastime for players and operators. The iGaming and Casino Innovation track, on the other hand, will be covering the sector’s innovations from the product side, with its discussions revolving around gameplay mechanics, multiplayer games, gamification, and other similar topics.

Some of the zone’s most noteworthy discussions will cover intriguing topics, like the future of Web3 technologies in the industry, strategies for expanding in emerging iGaming markets, and how slot developers can continue innovating as player preferences evolve over time.

Additionally, the zone will be featuring its own dedicated exhibition area, where attendees can explore the high-quality products and services offered by some of the industry’s top developers. The exhibition floor will also be an excellent place for attendees to network outside of the conference’s dedicated areas and events, which there will be a plethora of in the forms of networking dinners, parties, and roundtable discussions.

Be sure to secure your tickets to the popular conference and take advantage of its currently ongoing promotional offers, which can save you 200 euros on full event passes. Furthermore, be sure to visit our iGaming Events page to explore other forthcoming summits.

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