3SNET – iGaming Voice by Yeva

3SNET – iGaming Voice by Yeva

3SNET – iGaming Voice by Yeva

AffPapa recently had the opportunity to talk to Alex Miller, analyst and expert at 3SNET, who discussed the most important parts of a successful affiliate-operator relationship and shared his insights on how the company has managed to achieve its success in a relatively short period of time.

Yeva: Let’s start off with a brief introduction to 3SNET for our readers. What does the company do, and how does it set itself apart from the competition in the crowded iGaming market, Alex?

The 3SNET CPA network was launched in spring 2016. For more than 7 years we have been successfully providing services in the affiliate market in the gambling, betting, dating and loan niches. There are now more than 1000 offers in our system from advertisers worldwide. And this is not the limit! Our managers are searching for and adding the best offers daily.

Our key difference is a comprehensive approach. We strive to take into account the interests and make the work efficient as well as profitable for all market participants. This means that for direct advertisers we select only proven publishers with quality traffic. At the same time, the publishers can be sure to choose a profitable offer with high rates and favorable terms. Each offer contains a detailed description of all the conditions for accepted sources, GEOs, payment terms and so on. In addition, our managers actively help with integrations, analyze statistics and give recommendations for optimization in the advertising campaign.

Our corporate website includes a special section with promo codes to help media buyers. A convenient filter guides you to the services you need: spy and SEO, payments, hosting, creation of creatives and more. We will help you get a discount, a bonus or a free period when connecting.

Yeva: Which jurisdictions does 3SNET focus its efforts on the most, Alex? Does the company have plans of expanding its presence into any new jurisdictions in the near future?

AffPapa and 3SNET announce new partnership
AffPapa and 3SNET announce new partnership

At the moment, we have offers from all over the world. Nonetheless, we do realize that from time to time there are striking trends when certain GEOs start converting particularly well. And, of course, we follow such trends to recommend them to our partners. By analyzing the incoming information, we can start earning on new trends as early as possible, before the GEO is “squeezed out”. For example, in the past year 2022, the focus of publishers was on Brazil; now the focus has shifted to North America (the US and Canada). Africa (South Africa, Ghana and Kenya) is also actively developing.

It should be noted that it is not just the GEO that converts, but the “GEO + good product” combination. This means that in order to make a profit, it is necessary not only to find an adequate audience (which is the publishers’ task), but also to offer tested and working brand website (and that is advertisers’ task!).  We are just looking for and offering such links. Currently, we can offer truly good options not only for North and South America, but also for Europe (France, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Croatia) and the CIS countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine).

Yeva: Does 3SNET have a referral program available for its affiliate partners, Alex? How can interested partners join the program, and what benefits does it offer?

Yes, there is a user-friendly referral program for our affiliates. Affiliates can not only earn themselves, but also attract new partners and receive a percentage of their income. To obtain a referral link, it is required that you first register and then request it from your manager.

Media resources can also participate in the referral program and get a higher rate!

We have prepared special descriptions of our network, logos, creatives and banners for your convenience. All the details and benefits of the 3SNET referral program can be found here.

Yeva: What does 3SNET look for in potential operator partners, Alex? What do you think is the most important requirement to achieve success in an affiliate-operator collaboration in the iGaming space?

The advertisers that 3SNET cooperates with both well-known brands as well as start-ups showing great potential. Above all, we expect advertisers to be open to recommendations and changes, to be responsive in their work and comply with agreements as well as to be willing to develop together. Quality management is crucial! And that means qualified specialists, ready to help with any questions. Another thing needed is a fully prepared offer containing a detailed description, technical readiness, different payment options and methods of payment.

Yeva: 3SNET offers a wide variety of commission models to its partners, namely revenue share, CPA, CPL, RevShare and Hybrid deals. Which one of the company’s offers is the most popular among its partners?

We are open to different traffic sources willing to pay under different models.

