5 Best Books for iGaming CEOs, and Not Only in 2021

5 Best Books for iGaming CEOs, and Not Only in 2021

5 Best Books for iGaming CEOs, and Not Only in 2021

It is a known fact that running any business is no simple task. And when you’re in the impossibly fast-paced iGaming industry, anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Being a CEO is of course rewarding, but also comes with its fair share of headaches and problems on a daily basis. 

At the moment, CEOs are mostly busy with making sure there companies function as well as they can during such an unpredictable period in our lives. As such, confidence is key at a time like this. A lot of times, what we read in books can seem to be outdated and unhelpful, however there are always some absolute gems that can really help any iGaming CEO put on their thinking cap and push forward to make their business thrive.

Here is a compiled list of 5 books that all iGaming CEOs should check out:

  1. Good to Great – Jim Collins (2001)

    Jim CollinsThe full title of this book is “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” and it is a management book written by Jim Collins. This is definitely a more old-school book, as 20 years have already passed since its publication, however it provides a different and one-of-a-kind approach.Collins has some interesting opinions and definitions in this book, which are mainly the factors that make it worth the read. He states that “Greatness” is achieved when a company is able to maintain a financial performance that is many times better than the average of the market.Actually, Collins brought together a team of 21 individuals to conduct an intensive study that took five years to complete. They went through over 6,000 articles, a couple thousand interviews and so much more in order to really get to the core of things. Many lessons can surely be learned from what the market was like in the nineties and how companies were able to achieve success and go on to become pioneers during that time.

  2. The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek (2019)

    Simon SinekSinek’s interesting POV is definitely more than enough to push someone forward. He describes business as being an infinite game, whereas other activities such as football are finite. What he means by this is that finite games have a clear separation between the victor and the vanquished, but in contrast, infinite games have no real winner or loser, just players in general. He goes on to explain how having a “finite” mindset in business or life in general will cause any leader to fall behind. Business is ever progressing, and Sinek details many failures in the business world, presenting solutions and methods to prevent these defeats in the future. Inspirational, straight-forward and enchanting are only a few works to describe this book that will surely help any iGaming CEO turn their perspective around and really figure out how to improve and progress from now on.

  3. Leadership is Language – L. David Marquet (2020)

    L. David MarquetMarquet is a former US navy captain who based this
    title off of his previous book, called Turn the Ship Around!. He discusses the language used in leadership roles, and accurately portrays the behaviour in such positions. The book mentions ways to be more inclusive and create a safe, innovative space within a certain company in order to make sure that things run smoothly and efficiently.
    It is no surprise that language and the way it is used can massively affect those around us, especially in a corporate setting. This is a great read for CEOs and all leaders, or even those striving to become leaders, since it is immediately applicable and does not require much pondering. In the busy iGaming industry, it is incredibly important to keep strong communication and inclusivity as one’s top priorities in the leadership ranks. This can truly make or break a company.

  4. Everything is Figureoutable – Marie Forleo (2019)

    Marie ForleoSometimes things may seem impossible, no doubt mainly in such a demanding industry, but this book perfectly captures the best way to deal with that: and it’s that everything has a solution, no mater how impossible the problem at hand may seem. Oprah herself has applauded Forleo for her work, and this book is entirely based on a little phrase the author’s mother told her once upon a time.
    This is an easy read, and may look like your typical business-oriented self help book, but it is so much more than that. It conveys the important message using many examples from Forleo’s personal experiences, as well as demonstrating how to shape your entire perspective on different situations in order to succeed. In short, this is a perfect quick read to boost any CEO’s motivation, especially right now.

  5. Predictably Irrational – Dan Ariely (2008)

    Dan ArielyDan Ariely is an MIT behavioural economist who firmly believes that all of the behaviours we exhibit are “irrational”. This title is an interesting blend between economics and psychology, with hints of sociology sprinkled throughout the book, so it will definitely appeal to those who are interested in finding out what goes behind decision making.
    Ariely’s main objective in this book is to teach people how to break constant harmful patterns in our decision making process. He uses the simplest examples, but these can be applied to our major decisions as well, whether in our daily lives or in business.
    “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” has many fans across the globe who have enjoyed the slight comedic aspect to the book itself, making it all the more fun and amusing to read.

In conclusion, these are only five out of the hundreds of books that may be beneficial to iGaming CEOs. These are the best books to help leaders change their standpoint on certain situations, improve and always strive for the better, whether that is in corporate life and connections with their teams, or learning how to overcome difficult business situations and how to avoid further problems and complications.

By having a better perspective and a more confident, positive outlook, even the most difficult of tasks will be nothing but a minor inconvenience, and maybe even a small challenge to conquer.

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