V.Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

V.Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

V.Partners – iGaming Voice by Yeva

As part of the latest edition of iGaming Voice, AffPapa talked to Natalia Hurina, the Head of Affiliates at V.Partners, who shared her insights on the most important factors required to achieve success in an affiliate-operator partnership and talked about which markets hold the most potential for the iGaming sector.

Yeva: Could you briefly introduce V.Partners to our audience? When was the affiliate program established, and how did the company get to where it is today?

V.Partners started out 6 years ago, so it has a long history in the iGaming industry. We now partner with 2000+ active affiliates. I’m personally proud that mostly everyone can share their positive feedback on our Affiliate Program! As we are direct advertisers, our hard work can be reflected in each and every brand we represent, including our flagship project – Vulkan Vegas.

You have also asked about our achievements, haven’t you? I can share with you a few examples. First of all, V.Partners boosted from being a mono affiliate program with one brand to a multi-brand one. Now, we have four products. One of them helped us to enter the betting and eSports sectors. Thereby, we got a 25% increase during the last year.

Good proof that V.Partners are natural achievers is our nomination in IGB Awards 2023. We’re in the run for the Best Casino Affiliate Program which my team is really proud about! Hard work pays off in the end.

Another achievement is receiving the “Affiliate Friendly” certification from Affiliate Guard Dog, an iGaming-centric affiliate portal. We also participate in the AGD Platinum Sponsor nomination. Don’t doubt V.Partners, the team has plenty of room to flourish!

Yeva: Let’s talk about the brands V.Partners promotes. Tell us about each of them and your future plans for developing each partnership. What are they?

AffPapa forms a strategic partnership with V.Partners
AffPapa forms a strategic partnership with V.Partners

I’ll start from Vulkan Vegas which is our brainchild. The brand has been on the market for over 6 years. We have reached a complete understanding, working closely with the product team of Vulkan Vegas. We are constantly adding new target markets and innovative payment systems, but the most we’re proud of is an extensive collection of games from various worldwide gaming providers. You won’t find a good competition to Vulkan Vegas on the market, I bet. Undoubtedly, this brand is our pride. I can say without hesitation that Vulkan Vegas is our team’s favorite product. Me is not an exception.

VulkanBet, our second brand, focused on betting and eSports. It’s well-known in the market and offers multiple events. Over 20 esports disciplines are available. VulkanBet provides tournaments from S-Tier to C-Tier, with many markers: bet on the competition winner, match, totals and odds. There’s also the possibility to place some unusual bets. For example, do you know whether there will be a kill with a Molotov cocktail in CS:GO? You can try your gift of foresight with VulkanBet!

Ice Casino is the most anticipated project. We considered our experience with VulkanVegas and launched a new casino with over 4000 slots. Immediate user engagement was there! The project is available in 17 languages and provides more than 50 payment methods.

I was a little cunning, talking about only three brands. We are also working on Verde Casino. It’s our rising star! The new project has an excellent design and attracts players like a magnet. Special lucky games don’t leave anyone indifferent, so the players database constantly grows. But let me keep all the project details a secret up to our next meeting.

Yeva: Looking at the testimonials, the affiliate management team at V. Partners is definitely a huge reason why many affiliates choose to partner with the company. How does V.Partners assist its affiliates, Natalia? What steps does the company take to ensure the success of its partners?

Well, our team understands that our partners are the key to our personal growth. We cannot operate without each other! Our earnings are their success and demand. It’s a win-win business model.

So, we keep a high standard of quality and are attentive to all requests. This year, we increased the presence of our brands in new GEOs and launched 6 new currencies. It couldn’t happen without our partners, for sure. I believe that such cooperation is exactly what brings success.

Yeva: Which GEOs are your main targets right now that have been performing well? What do you take into account when expanding into new markets?

Our main targeted markets now are Poland, Austria, Canada, and Norway. To give you some future vision on V.Partners, I’ll tell you that research on Latin America and Asia also gives positive prospects. We are actively working on engaging these regions.

Researching the market is long and tedious. We need to see the available offers and players’ reaction to what is being proposed. We have a lot to offer, so watch us!

Yeva: What do you look for in a partner? As Head of Affiliates, what do you think is a key ingredient of a successful collaboration between affiliates and operators?

I believe that transparent communication is the key. All of us have the same goal. Partners are interested in growth, and we want to grow together with them. That’s why we do business together. We are excited about any fresh ideas, even the craziest ones. You cannot imagine how happy I am when our partners offer some innovations. We as V.Partners strive to do maximum from our side!

Yeva: What was V.Partners showcasing during iGB Affiliate London this year? Any plans for this year you’d like to share with us?

Our primary aim was to introduce V.Partners’ business and opportunities. This way, we can engage more partners to start work with us. iGB Affiliate London is perfect for building networks and looking for new partners. Moreover, it’s great to keep in touch with our seasoned friends. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s not only the business we discuss at such conferences!

Our plans for this year include growth, development, and search for new partners. And, of course, a few more secret perspectives, but I certainly won’t share them now.

Yeva: You recently attended AffPapa’s iGaming Club London. What role do networking events like this have in the success of an affiliate program?

I love events with live informal communication. And AffPapa’s iGaming Club London is one of them. It gives a perfect chance to get enlightenment! Improving different tools, learning about the potentially interesting GEOs, and listening to exciting cases can’t be boring.

Yeva: Lastly, let’s go a bit off-topic. What do you do in your spare time, Natalia? What are your interests outside of work?

I wish I could have more than 24 hours a day! But we have what we have. I love spending time outdoors, so walking in the park sounds perfect. In addition, I am a huge social. I can’t imagine life without spending time with my friends and family.

But we all need time alone to relax at home, right? Simply reading a book is also an excellent idea for me. I just finished one, “Dare to Lead. Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts”, the last work by Brené Brown. It had a great impact on me and left warm memories. Can’t wait to share all the insights with my partners and team, right after AffPapa!

Company: V.Partners
Interviewee: Natalia Hurina
Date: 03.07.2023

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