SBC Summit NA explores US’ iGaming path

SBC Summit NA explores US’ iGaming path

SBC Summit NA explores US’ iGaming path

The online gambling vertical, which has enormous income potential but is sometimes overlooked in the US because to the popularity of sports betting, will be the focus of the 2024 SBC Summit North America.

Leading experts in the field of iGaming will get together on May 8th for the “iGaming” conference track to share their critical perspectives on significant issues facing the sector. In-depth discussions on a wide range of fascinating subjects will be covered, such as how to develop profitable iGaming applications, if iGaming is displacing brick-and-mortar companies, and how to use digital integration to reinvent physical experiences. Five thousand people are expected to attend.

The panel titled “Why Online Casino Legislation Hasn’t Kept Pace With Sports Betting” will go into the reasons why North American sports betting legislation and online casino laws haven’t kept up. Adam Glass, Elizabeth Suever, Brandt Iden, Cesar Fernandez, and moderator Shawn Fluharty are industry specialists that will be on the panel. They will examine how each industry generates revenue and is regulated, explain why sports betting and internet casinos are governed differently, and go over fresh proposals from lobbyists.

The panel “Omnichannel Effectiveness: From Land-Based to Digital and Back” will go over the reasons conventional casinos should provide experiences that are seamless from the web to the land-based medium. Industry insiders Bobby Soper, Matt Reback, Nick Patrick, Oliver Bartlett, Stacey Rowland, and moderator Zoe Ebling are on the panel. They will discuss the significance of making it simple for players to transition between playing in-person and online casinos, what it takes to entice players to return, and how conventional casinos may adapt to draw in more patrons.

The panel “Blurred Lines: When Is a Skill-Based Game Really a Game of Chance?” will go over the distinctions between games that depend on luck and those that need skill. Experts from the field CJ Fisher, Jeff Hakala, Rafael DiCarlo, and moderator Matt Para are on the panel. They’ll examine instances in online casinos and sports betting where it’s unclear if a game is won or lost by talent. They will also discuss how regulators determine if a game is skill- or luck-based.

Professionals will convene to discuss ideas for developing a successful iGaming application at the conference session titled “Game Design 101: Launching a Profitable Product.” Experts in the field Ricardo Cornejo, Alex Ursa, Doug Fallon, Rich Criado, and moderator Tony Plaskow will discuss the instruments required to market goods successfully, cultivate client loyalty, and keep players engaged. Additionally, they will offer guidance to gaming companies releasing new titles.

Tracks on leadership, sports betting, affiliates & marketing, industry & growth, compliance & regulation, and payments & tech will also be available during the conference. In addition to two pre-day conferences, the Capital Market Forum and the Player Protection Symposium (which require separate tickets), there will be a special tribe symposium.

Get your ticket at the Early Bird discount of $795 to attend the three days of SBC Summit North America, which includes the conference, the exhibition, and special networking events.

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