WeltBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

WeltBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

WeltBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

AffPapa recently talked to the Director of Marketing at WeltBet, Katrin Petersen, who shared her insights into the collaborative journey with AffPapa and shed light on the key ingredients that contribute to a successful operator-affiliate relationship.

Yeva: WeltBet provides its international player base with a wide variety of wagering and casino experiences. Could you briefly tell us how they, along with the company as a whole, stand out from the competition, Katrin?

Weltbet is well known for its sports product, which is available in Europe and many other regions all over the globe. We make sure that each targeted market has what the player needs. We improve in payment methods, translations and customized bonuses by market. Customers can choose between different types of betting experiences like the standard betting on their teams, esports betting or even build their own sports events. And if they like, they can play in our casino, where we provide all main game providers and on-top poker and live casino.

Yeva: Having been on the AffPapa directory for quite some time now, how do you think the membership has helped WeltBet enhance its marketing efforts? How has it contributed to the company’s growth around the world?

We just started to contact new partners in our main markets, but the outcome is already massive. My team is busy with the onboarding of all the new partners. We see a lot of new affiliates with smaller traffic sources, but AffPapa also has many well-known older affiliates in their system. There will be some more work to do until we reach out to all available new partners in all our markets and constantly new partners joining the platform.

Yeva: Continuing on a similar topic, has WeltBet’s membership in the AffPapa directory changed the way it works with its affiliates? Additionally, has it changed how the firm communicates with prospecting partners?

I would say we still work in the same way with our partners as we have always been doing, but we have additional room to contact new partners or to reach existing partners. Maybe what changed a little, is that now we can trust the partners straight away, since they have been approved by AffPapa already.

Yeva: Does the company have any plans to expand its international presence in the near future that you could share with our readers? What markets does WeltBet offer its gambling and betting services in currently?

Right now our biggest markets are Germany, Italy, Canada and Brazil. We have expanded recently to Spain, Denmark, Norway and Ireland and very shortly we will be fully ready for players from Finland, Czech Republic and all Arabic states. We aim to get as many local customizations done as possible, to make sure that each player will find the right setting for their needs.

Yeva: What does WeltBet look for in prospecting affiliate partners? What do you think is an essential ingredient for a successful collaboration between an operator and an affiliate in the industry?

Here in Weltbet we only look for long-term partnerships, which are built on good communication and trust. During the negotiation process, both sides should be treated respectfully and the outcome should be fair. The key is understanding what affiliate partner needs and adjusting deals and relationships. At Weltbet we are lucky to have colleagues who have experience in different affiliate models, which helps us to understand how business works from the affiliate side.

Yeva: Has WeltBet ever had to deal with fraudulent affiliates, Katrin? How does the company approach such partners and protect itself from fraud as such threats continue growing in the industry?

I think, sadly, like everyone has nowadays. iGaming is getting more global and people working remotely and sometimes even anonymously, which makes it sometimes hard to distinguish between real Affiliate Managers and scammers. We have several security guidelines in place to make sure, that we speak with the correct representative from the company and that the company is not fraudulent. On top of these, my team´s network is on the bookmaker site as well, so we connect and exchange fraudulent cases.

Yeva: How many affiliates has WeltBet been able to form partnerships with through the AffPapa directory? How does the company manage its affiliate relationships to maintain its expansion momentum?

AffPapa and WeltBet sign a new contract
AffPapa and WeltBet sign a new contract

We can say that during this short time, we have been able to fully onboard 14 new affiliate partnerships, while we have a lot more which will just need the final agreements. My affiliate team is very careful while they are using the filter options to make sure that we only contact affiliates who fit best with our brand. Like this, we don´t waste time for both sides. We make sure that we are very clear with our communication and accept if an affiliate is not able to reply or just doesn’t want to. Coming from the affiliate marketing side, I know exactly how hard it is sometimes to follow up on all brands contacting you.

Yeva: Having worked at WeltBet as the firm’s Director of Marketing for quite a bit, what do you think you like the most about your position, Katrin? Additionally, what do you like the most about working at WeltBet?

In my current role it is very important for me, that I can choose my main responsibilities. Leading the affiliate marketing department, finding new technical solutions and defining all SEO strategies are what fit best my strengths and experience. I love that we are still a quite small company, the work is easy, flexible and communication trustworthy. Being a parent, flexibility is very important to keep a work-life balance. Trust nowadays is a rare gem, trust between management and colleagues creates a healthy atmosphere and encourages growth.

Yeva: For our last question, let’s shift the topic of our conversation a bit. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Katrin? Could you share a few of your hobbies with our audience?

To have a proper hobby next to family and work is not always easy. But my passion is sports like going to the gym, horse riding or hiking. My dream is to get my own horse again in the near future, like I had before in my home Germany. I enjoy meeting friends, which include definitely friends I have made in the last years in the iGaming industry. Travelling is another huge part of my life. Living on a small island makes it necessary to escape and enjoy food and culture abroad.

Company: WeltBet
Interviewee: Katrin Petersen
Date: 22.09.2023

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