The more attractive model for media buyers is CPA as it gives a quick turnover of funds. For SEOs, without stable turnover but with long-lasting traffic, a RevShare model is more suitable. Meanwhile, the hybrid model is appropriate for all types of affiliates!

Yeva: Can you tell us a bit about one of 3SNET’s other websites, 3S.INFO? What does the company offer with this project, and who is it aimed at, Alex?

3S.INFO is a full-fledged media outlet launched in 2022. You can find a lot of interesting and useful msterials on the pages of the project! Alongside news, analytics and gambling market trends, we have introduced several unique products.

Market reviews are complete instructions on how to promote betting and gambling around the world. Besides data about the laws and legality of this business, we provide statistics on popular sources, peculiarities of the target audience, blocking sites, and creating creatives. If you’re interested in a particular GEO, search for the relevant review, read on and be ready.

There is a very elaborate calendar of sport events on 3S.INFO to create an effective advertisement. After all, a vibrant sporting event is the best way to attract visitors to betting sites. There are different filters to find an interesting event (according to the level of the event, location, etc.). Moreover, every month we publish a special selection with the brightest events of the upcoming month: this allows media buyers to prepare and launch the ad campaign in advance.

In June 2023, we launched another very useful service: a calendar of various industry events. Indeed, we understand how valuable it is to share experiences, network and find new affiliates. 3SNET is constantly participating in the most important conferences and exhibitions. In the new calendar one can find an event on the desired topic, select the country of the event or online. You may also get a personal discount on tickets thanks to a negotiated agreement with the event organizers.

Check out 3S.INFO, there’s still lots more to see and read! You can also sign up for our news and follow the announcements on social media.

Yeva: Having been on the market for over 7 years, what achievement is 3SNET the most proud of? Which one was the most rewarding for its team?

Most importantly, we are proud of our team! Without bragging I would like to say that they are the coolest guys in the market! We have gained a cool skill together and hope to develop and expand further.

Yes, we have been on the market for 7 years, because from the very beginning we set the bar very high and strived to do our work only with quality, demanding this from all those who have worked with us too. We absolutely oppose any form of fraud or scam. This means that 3SNET not only controls the quality of traffic it receives from our affiliates but also refuses to deal with advertisers providing questionable conditions.  Moreover, we always stand for the fact that cooperation must be mutually beneficial, and all market participants are supposed to understand this. Therefore, we consider each of the rare conflicts that do occur separately, listen to the arguments of all parties and try to find a solution.

As a result, 3SNET is a brand known in the market as a very reliable company, with the lowest percentage of fraud and a high payback percentage.

As for the most fruitful year. It’s hard to pick a year that wasn’t beneficial for us! At the beginning, we were just building our team and increasing capacity, gathering a pool of advertisers and publishers. Then there were difficult years of pandemic, when we successfully worked under various constraints, stresses and worries. Many years of experience with telecommuting paid off here, during which the team didn’t have to seek motivation and learn to work from home as we were ready for it! And now, in the years of global change, we again find ourselves having to work under new conditions.

Yeva: To conclude our interview, I would like to get a little bit off-topic. Do you have any hobbies outside of work, Alex? What do you enjoy doing the most in your spare time?

Oh, thanks for only asking at the very end! Otherwise, I would have spent the whole interview talking about myself! I have many hobbies, but today I’ll talk about one. It’s mind games.  This hobby comes from my childhood, when my parents and I used to watch various shows on TV.  Now, there are so many possibilities: quizzes, quests and various formats. You can go to the pub with friends or have fun online from home. The main thing is that it’s such a warm-up for the mind when you don’t need to know the exact question for the answer. Knowing is sometimes boring. What’s more interesting is figuring it out and developing ideas. In these games, I value the ability to look for associations, “reveal” the question, pay attention to funny moments and wording.  All in all, I play these games myself and recommend them to everyone. Be sure to give it a try, maybe we’ll meet at the same game!

Company: 3SNET
Interviewee: Alex Miller
Date: 05.07.2023

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