WhichBookie – iGaming Voice by Yeva

WhichBookie – iGaming Voice by Yeva

WhichBookie – iGaming Voice by Yeva

David Archer, the founder of WhichBookie, recently spoke in an interview with AffPapa about industry changes,  the lessons he has learned along the way, and his passions outside of work.

Yeva: David, please give us a brief overview of  WhichBookie and what it has to offer. 

I bought www.whichbookie.co.uk in September 2020 and we have spent considerable resources in developing the site to give the answers to the questions punters have about sports betting and UK Bookmakers. So generally we try through the site to answer some common but niche questions such as:

– Which Bookie has the best iPhone App?
– Which Bookmakers accept Skrill?

Yeva: WhichBookie is your third business. What drove you to start it? Did you feel there was a lack of such services at the time?Dave Archer_WhichBookie – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Since selling my previous “freebets” site I was keen to return to sports betting affiliate marketing with a brand I knew we could develop into one of the top UK Sites.

Yeva: Why would customers choose WhichBookie? What sets you apart from the competition?

We have a growing Social Media presence as well as covering reviews and offers and FAQ. We also have a high-quality Football and Racing Tips section. So for example all 3 of our main tipsters are comfortably showing a good ROI and with Will Smith and Andrew Blair White, we have well-known and respected racing Journalists.

Yeva: Talk us through the process of reviewing bookmakers. Who is it reviewed by and how much research goes into it?

Our Website manager carries out the reviews in-depth and uses the actual website and App (where applicable) and contacts Customer Service etc., so we do carry out a full and thorough and independent review.

Yeva: How do you choose which bookies make it to your list?

We are generally trying to cover every bookmaker that offers an online product in the UK and we have reviews in place currently for 130 bookmakers with a few still to cover.

Yeva: What about your customer care and quality of assistance?Dave Archer_WhichBookie – iGaming Voice by Yeva.

We are always available via Twitter and email to help and assist customers and we do have quite a lot of interaction and feedback from our customers. 

Yeva: What steps are you taking to make the industry more safe and ethical?

This is most important and we carry Responsible Gambling messages on social media and, of course, on the website. But on top of that, we also try to give useful information, such as where a bookmaker is licensed and what level of security they offer for your deposits.

Yeva: David, you’ve been in the industry for quite some time. Do you believe the industry is becoming more saturated?

The business is developing and changing all of the time and there are still plenty of new bookmakers entering the UK market. From the affiliate perspective, it is ultra-competitive and many of the markets are saturated.

Yeva: What has been the most important lesson(s) you’ve learned along the way?

You have to be passionate about the business in order to be successful. and there are many pitfalls. The cost of setting up and running an online affiliate business is much higher now than say 10 years ago.

Yeva: Lastly, we’d want to learn more about you. What motivates you to keep going and building more businesses? Do you have any passion outside of work?

I have had a number of successful exits in the past, but my motivation now is to provide a great website to help readers with their betting and give them the best possible chance to enjoy their pastime. My main passion outside of work is following Sunderland AFC on their journey back to the Premier League.

Company: WhichBookie
Interviewee: David Archer
Date: 27.01.2022

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