SiGMA introduces Japanese as 10th language across its website

SiGMA introduces Japanese as 10th language across its website

SiGMA introduces Japanese as 10th language across its website

SiGMA has officially announced the addition of Japanese as the 10th language across its entire website.

Japanese will now be the 10th official language present on the website, and comes shortly after the addition of Hindi and Korean just a few weeks ago. This is all part of SiGMA’s strategy for 2021 since the group is working on expanding their global audience and providing them with content in their native languages. This is mainly aimed towards languages from established or promising markets in the gaming and tech industries.

Right now, all users will be able to find content such as the SiGMA News website completely in Japanese. Recently, the group also added many key languages such as Korean, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin.

Japan’s gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace and is proving to be extremely promising, therefore showcasing just why the group chose to add this specific language to their selection. Japan’s market has been booming after the implementation of legislation to open the doors for Integrated Resorts. 

SiGMA is currently working on the preparation of many huge shows, as well as allowing SiGMA News to accompany such a rapid-paced industry, and adding onto the group’s dedication to providing a bigger, better and more connected future. SiGMA also has an event coming up soon (SiGMA Asia) which will bring together some unique industry leaders to discuss and debate regulatory frameworks, the improvement of the economy, as well as the creation of various types of opportunities for any business seeking to launch or invest in the Asian continent.

Eman Pulis, founder of SiGMA Group, commented on the latest addition and said:

SiGMA is now present in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It has morphed into more than just an events company, SiGMA is also a strong media company, with a team of content creators pushing out content 24/7 – not only in English but in multiple, relevant languages. We believe gaming is truly becoming global,

Aside from the main website, SiGMA also operates a news website called SiGMA News. The group has a team of writers and translators providing content and international news round the clock in all 10 of these languages.

The SiGMA content team is made up of native speakers with incredible capabilities, who know their ways around the language and understand how important it can be to a reader. Ranging from topics such as responsible gambling and eSports to Deep Tech and even iGaming, the news portal provides detailed information and latest news on the gaming and tech industries.

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