Interview with Aleksander Bobrov – CEO of COLIBRIX

Interview with Aleksander Bobrov – CEO of COLIBRIX

Interview with Aleksander Bobrov – CEO of COLIBRIX

As part of the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa interviewed the CEO of COLIBRIX, Aleksander Bobrov, who discussed the dynamics behind affiliate marketing and the iGaming industry in connection with PSPs and shared insights into how COLIBRIX aims to grow in the near future.

Yeva: COLIBRIX seems to have a unique position in the continuously evolving field of payment services. As the CEO of the company, could you give us a brief overview of the company and its role in the industry? Can you tell us what sets COLIBRIX apart from other payment service providers and how this approach adds to the success of your clients and affiliates?

COLIBRIX is a UK-based FCA-authorised EMI that provides payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. More than three years ago our business started with a focus on a general target market claiming that every business is special to us whether it is a classic e-commerce or a challenging puzzle.

We onboard low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk merchants, but what is the most important – our existing and potential partners, which are highly engaged and passionate about the products they sell. Therefore, as a superior payment processing company, we invest in customer service training and support 24/7, literally.

Moreover, COLIBRIX is proud to announce a significant milestone in its journey; we became a Principal of Mastercard at the end of 2023, which establishes the company as a major player in the financial services sector and signals about game-changing advancements.

Aleksander Bobrov
Aleksander Bobrov

Yeva: Taking a closer look at the strategic aspect, how does COLIBRIX align with gaming operators and affiliates to increase the efficiency and success of iGaming transactions?

As the iGaming industry evolves faster than ever, having a partner that can adapt to new technologies and scale operations accordingly is essential for long-term success. Efficient and secure payment processing is crucial in the overall gaming industry, ensuring smooth transactions for both players and operators.

When a payment provider like us works with affiliates, its strategic alignment might include providing tools and features to support affiliate marketing efforts, involving transparent tracking systems, timely commission payments, and analytics to help affiliates optimize their campaigns.

Yeva: From your perspective, what unique value do payment service providers bring to affiliates and why are they considered essential partners in the industry?

By partnering with PSP, affiliates can focus on their core competencies, such as marketing and driving traffic, while leaving the complexities of payment processing to the experts. This specialization allows affiliates to maximize their effectiveness in their respective roles.

We all know: time is money, so payment providers ensure that affiliates get their hard-earned cash on time, every time. Affiliates dream big, and PSPs help them make it happen globally.

Yeva: As we step into 2024, the gaming industry continues to evolve. Could you share your insights on the specific trends that payment service providers are anticipating to define iGaming transactions this year?

In order to answer this question, it would be useful to look from the perspective of iGaming customers and potential users of their services. Stepping into 2024, payment service providers in the gaming industry are preparing for transformative trends: hyper-personalization, advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning – all of that will define iGaming transactions and help iGaming providers to offer personalized gaming experiences and promotions, fostering brand loyalty. Seamless omnichannel experiences are expected to be a focal point, with providers ensuring a unified approach that minimizes wait times and streamlines the purchasing process as players transition across digital and physical channels.

Meanwhile, we have a big blog post dedicated to this topic “Forecast of customer needs and expectation by 2030”.

Yeva: Transparency and security are becoming increasingly vital in the digital payment landscape. How is COLIBRIX addressing these concerns to build trust among clients and affiliates, and what lessons can other industry players learn from your approach?

COLIBRIX uses cutting-edge technology to provide secure and reliable payment processing services. By leveraging special encryption methods, fraud detection and prevention technologies, and compliance with industry standards, the company ensures that merchants and customers can transact with confidence.

For example, our advanced fraud detection services and chargeback management tools include fraud filters with geolocation, proxy piercing technologies & velocity checking. By leveraging these solutions, our merchant is able to significantly reduce the number of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions it experiences, saving thousands of euros in lost revenue and legal fees.

Yeva: With ICE London 2024 on the horizon, can you give us an insight into COLIBRIX’s plans and initiatives for the event? Will there be any new products or services we can expect to see?

Absolutely! We’ve got a lot of announcements waiting to burst forth, but hold onto your excitement – we’re keeping it hush-hush until ICE2024. Swing by our stand at N1-430, and your curiosity won’t regret it!

Yeva: Lastly, beyond the professional insights and industry trends, we’d love to know a bit more about you personally. What’s a hobby or interest you have outside of the payment services and affiliate marketing realm that brings balance to your busy schedule as the CEO of COLIBRIX?

Super-fast cars! Speed gets my heart racing – you know, big toys for big boys. And, of course, life just wouldn’t be the same without some good old surfing – it’s like soul food and my kinda meditation rolled into one.

Interviewee: Aleksander Bobrov
Date: 31.01.2024

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