How can a white label slot site stand out from the crowd?

How can a white label slot site stand out from the crowd?

How can a white label slot site stand out from the crowd?

Anyone thinking about creating and launching a brand new online slot site should block out at least a few months in their diary, if not years. It may essentially be a store front for playing hundreds of fun slots, but that site needs a whole lot of programming hours to make it fit for purpose. That’s before you’ve considered the payment options, the customer support services and the games that will be available to play.

It’s impossible to overestimate the amount of work needed to bring a new slot site to the online market. A variety of hats are needed too, from arranging website development to setting up payment gateways, so the expense is already racking up before so much as a single piece of coding has been written. This is where the white label slot site comes into its own.

What is a white label slot site?

From breakfast cereals to cars, just about any product or service can be white labelled. This is when a third party creates the product – in this case a slot site – and all the owner has to do is take care of the branding and marketing. It’s a system that allows for a quick and easy setup process, with a ready-made slot site provided in exchange for a fee.

The white label slot site provider takes care of absolutely everything, so the site could be up and running within a matter of days. Even the licence is provided, so the new site owner doesn’t have to spend so much as a single moment worrying about the regulatory side of things.

The benefits of a white label slot site

Not surprisingly, there are several benefits to creating a white label slot site, the principal one being the savings made in time, effort and money. With none of the associated start-up problems of building and debugging a slot site, or organising regulatory compliance, the site owner can home in on creating an effective marketing strategy.

There’s no need to forge partnerships with game developers and suppliers either. The white label operator already has all the necessary deals in place, so the brand new slot site will come packed with a sparkling collection of games ready and waiting for all those new members who are going to be flocking to play them.

Another major advantage of a white label slot site is having the customer support and payment services built into the package. Once again, this represents huge time and cost savings, especially if 24/7 live chat or telephone support is going to be on offer. Players have the reassurance of fast and easy transactions, with trained staff on hand to respond to any queries.

A white label slot site looks the part from the moment it launches, which helps to inspire player confidence. The owner of the site has the reassurance of support from experts within their field, and everyone benefits from a tried and tested product.

The disadvantages of a white label slot site

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few downsides involved in choosing the white label option. The huge savings made in startup costs have to be weighed up against other potential issues which also need to be taken into consideration.

The main complaint made about white label slot sites is that they tend to look generic. One site could look much the same as all the others created by that developer, and that’s bound to be off-putting for players in search of something fresh and new.

Another negative is the fact that the owner of the site has very little control over major aspects, including the games on offer, the promotions, resources and CRM tools. That can leave the owner feeling helpless, particularly if there’s elements of the site that aren’t to their liking.

Initial startup costs are avoided by choosing a white label slot site, but the operator certainly won’t be offering their services for free! Revenue sharing agreements can cut deeply into profits, reducing the amount of money that the owner is able to generate from the site.

Weighing up the costs

Although the ongoing costs of a white-label slot site are high, this has to be balanced out against the massive startup savings. Building an online site from scratch involves such a huge amount of work that paying a third party to take care of it all is a highly worthwhile option. But given that white label sites tend to use the same suppliers, games and promotions as so many others, how does the owner make their slot site stand out from the crowd?

It’s a big problem, given that slot players are always on the lookout for something new. So the site’s owner needs to make full use of every single option at their disposal to add extra value or excitement to the experience. One way to achieve this is by altering design elements, such as graphics and themes to create something that looks unique.

How to create a standout slot site

An otherwise generic site can be given a whole new lease of life by injecting it with a burst of personality, which is reflected in the language used, and overall presentation. The site’s owner can further enhance the player’s experience by including guides to the various games, along with informative articles and industry news.

A key factor in getting the marketing right is to decide exactly what type of players the slot site is hoping to attract. The owner may not be able to alter the site’s functionality, but ensuring the appropriate market sector is being targeted will help to maximise its chances of success. Affiliate programmes can be tailored towards specific types of slot fans, encouraging them to pay the operator a visit.

No matter how unique a white label slot site appears to be, players have to be able to find it for it to be successful. Affiliate marketing can help with that, but effective SEO is important too. The site needs to rank highly in online searches, and there are plenty of tips to help keep a site at the top of the rankings.

Even something as apparently simple as adding a blog – and keeping it regularly updated – will drive up a site’s search engine rankings. At the same time it adds extra value to players, helping to give the site that little extra something that makes it stand out. Once a slot site has captured the attention of its players, there’s a good chance they’ll not only keep coming back, but they’ll tell their friends too – and nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising!

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